Microsoft Android Launcher Hands On Review

Here’s a hands on look of the Microsoft Launcher for Android devices. This was formerly known as the Arrow launcher. I show some of the cool features and my opinion of it so far. Hope you guys like the video.

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J.D. says:

I accidentally discovered this today while I was installing windows 10. DOWNLOAD IT! It’s fast beautiful and I love the gestures! Get this and pixel 2 icons and you’re golden!

Alain Graham says:

It has updated, some more settings have appeared, icon have changed and the name has been corrected

Abdelkadir Chahid says:

I love this launcher in my s7 edge awesome

akshay marewar says:

cool launcher

Call Me Candy Man says:

i f’n hate bill gates. but this is pretty cool.
I myself really love that feature where you can store your widgets all in one place.
gonna have to try this.
thanks boo!

Nagesh Pattanshetty says:

Please share the wallpaper you’ve used in the thumbnail!

Leomared Campos says:

But Again where is Microsoft Access?

Asriel Dreemur says:

I have one problem that’s bugging me, how do I get rid of this ”’ bing ” icon from my desktop?

Manuel Falconi says:

This reminds me of iOS in some way…

Christine Roy says:

Good tutorial thanks. Installed Microsoft Launcher 3 weeks ago on my LG G6. I like it a lot and the Sunrise icons. Favorite feature is the Bing wallpaper. Everyday I get a new image. It’s fun.

Grey Goose says:

I’ve been using the microsoft launcher and I like it. It’s simple and efficient.

Thanatorz says:

Coming from the Apex launcher. Started using this after I attempted to connect my phone with my win10 pc. I will never ever use another launcher after this. I literally installed it on all my android devices along with the pixel icon set, which I find very elegant. Well done MS!

Nathan Charlesworth says:

Will it lag on s8?

Andreas Köhler says:

Great.. another system gathering basically everything without adding any important features. Who need a barcode reader on a daily base or a bing walpaper while giving away your privacy.

Denise La says:

Eats my battery tho

Thiru Murugan says:

This makes my day Smart, The best launcher i have never like this

Sascha Hoppe says:

Super interesting, thanks. I’m going to install it!

Sample Text says:

Honestly, I used Nova for a long long time but now this launcher is my daily driver and I love it.


Please tell the name of that phone.

Thumbsdown Bandit says:

Good looking but buggy as hell. Crashed all the time on me randomly. When I was using a massenger app and someone called at the same time the screen froze… Screw it.

Angel Cody says:

Love this launcher

Boody Anto says:

nice review and a worth trying launcher

Debangsu Sarkar says:

I really love the Microsoft launcher. It works and have been using it for a year now

F Szabo says:

I always liked the arrow launcher. Say whatever Microsoft knows how to make software. They could actually make a nice Microsoft phone with a customized Android OS. Despite the pointless fanboyism in both droids and iOS, my experience with a windows phone was pretty good. It was very light, easy to use and could easily challenged iOS as being light on resources and well optimized.

Daniel Machin says:

do you have to have bing?

Tyler Wilson says:

I’m liking this launcher cause it gets rid of the home buttons and I can just use force touch. SO CLEAN.

Prem Nanda says:

Plz send icon pack Link

Padid AZG. says:

The first drawback is Bing. So, the the rest automatically becomes meaningless.

Tomate N says:


Robert Saladino says:

I have the S 8…touch wiz does all that… But Microsoft Apps are indeed awesome on Android phones

Alejo HiGuera says:

Is it affect the battery?? because it seems frecuently is synchronizing information and stuff. Good job with the video. Thanks

John Buchmann says:

The quick toggles at the bottom (when you swipe up from bottom) are redundant since you get the same and more by pulling down the notification shade. I can’t find any way to disable it in settings. Am I missing something?

Beatrice Love says:

Please which are you using; i mean the one you used for this review?

Mo A says:

UI and UX seems very similar to iOS design language… with a acrylic translucent forefront, it’s a nice job made by Microsoft to keep it consistent throughout

Suicidal Forest says:

Looks good. But I keep my launcher8 app

David Karlsson says:

Seems like they’re taking the best parts of iOS and ported it straight into Android. I can dig it.

Jackson Dixon says:

Assemble discussion pause can historic surprise senior interesting biological museum

Jeremy Killebrew says:

Is that the stock keyboard you’re using?

Ankush Girotra says:

was the goal to make it super similar to ios? looks great

Nayden Spirdonov says:

I watch your video and give it a try. This luncher changed my life. Thank you about this video.

emac john says:

Copied from Apple, it sucks.

Melvin Chong says:

This launcher is a direction admission of Windows Mobile’s failure.

Rahul Tube says:

Like app

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