Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL 20+ Tips and Tricks!

So you have your brand new Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL. Great! The next step is mastering Google’s custom Pixel software experience, so let’s get you started with 20+ tips and tricks! Since both devices run the exact same software, these tips and tricks will work fine on both devices.

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Full Written Review – https://www.droid-life.com/2017/10/20/pixel-2-review-pixel-2-xl/


nycbike73 says:

How do you reply to text messages without using my finger print or signing in?

jujin918 says:

Thank you for this video!
It helped me set up my new pixel 2 XL

GENO Cai says:

The flip camera used by Motorola for many many years, specially on droid phone.

Priyanka Kusumwal says:

I used samsung galaxy s5 before n I m having trouble to hv a seperate folder icon for my pics and playlists.cn u guide me regarding these?

Nancy Crocker says:

add closed caption

Kanesha Howard says:

How did you get the weather on the calendar widget? I don’t see it in settings.

Doty Terleski says:

Great Video. Got my phone two days ago and have the flu. Today is first day I could actually concentrate on something. Thanks and look forward to you keeping me up to speed!!

Mia Danielle says:

Super useful. Thanks for sharing this!

Extra Friend says:

If ur a criminal, don’t get pixel 2

Cosmin Chivaran says:

Why squeeze for assiisstant? Just say . Hey google and bam. Why the sqeeze?

lanehaller1 says:

You need to stop saying uhhh and umm so much , this is painful to watch for that reason

Bobby Espinal says:

Nice video. I’m a long-time Android user, but my wife and I just switched to Verizon and got Pixel 2s. She was previously an iPhone user, so videos like this are really helpful for her.

No Sleep says:

Just went back to Android from iOS with the XL. I love it. Straight up. I spent the whole night just making it mine but it’s fantastic. Very pleased.

DrBeelbs says:

Man you draw out and over explain the same shit over and over kys

Sasi Kumar says:

Though I have turned on Now Playing option could receive notifications on my phone. What would be the reason?

Luv Bird says:

how did you get the icon with facebook, chrome, Facebook messenger all In one icon? I had that on my LG

Andrea Harris says:


Paul Felt says:

Waving hands are a distraction

Stephen Barton says:

Liked. The lock screen tip is very useful. I added my email address if I ever leave my phone in a bar (again). This should be a standard feature!

John Goffe says:

If your phone is locked using a pattern, and you forget the pattern, how can you unlock it?

Mikel Soto-Tan says:

Got my Pixel 2 (switched from iPhone X) yesterday and so far I love it. It’s just the larger than life forehead & chin that I need to adjust to.

freetimerae says:

Just got new Pixel 2. Found your video helpful. However, a couple of “neutral” comments. Please don’t talk so fast when you’re referring to all features mentioned. When demonstrating where/how to find them, your hand holding the phone is constantly moving around, making it hard to read what’s on your phone screen. Appreciate you making the video.

Keith Whitehead says:

Looking to increase factory volume setting

naw hsi says:

naw hsi

Hayden Vogel says:

Nice vid….. until you got political at the end.

Chris Rabis says:

how to delete the search bar ???

Kaite Agosh says:

I like different phone I need take phone class next time

Josh says:

Great video, thanks!!!!

Jewell Ong says:

Great video! Thanks! Maybe next time you can consider putting the phone on a table or sth instead of holding it while you’re showing the different steps to get to certain setting. The moving motion makes it hard to really read the screen of the phone while you’re navigating the menu

AZ23MJ says:

I am an iPhone user, for around the last 8 years. This Pixel 2 phone really has me thinking about trying out an android. Anyone out there make the change from iPhone to this Pixel 2? How do you like it?

My World of Tanks says:

Hello, how to connect Pixel 2 to MAC to use as a webcam and add to OBS (no sound)?

Paul Rebane says:

Thought this would be simple, but put new alarm tones in the Alarms folder, but not showing up in list or the Add option. Am I missing something? Thanks

rawpilot84 says:

Is it possible to write anything on a screenshot that you take? Like notes or highlights

Cricket Prather says:

Honestly…ur political views just cost u a viewer. Idiot

Linda Schnobrich says:

Excellent. I viewed this when I first got the phone and again 2 months later. Very helpful.

Melisa says:

so excited i just ordered a google pixel 2 !

Seth Kriesberg says:

In the bottom right hand corner of you home screen, there are four apps in one circle. How do you implement that feature on your Pixel 2?

XRea1TreeX Gaming says:

If you hold the recent app square it will give you dual screen mode

Tiffany Skinner says:

The blink light option for notifications, does the pixel allow you to change the color of the light depending on which type of notification you got? I.e Facebook = blue, text = green…?

Aaron Laffin says:

good video. But dude you have got to get a drink of water or something. Listening to you smack your mouth like that while you were talking made me cringe haha.

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