PRINTFUL REVIEW PT. 1 ✨ Best Shirt Printer & Dropshipping for Shopify, Etsy? [PROS & CONS] 4K

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Is #Printful they the best t-shirt printer in the world? Printful is an on-demand shirt/accessories printing & drop shipping platform, ft. integration with online stores like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and more. I recently printed some shirts (and an iPhone case) with Printful to test their quality after a few washes. Here’s my 2017 4K review, where I talk about:

– Sample shirt print quality, accuracy of colors compared to RGB graphics on screens
– Comparisons of screen printed shirts vs DTG (direct to garment) ft. my NEVER LOG OFF / nothing is real bye shirts
– Best shirt to print on: Bella Canvas 3001 or Anvil 980? ***update: Bella Canvas doesn’t shrink as much as I thought! yayyy***
– Printing on white shirts vs darker colors
– Color correction for DTG printing
– Custom iPhone case: print quality + functionality

Thank you #Panasonic for providing me with a #GH5 for this video!

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Disclaimer: This description contains Amazon and Printful affiliate links, so if you click on a product link and buy stuff, I will receive a small commission. This helps support my channel and doesn’t cost you anything extra. Thank you so much for your support! 👍

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Madelyn A says:

Hey Ben Aqua!!
You are really amazing man
I watch all your video and I open a shop on Etsy and I sold 62 Items in my first month. Thank you so much for your amazing information.
I didn’t design Shirts my own, I hired a t-shirt designer at very low cost and I got 20+ pcs design only at $100. The design was very cool that’s why I got to sell at the very beginning. I suggest to the new seller please focus on SEO and Design of your shirts. If you don’t know how to design then hired someone and invest $ (small amount). I hired this man > . You can also try.
Research market and keep working hard….. Keep me in your prayer 🙂

CHANCES1231 says:

Where did you get the screen printed shirts from?

Abraham says:

hey man do we choose the individual products ourselves? i.e. can i choose what specific shirts?

Andre Jansen van Rensburg says:

Newbie Alert < => Any suggestions as to some great T-shirt design software? Thanx upfront 😐

josh munoz says:

Try using Kommon Thread instead!

micah says:

Lol i have another question. How do i edit prices for products on printful so that they can be changed on etsy

Nenee .3xx says:

what printing style did you use on that “Benaqua” shirt to get it glossy like that?!

Simon Urdaneta says:

Does Printful works in non english speaking countries? I had a very bad experience with Redbubble because of that, I spent a entire day making the profile design and the t shirts design and when I finished they banned me. I’ll give the shot to Printfull because of your video bro!

If you wanna see sick art check on my instagram: @bonebizarre

have a good day guys!

S Mac says:

Their services are great but the shipping is insane!

LA Grit Media says:

What permits do you need to sell Printful t-shirts on Etsy? Do you need a resellers permit? Thanks

Elizabeth Bollwitt - ArtByBollwitt says:

Do you use any of the paid branding options?

Young Guru says:

Thanks for the info. I am planning on starting my t-shirt business soon.

micah says:

IM SO SORRY, someone just purchased one of my items on etsy, but the order is not showing up on printful. do you know what happened?

MufasagoesViral TV says:

how to create a sweater with a christmas small logo on the wrist?

Felicia Taylor says:

I was wondering what the cost is for marketing. Other places I’ve used says it’s free but over 2 yrs I still haven’t sold anything. How does this company assist in showing your work?

Apex Art says:

suuuper useful, thanks !

Micah Buzan says:

Thanks for this. Excited to explore POD.

Nicole Hundley says:

Thank you for the informative review! regarding your colors: i dont know what process you work when you make your designs, but if you work in CMYK mode from the start, your images will more likely match your printed products

Kimlyn Dawson says:

Love your videos!!!
How do you get the rich dark black on the white bella canvas t-shirt?

jon david says:

How much do you sell an avg shirt for?

Nada Serafimovic says:

It is absolutely normal that it doesn`t turn out on tshirt as on your RGB screen!!!! Good thing is that they want to provide color pallete tshirt sample…

Jaypee Customerbloom says:

Would love to hear your review for teelaunch.. I find it interesting, I actually think it’s better than printful, their app is easier and nicer..

andrea custodio says:

Say you give the Bella canvas shirt for $25 what percent you keep ?

Moises y Crystal Jimenez says:

Hey I wanted to ask how much would I pay for my own test shirt

MufasagoesViral TV says:

help please… 
on 3:11
that letter texture on “never log off” i want to create a logo and add it on the left side wrist of my sweaters , what would you recommend for that??? ill prefer a small logo patch and how much is it more and what would you recommend? ANYONE?

Natalie Nugent says:

How .do design your t-shirts what program do u use?

micah says:

Nice! Thanks, i’m surprising my viewers with merch for 20k, was going to use teespring but printful seems way better!

Connor Kent says:

All I care about is the neck is slim and stays slim and doesn’t stretch and they don’t care about copyright images

ThirdEye Mob Studios says:


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