The 6 Best Android Keyboards

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Video Description:
So, how do you decide on which are the best Android keyboards for you to even take the time to download and try?

Well, I’ve waded through the ridiculously over saturated app category that is keyboards to see if I could pull to the top 7 of the best keyboards for Android. Take a look and please feel free to comment on here and let me know if there are others you think should be added and why. I’ll try and keep this updated as best as I can going forward so others can at least have a good jumping-off-point. Ready?

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qwerty qwertyzuiop says:

Maybe add the links

Crazy Fool says:

nothing can beat SwiftKey

Baby A says:

I downloaded Swype and Google keyboard

Devin M. says:

Blackberry’s keyboard is the best. The predictive text and ability to flick upwards makes it the best.

linette M says:

American Keyboard

arthur staal says:

I loved the Sony stock keyboard for it’s ability to seamlessly switch between languages (I speak Dutch and Italian as well as English),, but I just discovered that their new phones have SwiftKey instead…

David Berry says:

I like Cheetah. I’ve tried all the others and just like the different choices they offer.

miska r says:

Tell me where to find a steampunk keyboard.

sara khan says:

Cheetah keyboard

Chandra Kumar says:

I m using fleecy keyboard and i love it

CoDeYT says:

*amazing I did this bold font without any app lol*

Priya Agrawal says:

Fuck you

Nick Thompson J says:

I have the touch pal keyboard it’s the best

SidewalkGuy117 says:

LOOK UP THE PRONUNCIATION OF GIF PLEASE!!! It is “jif” like the peanut butter.

Santhosh R says:

what keyboard are you using bro

qwerty qwertyzuiop says:

I like Fleksy Keyboard i can type so fast with it

Mini Playz-Android____ says:


MoonWolf79 Worlds says:

The Google keyboard didnot work good on my LG V20 so now I’m using Fleksy keyboard now I still have to go back an recorrect my words when i m using it.

help me get 100 subscribers without any videos says:

Wouldn’t he look like Anwar Jibawi if he had black hair….

Baby A says:

I am using Swype and I love it!

Jergens Roberdeaux says:

I want a black message background with white letters.  Which one?  Thanks.

Amalia Muniz says:

I’m looking for a keyboard for my phone that I can download like open it and little keys appear and I can move it somewhere to press it while playing games.

Παναγιωτης Περιδρομος says:

thew best is cheetah

Simon Gervais says:

what about privacy? gboard grants Google access to everything you write through it including passwords and account information… felt the same with SwiftKey
Does anyone knows a good keyboard app that won’t access what you write through it?

Vishal Dangi says:

अलग अलग. कीबोड. कैसे बडाए

Lux Ess says:

Sorry I couldn’t find your tutorial on how to make your own emoji in the down bar. Forgive me if it’s in plain sight because my middle name is, it’s right in front of you, I hope you get the hilarity of that

Kiran Raj says:

how to set different tones for different characters

arilafriliansyah05 aril says:

where I can get wingdings keyboard?

Fat Noob says:

I want a keyvoard that makes mecahnical keyboard sounds plsss

Mobile Tech Point says:

See my video on my channel to see why SwiftKey keyboard is the best keyboard.

Priscilla Harshini says:

I feel like Fleksy and Minnum Keyboards are quite the same when it comes to prediction and theme. I’ve used Swift keyboard, Kika keyboard, Grammarly keyboard, Go Keyboard but nothing can beat the Google Keyboard.Whatever keyboard I use, at the end of the day, I used to switch to Google keyboard. It is like a mother tongue where you are free to do anything so fastly….That’s my opinion…

Baby A says:

I am using Swype and I love it!

Fawwaz Arash says:


Nga -VIP Member says:


Md Danish says:

1. Google Keyboard
2. Swipe Keyboard
3. Swiftkey
4. Flexkey
5. Go Keyboard
6. Bitmoji

Jeff Fernandez says:

BlackBerry keyboard for android is really good..

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