Repaint! Pastel Girl Shopkins Shoppies Doll Custom

So much pastel goodness!! Also, not sponsored if anyone was wondering. I love the app and became addicted on my own accord. lol

The Doll Boy’s space buns tutorial:


New to customizing? Start here!

Water Colored Pencils – Faber Castell
Pastels – Mungyo Hand rolled Soft Pastels
Mr.Super Clear UV Flat (wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
Acrylic Paints – Liquitex
Nylon Doll Hair – from
Reroot-tool – from
Glue – water resistant kind
DuraClear Matte Varnish (2/3 watered down)

Musical tracks (both free and purchased) from


Inkie Pinkie 2 says:

I know that game!

E&H tv says:

I do pastel girl

Jasmine Feltham says:

Wait.., Pink Floyd? Like the band?!

BloodyDemon YT says:

I found the app and I’m going to make your channel doll!!!
Love your videos!

millipedes says:

Ur videos are always so good!!

Yandere Chan says:

Hey! If you want a *really* thick hairstyle, you can use alpaca wool. It’s so soft as well!

Norah Samford says:

Plz do voltron characters

akaHelen :3 says:

Ok guys but look at how big her Merch store is.

Paul Byron says:

Dool cruelty!!!!!!!!!

Annie Kendall says:

the neck peg looks like a penis

unrulyredhead says:

Hell yeah im from North Dakota no one is ever here!

Turtle and FISS says:

Can u please please PLEASE name one makeover doll Colline Tulip

Kpop Luver says:

Does she live in Korea?

moon dust says:

I live in North Dakota

Joe Dale says:

My ET Toy scares me. ;-;

Melody_ _BetterWatcha says:

Omg, I love your career. Subscriber earned

Midnight Pinko says:

i downloaded pastel girl app and im obsessed save me ;u;

anamari kachiuri says:

What is the name of that game ??

Carlos Soguez says:

Rip Mugg And Paper

easy breezy says:

Love your diy Dolls

Procesa Thomas says:

i literally just downloaded that game its pretty awsome XD

Princess Serinity says:

Pastel girl series anyone?

Wolfie GachaGirl says:

WOW! I love ur videos
Ur the best!

Eternal Love says:

I went to the app and I recreated your pastel girl 😀

Care Bear says:

Ur weird

sophia gomez says:

How long did it take to make the doll without editing

Pastel narwhal 8079 says:

At 2:40 the head looks like Johnny Johnny

Peri Dough says:

what is the game called?

Bee honeyHive Kurukasui says:

What dose ammyong mean

Amsiekins says:

So cute!

Arianna Jackson says:



Mystic Dream says:


Well… I ordered a used dolls lot and on a Draculaura was wtitten ‘Hate mom. Kill mom.’ I’m scared o.o …

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