Windows 10 Start Menu & Start Screen Customization – Easy Tutorial Review

This video shows you Windows 10 Start Menu Customization. See how to adjust Windows 10 Start Screen to your liking. Windows 10 personalization and Start Menu settings are really easy to access and change. In my video tutorial see the Windows 10 Start Menu in action in this short Windows 10 review for beginners.


moonlighter6 says:

Quick and easy, thanks. Friend just bought a new laptop with Win 10, heading over to set it up.

Lonnesia York says:

I ask how to go to my main screen not how to use things

billy fatbowe says:

How do I change windows10 lock screen???

Rexz Bharlie says:

how do i leave my start menu and just have my desktop

Exposure Tech says:

please can you let me recording software which you are using?

arvind padhiar says:

where a option to delete all email in windows 10 edge?

Polka Dolkasaur says:

excuse me but how would i switch back the configuration to default

Sam Fisher says:

6:45 the size of that shortcut icon is disgusting 🙁

EverythingWindowsPro says:

is run win 10 ?

RT Rey says:

when I click on the windows start a full screen comes up with all the tiles on it then I have to click on the 4  little lines on the right bottom to  view the list on the right and the tiles boxes also at the top of the list it  always starts with  0 to 9  how do I change it so when I click  on the windows start it brings up the list and the tiles at the same time ?? also why is the 0 to 9 always at the top of the list ??

priyanshu dangare says:

oh i didnt know that power button was in start menu and it can shutdown my computer WoW such a legend information
that mad

Injamam Sheikh says:

When you move the cursor to any app or folder color becomes yellow…. how did you do that?

Renee Dublin says:

How do I delete a tile? I’m starting to get quite a bit annoyed by the live Xbox tiles. I don’t have an Xbox, and I never plan on owning one. It just… it bothers my OC tendencies.

GMan5090 says:

hey brother. whenever i deselect the “use full screen” option the start menu still takes up the full screen. I’ve tried both options and the result is the same. who can i contact about this issue

areej al says:

I turned off the “Full screen” from the start setting, cause I don’t want the icons to appear in my background. But the problem is, the icons are still in the background! It is still “Full screen”! how do I change it to “Start menu”? is there another way than the start setting?

Jaslyn Koh says:

Thank you so much! You have helped me a lot in your video.

ValmisFilm says:

my oncle did something in my computer, he does not understand computers so he does not know what the heck he did! Anyway – this idiotic stupid W8 look(who the hell invented this???) that you turn off at 6:13 – it does not turn off!!!!! any idea how to get rid of that look???!!!

Keo Sotharak says:

what’s your window 10 version ( window on this video )

OUSSAMA IsDoingTheShow says:

what a great name

Larry Fick says:

Mine doesn’t work like that. I have installed Mozilla Thunderbird, Skype and removed Yahoo Messenger. Thunderbird and Skype does not appear anywhere in the start menu or in Apps. Yahoo Messenger remains in Start tiles and most used even though it was uninstalled.

ThingsByKelly says:

I just wanna know how to change my homescreen jees…

sasamichan says:

Im still looking, but Im looking for a way to get a shortcut to the facebook log in screen on the desk top and to arange what comes in first when I click on that microsoft edge and to install other browsers too. if you have a link in clear english, share it. till then I’ll be looking

Jose Francisco Medeiros says:

I am former MCSE, and MCT and have been working with servers & hardware based RAID controllers since NT 3.51 at several fortune 500 companies, but have been unemployed the past 7 years. This is probably some what un-related, but my personal external USB 3.0 hard drive while it works fine In Windows XP, and in Windows 7 before I installed Windows 10, it shows up, but causes DiskManager to hang in Windows 10, and can not see the disk in a cmd window. I do see the partitions in explorer, and they are assigned drive letters. The drive is using MBR, and formatted as NTFS, and works fine under Windows XP, I ran Chkdsk /r on it, and although the first pass found some bitmap errors, the second time I ran it, it reported it was fine, but booting back into Windows 10 on the same computer, it still can’t access the drive using diskmanager or the files in the partition. I am at a loss on this, and rather not delete the partition and format it under Windows 10.

Any suggestions would be helpful,

Chihaya Tachibana says:

uh why doesnt my user account name be fully showed in start menu?
i only see the Circle account orb without the name at the lower left with the settings logo and shutdown logo
beside it is the scrollable icons/programs

KurzedMetal says:

I put this video on x2, I still understood everyone and still seemed a bit slow on showing concepts. *yawn* good info tho

Sighmen Win says:

how come my layout when i start my pc looks like the phone and i cant get to the one used in here

bianchet fam says:

Hi,  how do I revert my start menu back to default setting.  Currently my settings, and power off have moved to the left hand side of screen and shows a list A to Z .  I want to go back to how it looks on your screen  with just most used and recently used. No A to Z list. Can you advise? Thanks

Foot Ball says:

mine is glitched in the start menu help even if i turn it on and off

bRadlyJames Quadcopter says:

Thanks for the video. The ‘Change Icon’ doesn’t seem to affect anything. No matter what Icon I change it too, it remains the old one in the Start Menu (Both modes)

Sanket kakde says:

color is yellow because this is in recoding mode thats why

Khalid290 says:

how to make that start menu button bigger ?

Jonah Kaufman says:

just go in settings then youll find out

TheMightybasstone says:

How do i delete the Xbox and Xbox live tiles !????

altlandf says:

Sorry there’s nothing fun or easy about windows. When the keyboard is attacted to the tablet the screen won’t rotate and is in the wrong direction. When I remove the keyboard the screen will auto rotate. I hate windoze 10. Nothing but a virus. I want Windows 7 back.

DL Butler says:

hey Nick, can you tell me how I can enable the Search on my Taskbar like you have.  I know how to disable Cortana, but when I turn it off the only thing that still shows is the Task View (and I want to keep that)

awsome says:

thx dude it works YAYAYYAYA

Imsodanii says:

Mine won’t go back to its regular start menu

Mark Marlatt says:

Where is the good part of this OS????

Matios 1122 says:

What are you doing?

PistachioBeef75 says:

this is kinda useless, but how do you change the way you drag tabs around?

BOXXY what says:

can someone help me the screen at 5:55 wont go away and i have start full screen off

ASgfjyhgyi says:

4:32 even in windows 3.1 was more color themes.

Timjan says:

Thx, my start menu was fullscreen and now I fixed it 😀 THX SO MUCH!!!!!

lisa. says:

how do you get that cursor with the circle?!

Timjan says:

5:07 take use start full screen to off i think

Manotosh Mandal says:

At the opening time, Starting page (page before typing the password) of my windows 10 enterprise is dancing. What can I do?

Shaafici Hassan says:

when i press start the wholle software minimizes and i dont want that i only want to exit full screen mode so ??

ixd 7ev says:

My screen does not look like this when I click on the four squares in the lower left. You screen shows, from the bottom up, all apps, then power, settings, and file explorer. Mine shows only an icon that says power when I hover over it, and then an icon that says settings when I hover over it, and another that says file explorer when I hover over it. How can I make my screen look like yours? This is so very frustrating, as I cannot find out how to do anything except on ONE program I installed myself, and even then, the computer decided to remove my icon. It is now stuck at the bottom of the screen with a bunch of other stuff that I can’t figure out. Also, that new explorer is a piece of work. This is a new surface pro and I am very thankful that my old arthritic windows 7 computer is still at least barely able to boot, as I go to it when I want to get anything done instead of wasting time trying to figure this thing out. Why does the computer insist on pulling up bing, which is a useless bloatware. I have not done anything to change settings, so how can I make my screen look like yours so I can at least try to use this tutorial. Thankyou.

Max Mc says:

A very good and precise presentation, thank you.

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