Top 5 Best Customization Apps On Android (2017)

Must Have Android Apps To Customize Your Smartphone.

Energy Bar:

Zooper Widget:
Unity Widgets:


Nova Launcher:


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Ansh Gupta says:

super widget?? really!

Lchubaconic says:

Great Video! Hope you guys reply back some day! 😀

Stas D says:

одни индусы))) Уши вянут(

Mike Malon says:

Just figured I’d drop a note here directed to anyone who may need a good laugh or even know someone who does. I’ve learned that watching these guy’s videos who have that Indian, Hindi, Pakistani, or whatnot sounding accents provide just the right medicine for you. Simply turn on the closed captions and begin reading. Now Tweaker’s videos won’t provide a plethora of laughs due to the fact that he speaks English quite well, but there’s definitely enough. In example – he says at one point, “turn off the dock from in the Nova settings”, well the caption software or writer (not actually sure if closed captions are electronically generated or typed by hand) heard something different being, “turn off the dog from Nova sitting”. Haha. Like I said before, you won’t get laugh out loud gold so much from Tweaker’s videos, but you definitely can from other guy’s videos who don’t speak English as well as Tweaker. And to anyone who’s going to find some reason why they should leave a comment talking shit for whatever reason, just know that no, I’m not a racist who’s poking fun at people based on their race, nor do I mean for this to hurt Tweaker’s feelings or bash him. In fact, I actually enjoy the content he makes very much and recognize the guys knowledge of Android and quite decent video editing skills Lastly, if you do decide to try watching his or anyone else’s content with captions on and do happen to enjoy it, even if only for that fact alone, please be kind enough credit whoever the YouTuber is you’re watching by dropping them a like and even squashing their subscribe button, because despite them actually even knowing they’re still the one providing that entertainment for you. Well, with the assistance of whoever or whatever doesn’t have the capability to actually hear what words someone with a different accent is actually saying.
And to you Tweaker, keep doing what you do. I do watch all your videos whether needing the information or not solely because I believe in supporting any YouTuber I subscribe to, because I enjoy seeing people do something they enjoy themselves. For now though I’m gonna end this comment and go watch a couple of your videos that I’ve yet get around to watching. Keep the content coming untill you decide to move on. Peace, dood. ✌

Ferhati Miloud says:

Thank you

John Yoder says:

Whats the one for the cover of the vid

G Akash says:

can someone tell me on which app can I find the wallpaper featured on the thumbnail of this video the Android logo along with the colors under it ?

Johny Jr. says:

how to create your intro sir..there was super Sir I will be create an intro plz suggestion.

John Yoder says:

Awesome vid! +1 subscriber

Ankur Chaudhary says:


MysterioTV says:

I’m glad to be a part of this video.

TaJeMnIcZy ShIzOl says:

how to add aplication icon on widget

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