Top 9 Tips to Customize Galaxy S7 Edge and Improve Experience!

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Setup Multiple Fingerprints-1:19
Use Darker theme-2:30
Turn on Game Launcher/Custome-4:16
Install 3rd party keyboard-5:50
Setup Apps Edge-6:48
Always On Mode Settings-8:12
Get a custom wallpaper-9:32
Get a custom launcher-10:40
Get a custom icon pack-11:43

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harry Joelake says:

Hi there I can’t create a Samsung account to download themes it keeps telling me processing failed.. how can I make it work can u plizz help??

MrBoombast64 says:

Themer is a good third party theme app I recommend. 🙂

raja 222 says:

can anyone let me know how to stop viewing all my watsapp pics and
downloaded pics when i click camera icon on home screen and view my cam
pics ?…

usman abdulkadir says:

sir is Samsung Galaxy s7 edge has a LED notification

Maha Alkhulaidi says:

thank you but you are too fast ….so confusing

Loading says:

It’s so funny as im watching this my phone is also on 75%

RandomPerson Vlogs says:

I am getting it today

Ishan Vohra says:

my settings are way too different than yours. can you help me?

martijn wevel says:

Your s7 edge looks so damm small in your hands..

Mathieu Deprat says:

Glad to find this video! Thanks!

Alejandro Rojas says:

Galaxy s6 edge still has a stunning display

harry Joelake says:

Hi there I can’t create a Samsung account to download themes it keeps telling me processing failed.. how can I make it work can u plizz help??

DeTix Rat says:

If you want the material black theme for free, just search the material dark theme, apply it, and change the background to black.

ApFugamer 48 says:


4evercuber says:

Great video! Who’s the author for your material black theme? There are several now.

山山 ωαяzσиє says:

Hey how did u get that settings theme

Glen Aranha says:

samsung s7 edge is the best and the battery is the best

Ry theGuy says:

where can I get that all black theme wallpaper?

Darktripz Gaming says:

Fleksy keyboard is the best

dnsmithnc says:

Is there a setting which enables you to turn off the apps when hitting the power button to go into sleep mode? I would love that. It is frustrating having to close some app every time you turn on your device.


hey Jeff I was wondering what do you do to change the color of your notification panel whenever you pull down from the top of the screen I notice that yours is different how do you do that and where do you go?

Veresh Cinty Sirkisson says:

Sd black is a great theme
Try it out

Daniel Harrell says:

My notification menu is bright white and can’t distinguish one push to the next

Adiel A. Sofian says:


Justin Jones Sr says:

Please what’s the model number/variant?

Laura Ann Gibson says:

it keeps asking for number

Hussam Magdy says:

how to set only fingerprint lock ?

Elijah Kadel says:

Loved this video man

Tahmeen khan says:

Is that a black pearl colour? ???

quiddial says:

It looks like you keep your location services on – this kills my batter in just a couple of hours.

derp doge says:

My always on display settings doesn’t look the same as yours. I can’t chose to change the image. I can only change the layout.

shravan kumar sharma says:

Can i get this dark theme for Samsung galaxy J2 pro

Miss Amazon says:

Its Jan 19th 2018 and I’m getting my s7 edge delivered today!!

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