Hey guys! In this video I show the car customization in “The Crew”. This particular car is the street version of the Camaro SS.
The customization in this game is honestly superb, so much stuff you can do and I love it


John allingham says:

Should i get this or forza 4??

Zartab Khan says:

What is the game name in anroid or what

Hawk says:

When you install an exhaust system, does it change the sound of the car over stock exhaust?

Shhh K. says:

“its hard to tell what it looks like because it takes it off your car” .. Bro do you not see “Demo Mode” right under your eyeballs? Click that and it puts all parts on your car and lets you do a visual walkaround

Yusuf saood says:

Is it me or do all the bumpers look the exact same

Kristian Madsen says:

wao the bird sounds

will price says:

car looks like bumbul bee

Sindre Andrè Andersen says:

Wow a camaro that is yellow with a black racing stripe, never seen it before

Hummer Guy says:

show the raid or stock hummer h1 customization

Haris Wasim says:

just bought game recently, really good fun… however if you played midnight club la u kno this game is crap compared to it. ok the map wasn’t that good and limited cars but man customisation was on point

lisa says:

is there way make car faster at 1299 becoz i was raceing guy with same car as mine we both was 1299 and his car was faster and allways like 200 yards ahead of me the whole game more and more i been seeing this happan

Judicious Hisham says:

is this on android

kenny wilson says:

When it comes to customization NFS UNDERGROUND 2 and CARBON is still the BEST and LEADS than any-other racing game to date….

F U E G O says:

Kind of disappointed that there is no option to change rim size and lower thd car.. But nice vid.

Quatrei Quorizawa says:

how cruel, not letting bumble bee transform. You see him trying XD


What game si it sir

John Lyon says:

To see the part on the car you need to click rt to put in demo mode..

Kristian Madsen says:


alpha says:

So you can’t customize full stock cars? Nice, I wasted money.

Logistics1320 says:

Can u change the rim size and lower the suspension?


Rims are the most important part of a car lol… Nice to see how far gingium came from this

Daniel says:

Where do you go on the map to get here

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