Microsoft Launcher for Android – Is It Any Good?

Is the Microsoft Launcher for Android any good? On Android, being able to customize the look and feel is one of the key reasons why many people choose to use that operating system. Installing a new launcher is an excellent way to customize your phone with minimal effort. There are several great launchers to choose from for Android that can change the look of the home screen and app grid, along with many other customization options to suit your needs. One I’ve been testing out for the past month is Microsoft Launcher. In this review and mini-tutorial, I’ll share with you the key features that I like, go over some of the settings and let you know if it’s any good.

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“Android Apps” Playlist

0:36 Install
1:07 Switch Launchers
1:39 Feed
2:21 Search Bar
2:53 App Drawer
3:44 Launcher Settings
5:43 Microsoft Apps
5:55 Verdict

Windows Launcher

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H. S. says:

It has been six months that I am using Microsoft launcher. I have nova launcher but I can’t leave Microsoft launcher on my galaxy s8 it’s just awesome.

Michael Andrew Mesina says:

Nice video! I have both Action Launcher Plus (in my spare phone) and Nova Launcher Prime (in my tablet) but I like this on my main phone. For me this is the only one where Dashclock widget works flawlessly (time always stops updating on the other launchers). I also like how they made the app drawer: segregated alphabetically and you can go directly to where the app you want is located by tapping on the letter at the side of the screen.

charles r. burnette says:

Yes I like it, been using it, pretty smooth.

FicklePickleDude says:

the microsoft launcher almost wiped all data on my phone

Antonio Randolfi says:

How did you record Android screen through Windows?
I broke the screen of my smartphone and i need to access to it

Noor M Yus says:

Not new. Have been using this for about 6months on an old phone base on 1st gen snapdragon 801cpu & no problemo. Love it!

jkeener1971 says:

I like the MS Launcher and that Viral Icon Pack is sweet!!

Booming says:

With Swiftkey they know what you type, now they also know what apps you use. Gone to linux for being free from them. Now it looks like I am not even save from them on this platform. Even though this thing is kinda neat, but it also defines everything I hate about them. Cortana, Bing, its proprietary…

Aurα вírdч says:

Whatever happened to Microsoft arrow?

jumpman23madj1 says:

This launcher is lame. Nothing special

TheNinjaMarmot says:

Whats the matter M$? Gave up on metro?

Akash singh says:

Best launcher ever…..using for about 8 months

은여우 says:

Search History: Bill Cosby.


700gsteak says:

Thanks, I needed more telemetry on my phone.

Peter Kroll says:

Microsoft Launcher is one of the best launchers, indeed. I don’t really need more features, may be a user adjustable weather widget. Transitions are smooth, some unique functionality is offered, such as the information page, and it just works and looks fine. The only thing I don’t like is the huge memory footprint.

Josh B says:

Glad I found this vid, a few things that were annoying me with it’s look I figured out by watching this vid. Now I love the results on my screen!

D C says:

I like it, using it as default on my phone

Andrew Clement says:

What I want more than anything else is the Films and TV app from Microsoft. I have a lot of movies and tv shows on there from my XBOX. I’d love to be able to take them with me.

Zain says:

How did you get the Pixel 2 on your desktop?

Manuel Witrago says:

couldn’t get used to it…

Howl Antiga says:

How you casted the phone to the pc?

Pvt. Duckling says:

I was interested in the new “phone link” feature of Windows 10, but if I have to abandon Nova Launcher to use it, it better be a damn good launcher.
I’ll always have Pushbullet anyway.

Mark Moon says:

I am a MS fanboy!! I love this launcher!!!

TechGumbo says:

To change the default search engine in the search bar, go to “Launcher Settings”, “Search”, then “Search engine”. The choice of search engines is limited right now… Thanks for watching 🙂

Gabrielle 909 says:

And use SwiftKey, it’s just as good or maybe better than Gboard

Leonardo Rocca says:

The launched is good from 2gb of ram with 1 its so bad

Drazen Tor says:

Its a clean, easy to use and sleek launcher. It and Nova Launcher are my preferred choices

John ara says:

Yes, a very good launcher indeed, yet another way for Microsoft to tap into your life and steal your data 🙂

Keep It Real says:

Many updates cause it to be glitchy

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