Xbox Elite Wireless Controller – Customization with the Xbox Accessories App

Navin Kumar from the Xbox team provides an overview of the many ways you can further customize your Xbox Elite Wireless Controller through an easy-to-use app*.  Adjust trigger min/max values, thumbstick sensitivities, button assignments, and more, so the controls are exactly the way you want them. Assign any of 14 inputs to the ABXY buttons, paddles, D-pad, triggers, and thumbstick clicks.  Create as many controller profiles as you like in the app and have tailored settings for any game. Load two profiles on the controller and instantly change between them with the built-in Profile Switch. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

*App available on Xbox One and Windows 10


nadhir ayad says:

why Xbox Accessories app not availbale

Tom Jones says:

Is the hardware parameters a thing of the past? Its nowhere in my menu.

Suburbia Jones says:

this is for cheaters

Trent Mangrum says:


Hd SkillShotZ says:

soo I’m assuming the brightness doesn’t work because i just tried it out

JAQUIB says:

Does the xbox elite controller work with a normal xbox one?

UNO says:

why cant we swap triggers w/ bumpers ??

Buxenwolf says:

I’m more interested in mapping the buttons on the back like invite a friend to a game, switch to game/party chat, things like that
They’ve made it more complicated than on the 360 dashboard

Vaniglia Carogna says:

Anybody knows the song playing in the background?

TRYAGAIN13 says:

I have gone through 4 of these controllers left thumb stick can’t handle being pushed down too many times controllers. xbox why?

ラファエル says:

I can’t find the app

C4lum_ W says:

Can u take the paddles of and put them back on?

neverland100 Ftw says:

I’m getting it, I need it for OW

YouwillABAYme says:

Got this form Christmas and I love it! Hope I can use it on Project Scorpio!

Connor says:

so hyped! ordered it!

John Bouras says:

Whats the song on the backround? it sounds hella-familiar

gallwapa says:

Would be nice if LED on/off minimum could be ported to the regular and 3.5mm standard controllers.  It is frustrating when playing in the dark to be blinded by the giant light source in my lap.

Smiths Da one says:

Want this sooooooo bad

emjd2009 says:

I bought this product because of the feature displayed in the frame at 2:01–after watching this video. The product does not function in the manner demonstrated by the presenter and the updated software supports none of the sensitivity customization over the X and Y axes that is the primary selling point of this “elite” product. Youtube should pull this fraudulent and unlawful advertisement before more people are ripped off like I was.

Ahmed Essam says:

xbox one

Eric Kilgour says:

Controller is great other than the fact that you can’t remap the bumpers to triggers on the bottom, huge oversight in my opinion

demonpride1975 says:

my question is this, why is it that this app does not work or standard controllers, for the auto sign in to that controller. why not make it so the app records the individual serial, this seems like it’s telling me i should buy the elite controller for that extra level of security, that you are obviously not offering on regular controllers.

deathday says:

Can’t remap the start & select buttons?

Kay Jay says:

My App on the PC won’t save configurations even tough it should save up to 255 different configurations. I can create/copy configurations and they are visible but once I close the app, the next time I open the app all the configurations are gone.

Eddy Craft says:

can’t change the paddles with the x a y or b the way you want?!

K says:

Can it connect to pc? If not i going with razer wildcat

Warablo says:

How the hell can I fix the deadzones/sensitivity like the default Xb1 controller. The default one on my Elite feels different.

david b says:

I know the App for Windows 10 will allow similar customization of the controller, but is there a way to have the paddles act as their own separate buttons under W10? It probably won’t be a deal breaker for me, but it would be a nice option for PC.

Suburbia Jones says:

This should not be sold separately.

Ahmed Essam says:

xbox one

Jarvis Elmerhath says:

Hey, would you like to explain why literally ONLY THE DEFAULT SENSITIVITY CURVE works properly? And all others are incredibly flawed where diagonal movement is concerned?

To be fair, you haven’t addressed it since launch, so I doubt you will now.

Jello Surla says:

Xbox when will project scorpio be released

sonicteam2k1 says:

Xbox, I have a question. I’m thinking about picking this up. I have a Xbox One and I have a PC with windows 7. I know it works on windows 7 but the app does not work on windows 7.

Now since the controller has on board memory to store the two profiles, can I use my Xbox One to customize my settings, save them to the controller’s memory, then plug it into my window 7 PC and have the custom profile still be active?

Branden Duncan says:

Is the app shown in the video available? This app is so much better than the xbox accessories app I have downloaded. The big thing I want is the adjustable stick graphs. All I get in the current app is a bunch of presets with a slider to adjust those presets slightly.

Flynn C-F says:

Can someone tell me what the app is that u download on Xbox to customise?

IRideBmx97 says:

I love this controller

AriesNoMaik says:

why you dont make a video explaining what each sensitivity does when you change them

SagaYT says:

It obviously shows trigger customization and how you can swap buttons to the triggers but its not there.

Rangoon says:

at 2:00 it says you can create your own sensitivity curves. I cannot find this. Where is it?

CaptainPotato says:

There has to be a rise of the tomb raider elite controller for xbox one which is also compatible with the xbox 360

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