Philips Hue Owners: Getting the Most out of Your HUE lights

If you own Philips Hue bulbs, this is a must watch video. I’ve had them since they first came out and have learned a lot about using them, so I wanted to make a video demoing all the best apps, tips, and tricks that I’ve found for controlling them.

Here links to all the lights and other things mentioned in the video:
Latest Gen starter pack –
Floor lights –
Newest style BR30 bulb –
Hue dimmer switch –
Echo Show –
Led Strips (under couch) –

Chrome extension –
Hue widget –
Hue widget –
Thorlight –
Lightdj –


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Test Hobo says:

this man just spent 1000 dollars on lights

Skyler Nelles says:

Which Hue lights are in the ceiling cans?

Rem says:

Try HueDynamic best app for Windows and Xbox One

smart tech says:

hi techfreshness couple of question are those floor lights the the philip hue bloom also do you have any of the hue go lamps and if so which are better thehue bloom or the huego and also how are the hue light still performing after having them a while are the colours still nice and bright and have you had any issues with them. thanks .

Sue Wade says:

Question for you: Can you adjust the color to a specific Kelvin?

Mike Lee says:

I have the most advanced and efficient lighting system. Simple to use and very cost effective. I had a switch attached to my wall. As I enter the room I flick the switch upward and the entire room is illuminated. When I leave the room I flick the switch downward and complete darkness. It cost me about $3.00. No apps to mess with. Did not have to spend $2000.00 on electronics.And I can actually see everything in the room clearly. No have lit room or lights flashing in my eyes.I will do a video on it shortly.

Kevin_ LV702 says:

your basement is cool. i only have led strip plus 1 3rd gen behind my 55 lg tv and two light bulbs next to it, i want to get some lamps, netflix and chill. . hehe but theyre expensive so far

Gabriel Otero says:

What is the fixture used for the floor lights?

Daniel Morgan says:

tell you what is good for this is a philips ambilight tv if you want sync it with a tv light stips are built in to the tv ace for xbox and movies

wungabunga says:

Starting to look like lights are controlling us.

Brandon Engstrom says:

How do you get the lights to chase ?
I bought Thorlight, I cannot figure out how to get them to chase?

Bw alexander says:

where did you find that Thorlight app i dont see it on the app store?

Ryfirmmn says:

I may as well go get a different brand than spend an obnoxious amount on a horrible overpriced product..

Darvius Walker says:

Lol I bought the app

Brian Grewe says:

HueWidget costs money and has 2.3 stars on the play store. No thanks….

Ash Nathan says:

28-3 lmao

Dohray Me says:

Its convoluted

Robert Cipriani says:

Do you know of an alternative for Thorlight for Android?

tjs6025 says:

Kinda tacky, no?

ShotByDavid says:

Please try iLightShow if you have iPhone. I blow people away with how amazing it syncs Hue Light to Spotify/Apple Music.

Nico Schrimpf says:

Do these apps also work with 3rd party lamps like Ikea?

Moghster says:

hue widget looks horrendous

Mike Stein says:

Got a question, hope you see this.
Anything that has meaning to in my home is connected to 5ghz or wireless AC including my phones and Alexa.
From what I’ve gathered, all these wifi bulbs only connect to 2.4ghz.
Will I be able to use the phone and Alexa to control them under those circumstances?

Tom T says:

Does your phone have to be on the same wifi network to control the lights?

SuperDelusionistTM says:

Wow… You really went nutz with the Philips Hue lights.

A M says:

Hi, Nice Video.
Do you have a solution to match my content (Zwifft) on my Ipad to the hue light? (without computer). Basicly hue light will react at the color on the screen on the Ipad (Zwiftt Bike Session).Thank you in advance.

ojalainen says:

I want the lights to turn on with a couple of claps.

Piet Hein says:

Nice hou show the app and your lights . But sadly you don’t show a demonstration how it realy work with music and movies.

paul ward says:

How do you set up the sensors time I’ve got it for 0440 when I’m up for work but can’t seem to set a stop time I wanted from 2100-0400 so now set all day ?

lacrosse8011 says:

the hue widget looks good, but the review/comments in the store are really bad. Does anyone else have any input?

Raghu Reddy says:

Amazing tech

Arnold Nathan says:

What is the height of that room? I want a movie screen but don’t think I gotta enough room

Peace says:

Anyone know serial number for hue strip light plz
I couldn’t read mine
Its start with 3AE

James Vlogs says:

Your house is amaaazzinnnggg

Варвара Кондратюк says:

*Love the lights>>>****   bought the starter kit well worth the investment. My kids love how we can change the lights to any color.*

Steve Laminack says:

Light DJ charges you monthly or yearly, F’ing BS for a phone app to change colors.

Roman Semenov says:

For music sync there is an app (forgot the name) that looks ahead of the audio track to counter the bulb delay

Jonny Harris says:

Does that Many bulbs slow down your internet?

Geert De Loenzien says:

do you know a app who can change color and when color is changed there plays another song? scene like color1:song1>color2:song2>color3>song3,…

Desmond Hough says:

Hi there, Take a look at iConnectHue, It’s an app I have been using for a long time and find it very easy to set up and use and it works fast . I run 32 lights of it and it works perfect for me , I like the timer at night for when I go to bed I set the bedroom lights to go out in what ever time I wish. You can change the colour and brightness of each bulb individually or as a group very quickly, also you can control away from home . The app has a lot of good features and is definitely worth a look. Cheers

Jay G. says:

Tom morello should be reviewing guitars and pedals??

Ryan Burns says:

Philips hue makes an app for windows and mac that sinks up music really well

Olivian Hora says:

Amazing !

craig says:

is there any music app you can use with the hue go without needing the hue bridge ??

Bill Kristjanson says:

had to stop watching.the audio is lousy! he speaks loudly then almost a whisper terrible video.

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