5 Language Learning Apps

▶ T H E B E S T A P P S TO L E A R N L A N G U A G E S:

• Busuu
– Android: http://softoni.cc/UlGZuB
– iPhone: http://softoni.cc/NQJsPW
• Memrise
– Android: http://softoni.cc/Bycwuo
– iPhone: http://softoni.cc/HYtSbS
• HelloTalk
– Android: http://softoni.cc/lsfmOw
– iPhone: http://softoni.cc/lKTzCT
• FluentU: http://softoni.cc/MmvIPU
• Duolingo
– Android: http://softoni.cc/RvgAFD
– iPhone: http://softoni.cc/xGUenV
– Web: https://en.duolingo.com/

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Five apps to learn a second language on your mobile: http://softoni.cc/mgCRJu


adrin dsouza says:

its cool bro!

what in tarnation says:

“can you smell burning”?
should of gone to speck savers

Dzeljana Pusiga says:

here’s several suggestions for how to learn Spanish
Decide exactly why you want to learn Spanish
Try to speak Spanish in your everyday life
Find which method works for you best.
(I learned about these and more from Fergs spanish blueprint site )

Niadh Reilly says:

The group chat 1 are they real people?

JG says:

Couldn’t get past the freaky beard!!! Totally distracting.

Hors La Loi says:

You forgot Babbel.

Akram Hicham says:

what is the name of the background music? i’ve heard it in many different ”top list” videos

Liqueur Métisse says:

It’s a shame you did not mention the app Lingoa Learn The Language…

london paris says:

i totally have memrise

TANA PS says:

All those apps suck cause they are just for learning simple phrases that you would use in a trip.

They don’t help at all cause they don’t teach you the theory and grammar (types of sentences, types of questions, pronouns, verbs, linking words, etc, etc, etc)

I haven’t found an app that really teach you a language.

benish altaf says:

which app is best in these five

Leo Peres says:

El salió en el vídeo corriendo dijo;;fuego fuego alex corre hay fuego hay que huir 😉

Raziel 01 says:

0:08 i’m the only one who’s scared?

mik t says:

я говорю по русски

Dragan Drags says:


Brandon Halsey says:

I’m trying to learn German and Italian what are the best recourses

Ance Naseva says:

hi guys, the greatest results that ive had was with the Japanese Magic Method (just google it) without a doubt the most helpful info i’ve tried.

RishipaL Singh says:

58:06 most important part of the video.

Konstantin David says:

here’s a few tips for how to learn German
Decide exactly why you wish to learn it
Try to use German everyday
Decide what method works for you the best.
(I read about these and more from Landra language tactic website )


can you name me best or not best just FREE learning language app.

Pie Golem says:

Fire uh,
It, it Doesn’t uh,
Fire doesn’t leave a shadow…

saboteurserg says:

Nice video. Thank you.. I can also recommend one app which I have found recently – RoxyPenguin. It’s for learning and practicing new words by playing fun mobile game… Nice approach I think. Check it out – http://apple.co/2z2pfZr

Purple Lady says:

Is Mike there, tell him to stop Emailing me please

Brian Estrella says:

*_I’ve been at this Spanish thing for 4 years and it has been a challenge. I’m just not one to give up. It’s just never been fast enough. after using many other methods and courses books and tapes,,, I found Synergy Spanish >>> _**_https://plus.google.com/u/0/100037748124955386083/posts/biA8pyeR7HW_**_     to be smooth and interactive more over than others…_*

Amjed Belgacem says:

you should’ve at least 1 million subscribes thanks for the informations

محمد ريحان خان says:

subscribed to your naughty face

EGV Production says:

there is no link provide please

mas joe says:

There are a few things for how to learn French
Decide exactly why you wish to speak French
Try to speak French everyday
Find what process works for you the best.
(I learned about these and more on Magic Language Method site )

wesley patterson says:

hellotalk is really fun. i DO wish you could set it to multiple languages at once without having to pay because i’ve recently started learning chinese on top of japanese, and being able to use it for chinese as well would be nice.

Lonzo Bankz says:


Noobs Play noob Games says:

I really want to learn dutch. But It’s kinda hard could someone pls help me with it? I am supposed to learn dutch in my School but my teacher is really bad and im the only one in my class who cannot Seem to figure out a good Way to learn it.

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