Samsung Galaxy Watch Customize w/ Bands and Watchfaces | WatchMaker Premium

Just got the Samsung Galaxy Watch and now it’s time to add some Swagg! In this video I’ll show How To customize your new Galaxy Watch or Gear S3 with beautiful watchfaces. Also an in-depth look wt the WatchMaker Premium app used for getting so many nice watchfaces! Grab your Samsung Galaxy Watch or Gear S3 sit down and watch this vid!

➡ Galaxy Watch (46mm)
➡ Galaxy Watch (42mm)
➡ Galaxy Watch (42mm Rose Gold)
➡ Gear S3 Frontier:
➡ Blk Milanese band:
➡ 46mm version Band search(22mm):
➡ 42mm version Band search(20mm):

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Nenya Valley says:

Oo Yeaaaa picking up His n Hers Today!! This video was Very Informative and kept me wanting More! Great Video Bro!!

tunisiano1986 says:

Hey is there a free way of doing this without watchmaker premium?

Alex.burak Instagram says:

Can u use the watch sleep cycle, all trainings app, heart rate monitor, and sent message with IPHONE ?
MOST important questions is Do you have to have the open all-time Samsung Galaxy app on the iPhone.? In the past, when you close the app on your mobile then the connection will disconnect with the clock. I hope you understand what I mean. Thanx a lot off.

Tim Washington says:

What was that last rolex face you showed? I want that one.

Elijah Pierre says:

Question. Theres a small and L which is which ?

dee lewis says:

Great vid CJ. Good information. Now, I have to add more faces to my collection.

Sajith Marasinghe says:

Wanna be Martin Lawrence lol!!

Derek Reed says:

Okay I know this is an old video, but the quality setting doesn’t seem to be working for me. I have it on high but the background image still looks bad. Any tips?

benjamin mogensen says:

Boi U funny tho !

mtctookie25 says:

I’ve been thinking about investing in a smart watch CJ, thanks for sharing lil brotha.

Terrence Forehand Jr says:

Lmao james bond im dead

Mr Galaxy Wearable User says:

Never ever ever forget to mention additional purchase necessary for your tutorial ie any companion apps. Don’t do that ever ever again.


What’s the bake of the companion app or is it named companion app?

Tone Gee says:

CJ – thanks but I need some help here. I purchased the app and I purchased the companion – none of those faces are free and I don’t see any Rolex options – what am I doing wrong?

Michael Woods says:

Another great video. I was so tempted by your last video that I went down to t mobile today to check these things out in person as those watch faces looked amazingly real. Alas in person I have to say I was not that impressed – the watch was not as heavy as I expected and felt a little cheap and the watch faces didn’t look as ‘real’ in person. Maybe I’m used to my heavy-ass Garmin Fenix 5x. Anyway I’ll stick to my Apple Watch for now I guess – Apple got me hooked in guud lol

Bladimir Pujols says:

why do the images look bad on the watch
edit: some of the images look blurry but some are fine
edit # 2: never mind :v once you got to the quality part I just changed quality to high. thx :]

andre says:

i bought the 46mm watch and its great, i bought premium watchmaker etc but i dont see rollie watches?

De Dub says:

Good vid brah, helpful as I just got the 46 and digging it thus far


CJ always bringing that swag to the tech game! Awesome video bro!

I_ am_ BLuR says:

This video is so fckn useful!!! THANK U CJ!!

giogio1905 says:

do you know how to upload to the watch, watch faces that from other websites with the stock gear app?

giogio1905 says:

got the app on my phone but how do i install it on my watch?

Kynie2 says:

Loved this video! Thanks for the gr at info. Keep up the good work!

Renaldo Epps, D.RelC, CITRMS says:

We love CJ

tunisiano1986 says:

Been waiting for a video like this for a while. Like and subscribe buttons hulk smashed! Keep em coming

Phantom knight says:

Great video my friend, I actually purchased the 46 mm by going thru your YOU TUBE page. Cheers Mate, Dr. Adams Came a little later to just say, Thank You for explaining this so clearly, you have a BRIGHT future in this field ** Also GREAT EYE CONTACT **

Myles L. Reed says:

What is that watchface??? Does it say Sinobi 104???

andre says:

got it sorted, thanks great video mate

Marj Gonzalez says:

I have a question. I bought both Apps. Thank you! But I noticed that all my weather is stuck in Celsius . How do I change it???

MichalPlays says:

Damn, bro.
There’s a ton of customization. I actually thought about upgrading from my LG Smartwatch to the gear s4 but how is the battery life with those customizations?
Does it last shorter or it’s not affected by this “mods”?

yoututubus says:

This WatchMaker app is sooo cool and so much fun to play with, man! Thanks for sharing!

Bobby Brown says:

The Watchmaker App keeps saying it can’t connect to mu watch. I already tried factory resetting it and still nothing. Help!!

Dicky Lau says:

How can I get your watch face?

Zayn Abbas says:

You’re love bro

Brandon Baker says:

Man I just got the note 9 and want the galaxy watch so bad!

CJKnowsTECH says:

Get the ➡ Galaxy Watch (46mm)
➡ Galaxy Watch (42mm)
➡ Galaxy Watch (42mm Rose Gold)
➡ Gear S3 Frontier:
➡ Blk Milanese band:
➡ 46mm version Band search(22mm):
➡ 42mm version Band search(20mm):

Adrienne Elle says:

so boys gonna be walking around with a digital Rolex face lmaooooo

Rod says:

Thanks bro!

GuILty718 says:

Now I definitely can’t wait for my watch to arrive tomorrow. Dope video. Thanks.

rcasiel30 says:

How do u find the Rolex one?

Richard Flores says:

want to make sure I get this right b4 I do anything. so on this app all the ones that say Premium are free to use and th ones that have prices are for payment? do I got that right?

bryan taylor says:

good information bro

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