Modify Your Phone – How I Set Up My Galaxy Note 9

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we will go over how i have my Galaxy Note 9 set up. We talk about the google search bar widget color, my wallpaper, Navigation bar setup and recent apps with Good Lock 2018.

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Austin Tru says:

Bro ur so dumb

Victor Santos says:

Jimmy how do u change your color of the spen

Trevon Reid says:

I didn’t think it was possible but I love my Note 9 even more now. Thank you for these videos!

amr hamdy says:

you should use one hand operations +

FrncoVega says:

I downloaded the good Lock and the apps that you have do not show…

Massi Zada says:

I’m in the US and I am on the latest update but don’t see nav bar

T'was an old username and I'll change it soon. says:

Using an S9+ and I don’t have a Navstar in my Galaxy Apps. Wow.
I’m in US, have Good Lock, and my software is up to date.

Anvay Joshi says:

Amazing work man. If there are any more apps like the Good Lock app then please let all of us know. Appreciate your dope content. Thanks.

Earth Don't die now says:

What if good lock 2018 is not found

Kiran Gajjar says:

Hi Jimmy.
Thanks for ur detailed video. I customized clock style. The clock screen became blue in background which was black in background earlier. Now after uninstalling the clock style app, the screen remained blue in background. I want black background as earlier default. How can I do it?

ベニグノジェスロ says:

3:58 is that Wiwiblogg?

Gena skull says:

Show a setup for a Samsung galaxy Tab E 32 GB Verizon stock android 7.1 nougat upgraded to android 8.0 oreo

Oliver Gottbehüt says:

Good lock 2018 now available in the United States, UK, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and South Korea. Unfortunately other countries can’t use it. Its not listet in the store and the apk manual download and install won’t connect. Even not with a vpn (only tried one).

Armando says:

Lockstar gone? Any solution


Can the color of the clock/weather widget on the home screen be changed?

Morten B says:

Can a VPN be used to get acces to these apps, for people outside of USA? I live in Norway and can´t get any of these…

UnsaidWords says:

My note 9 did lots of updates and now nothing looks like it does in your videos. I can’t find things like changing keyboard or navigation bar colour. And a few other things. Could you please do an updated video on the S9 note?

chromegnats says:

Thanks so much for the tip on good lock.

Steven Lee Lewis says:

You CAN use goodlock outside the US

Antonio Fan says:

We are at the Pie era

dotc0m says:

Amazing video your the best jimmy
more video how to setup VPN outside USA pls.

Malik Abdullah says:

Is good lock 2018 is available for Samsung galaxy S9+ plz tell me Jimmy I am is your very big fan.

Daniel Deng says:

Thank you so much! I have always wanted the Google bar widget to be a rectangle with rounded corners but I didn’t know how to do it. Now I just changed it to my liking after watching your video! Thank you!

ms soso says:

just a update It does work in the UK

Dylan Junde says:


I can’t get any results for Good Lock 2018


Battery drain?

Imran Shehzad says:

i have tried several versions of good lock 2018 on samsung note 9 but not working.
error is, the mapper function returned a null value.

any other app which work same as good luck 2018?

Eugene Wallace says:

Dude seriously thanks for the helpful tricks!!

Sergio FJR says:

I search good lock 2018 in my note 9 and dont appear. Im from spain. Can u help me? *Sorry i read the answers that say its not avaliable out of US.

Lenny Williford says:

What case are you using on the left??


Thanks for the video. You made it very easy. Would be nice if you referenced all of the apps in the description.

Cartez Sheppard says:

Thank you so much. I love my note 9 even more.

Carol R. says:

This is why I have officially switched to android! No more iOS for me!! Samsung note 9!!

Hannes Stefansson says:

Good lock 2018 is not availible in Iceland I tryed to download it from other sources I manage to download it but it doesnt work.

Tony P says:

I went to the Google widget and changed the search bar color, but when I return to the main screen there are no changes, how do I complete the customization

BHAKTI Nagaria says:

I have a question for you that is I like that you have the recent apps menu but my question is that can u swipe up to close the current app that ur on …?

Chaand Enayath says:

Huge thumbs up

Khawaja Bobby says:

I try many times good mock 2018 but doesn’t show in my search results

Shawn Skelly says:

Why can’t I get nav lock I’m on Oreo 8.0 samsung s8+ uk

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