The Best HIDDEN Android Launcher of 2018?

Welcome to my Best Hard-To-Find Android Home Launchers of 2018:
Launcher #10 –
Launcher #9 –
Launcher #8 –
Launcher #7 –Add on:
Launcher #6 –Add on:
Launcher #5 –
Launcher #4 –
Launcher #3 –
Launcher #2 –
Launcher #1 –

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tac canz says:

I love the Microsoft launcher. They have great wallpapers daily.

shansway roosner says:

If I had iPhone I would have to buy a new phone because my phone gets boring sometimes thats why Android is better for me

Warren Bernard says:

Which phone is this?

Matteo Zanin says:

The best is Evie Launcher

Tobin Judd says:

What phone is he using?

sudeesh suran says:

Tried almost everything. ….and return to nova….NOVA IS THE BEST. ….!!!!

Sid Filips says:

What phone is that

Fabulous Tech says:

What is that mobile please tell me

sushant singh says:

what a soothing voice u got bro…….. i can hear you all day

Gregory Dearth says:

Smart Launcher 5 is still my favorite. Easy. Keeps widgets and icons separated nicely while sorting apps by category automatically. LOTS of customization ability too. Any app is two or less taps away. Simply outstanding. Also very fast (light weight).

Peter Bjöns says:

Z Launcher by Nokia, dont know why noone is mentioning this launcher.. Used it for years

vignesh selvaraj says:

Try smart launcher

Conscious Robot says:

Seems like a bad idea to have the Google search bar in such close proximity between the dock and home buttons.


What phone r u using

Leaf says:

uh how do i get the sense ui again

Crazy talks TV says:

I liked strip launcher

holidajva says:

Action Launcher is soo fast

Satya Shrivastav says:

Can you do a video for customisation of honor 9 lite??. Because I really like your customisation vidoes

Lit3any says:

what phone is this

Naveed Ahmed says:

Which mobile is this?

Ramadhan Pratama Putra says:

Try CPL or Lawnchair v2

Krish Rana says:

What phone is he using?

Shreevardhan Shenoy says:

Can you give me the wallpapers you used in the video.

Harvey Pontillas says:

I’m using U Launchet

unpoptv says:

I use Evie

LombardiGaming says:

what phone is he using in the video

Fabulous Tech says:

That was with Full of screen

Geo Jas says:

give the Motorola wallpaper in link

TheLucky0ne Channel minecraft and roblox says:

You forgot fly launcher by carter holding ltd plz reply

Alex Ron says:

sesame is not a launcher

sushant Kumar says:

I saw tech altar in your Twitter in #2 launcher

Kristoff Balatbat says:

Pls add the Xiaomi POCO Launcher cause it’s fluid for devices like mine running the Snapdragon 410 (Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL/Z010D)

TheLucky0ne Channel minecraft and roblox says:

What about fly launcher by carter holding ltd

shailesh rajput says:

Which phone is he using???

Mailo Kirmes says:

Try The Microsoft launcher

W J says:

Sorry but Nova is still the best. Tried everything on the market and nothing compares, especially when you buy Prime.

myutidmy says:

Mobile name please

ChrisOrangeCounty says:

What phone are you using?

TheLucky0ne Channel minecraft and roblox says:

Ur launcher does not have comments with captions so its not popular and it might be a scam or just a stupid launcher

varha vijay says:

I like your smartphone bro.. Which one is it?

Crack-IT says:

What phone are you using on this video?

Aahil Ansari says:

Apex launcher is the best

Ghostbits _97 says:

Niagara launcher is the best



your own says:

Which phone you use in this video

SKT T1 Plazma says:

can you please send link of the wallpaper of on your thumbnail?

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