Samsung Gear S3 or any Smartwatch Customizing with Watchmaker / Facer and Amazon Watch bands

Alright its time to Customize my Samsung Gear S3 with Brand New watch bands and watch faces. I reveal my sources for all the cool watch faces I get for FREE!. Watch me customize my Brand New Gear S3. Thanks for watching don’t for get to hit that Thumbs Up and Subscribe. Thanks

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Gear S3 Frontier:
Gear S3 Classic:
Huanlong Samsung Gear S3 Watch Band(Red/Grn):
Blk Milanese band:

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Camera: Sony a6300 [kit lens] –
Main Lens: Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 –
+ Sigma MC-11 adapter –
Main Prime Lens: Sigma 30mm F1.4 –
SmallRig Cage(Get 10% off):
On-Camera Monitor: Aputure VS-2 fineHD –
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Computer: Macbook Pro 15″ –
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David James says:

Will these apps work for iPhone users? Facerepo and watchmaker

Bill Lewis says:

Just happened to luck up on your vid. LOVED IT! Your flow is awesome. Definitely a new subscriber. Now I must go and watch more of your vids. Peace.

Alicia Grant says:

I came across you searching for reviews on the Samsung note 8 and the Gear 3. I loved your review so much it definitely made me make my decision fast. Your sense of humor had me watch all your tech videos. I kinda feel like a crack head checking YouTube for a new video everyday, I finally saw this one. I had no idea you could customize your watch face. So excited ,,keep up the tech videos. You have a new subscriber and fan !!

RanFitTraining says:

Can you Link the websites in the description box

Patrick Madungwa says:

Hey CJ, I can’t get watch maker companion for gear S3. An get this error “unable to compete your transaction. System error occurred. Try again later. (Error S2000/P/…..)”. Any help on this

Diego López says:

Hey bro could you give me please the Breitling face (that has both digital and analog) appears in your video at 3:32, it’s my favorite but i can’t find it, greetings from Mexico!!!

Slyfox55 says:

Man where can I find that Rolex Air King watch face? It looks great with that band.

Oboy Time says:

How u only have 2k subs u always up in my feed. Im a sub now loll

karynwilliams1 says:

Thank you. I have a Sprint cell provider. Do you know if I can just buy the S3 from Best Buy (cheaper pricing)? Or do I have to buy through Sprint?

G SQUAD says:


CJKnowsTECH says:

If you have Amazon prime there’s a great deal on the Gear S3:

Lockdown Pina says:

Brother thank you! Saw ur 3 videos of the gear s3 frontier after I ordered it and now I feel very comfortable that I made the purchase! My bday is tomorrow but should get in Friday. As soon as it gets in I’m getting that app! Also by the way those watch bands are badazz! Once again thank you!

GeekNews Everything says:

Thanks for the video, I been looking for some new watch faces. I like the Milanese band but I seen reviews about that plastic part at the end starts to break after awhile. Did you have that problem or has it been pretty sturdy for you?

Tobias Bylén says:

Facer app play butik and watchmaker

Oluwasola Adenekan says:

Wussup Bro Ive Been Watching A Couple Of Your Vids And Came Across This One And You Inspired Me To Get The Gucci Watch Band, What Do You Think About The Louis Vuitton Watch Band Im Thinking About Coppin It With The Gucci Band?

Joshua Gall says:

The watchmaker app is now free on Google play

Cesar Martinez says:

Gucci gang lol jk. Great vid. Definitely helpful for those with the watch.

Thee Marshall Williams says:

Great Job, 300ViewsPerSecond! Like that Glance_Activ. Gonna cop that 4sure.

Nestor Alvarado says:

Nice video bro. i have a problem, a cant install app whatchmaker on mi S3 Frontier, just said, that cant download on it.

Alicia Grant says:

Hey CJ, you never mentioned how you change the resolution, I just bought mine last week so excited . Thanks in advance.

Sony Lamour says:

nice review bro

Ethan Smith says:

Why does the watchmaker app not come up on the watches store

Kacper Nowacki says:

Hey man Great Video I loved it. Could you possibly send links to all watch faces that you have showed and possibly to the straps you bought?

D White says:

And yet another great video!

Jackie Ardoline says:

Nice! Good job.

TechnoGenuine says:

Awesome! Finally more style watch for my gear s3 frontier! Thanks bro really appreciated


Can I have the link for the red and green band ?

Sean Kennedy says:

Watched all your videos on the S3, great job. Mine arrives today!

Mohd Balushi says:

Love Samsung

Vern V says:


FunnyKey UK says:

You eyes tell me you’re high as a kiteee

Dosun Sweet says:

shit i wish i wouldve switched to samsung sooner because i tried to get a rolex watch face for my apple watch

Tobias Bylén says:

You can make your own watch board Watchmaker app premium

David James says:

Is there anyway to get the Cloud Sync to work with Watchmaker and iPhones? I can’t get the code to pop up on my iPhone? @CJKnowsTECH

big t says:

I need that review man!! I want to see if the main con is still the fact that the amount of apps is lacking on the S3… As it stands I want it!

Cory Smith says:

Brah, that app is sooo boss! I’ve been using it for about a year now and it’s made my gear s3 experience awesome. I get compliments on it all the time. within the community look for Jaume Marti and JC Dalisay. there are more watchmasters out there but these two are some of the best. oh yeah, big ups for the vid.

JB says:

Hey bro very nice vid! Please can you tell me the name of the breit face you’re using in the beginning of the vid? Can seem to find it. Tnx!

H b says:

I have no idea what you thought we’d think about the watch band with the red stripe. What might we have thought?

Mansoor almansoori says:

Excuse me Lacoste watch face I want please

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