A Review of Zoom.us for Teaching Online Lessons

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In this video, I show you inside the video platform called Zoom, and go into depth on what it offers.

The biggest advantage of using Zoom is that it provides excellent connection, which is especially advantageous if you have low bandwidth. Additionally, the use of the annotations when sharing a screen (to be used like a whiteboard) can make the lesson much more interactive.

One cool feature is that you can record your lessons, which are saved on your hard drive. You can schedule recurring lessons, add events to your calendar, use chat and have it sent to you, and there are many other features too.

The one drawback in my view is that a lot of your learners won’t have heard of Zoom. This would mean having to help them getting set up.

Please let me know your thoughts below this video.

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Lizette Reyes says:

camera not woking after I installed an update 🙁

Sam Flake says:

Thank you so much…very informative

Deb Yea says:

Hi I have got a zoom interview with 51 talk, does that mean the lessons will be on zoom also, do you know anything about 51 talk. As then you have to pay for zoom for that I think

Amy Wolf says:

So you can use Google slides to do a presentation?

Gavinn Francis Fernando says:

Hi, Just a small question from me. Is it possible to view 3 or 4 four screens of the students if I am using Zoom to conduct lessons. I understand I can share my screen with them . If I share all those screen of them to view them on my screen and zoom when I like to see the individual screen of anyone of them, how I can do it . Please explain. Kind Regards Gav

Eric Palmer says:

Thanks. I’m curious, how did you record the whole youtube video and then start zoom or was this whole thing a recorded zoom session. Thanks for the video. I watched a recorded Python programming lesson this weekend that was done with Zoom and decided I would give it a go. I don’t do training per se but I do help others on my team configure software and more. Zoom seems helpful.

Deb Yea says:

Is it free like skype

souocara38able says:

thanks for the tutorial I hope you’re still following these comments. I have to get set up tonight for a meeting tomorrow and I’m not sure what Hardware I need.

I need a webcam and I already have a headset with microphone I don’t know if that will work. Somebody suggested h2n recorder that I think he uses in conjunction with his phone to make a microphone but I’m a little confused about that part.

will the microphone in the webcam work? Thank you !

Richard Yap says:

Thanks Jack for the video. I’m just wondering whether there is a Chinese version of the software? It would be good if there is so that I can use it for my students from China. Would be great if the annotation feature will allow Chinese texts input.

Fiona Collins says:

Hi there- do you have a video on effectively using the zoom platform for your student? I am an older teacher, with lots of experience teaching, but I need extra help to use Zoom- i understand the basics but get tripped up in minimizing / maximizing, as well as using power points or other visuals when so much is already going on?

Simon Fitzpatrick says:

Hi Jack – very informative video! I’m advising colleagues on which system to use to deliver an online course – Zoom looks like a real contender, but how would it handle things like breakout rooms? For example if you divided your learners into groups and told them to go away and do something then report back – how might Zoom handle this? Hope you can help..!

Amy Wolf says:

Also, does it record audio AND the presentation? thanks!

yoniyoganidra says:

Thanks Jack…your instructions are very helpful. I am working with women around the world and feel transitioning to Zoom will allow for greater interaction. Love the screen sharing and that I can chat individually with participant’s, even as others are muted.

KaterinaTalantliva says:

Hey Jack, thanks for another useful vid – i will definitly use zoom!. constructive critisism – your link to your website is under the streamline – it’s not comfy to get to it. and the subscribe button is so small it looks like a joke or a bug of some sort – annoying. thanks

Joshua Raphael Daugherty says:

Thank you for doing this video! I’m trying to learn about zoom for a new job!

Peter Hughes says:

Thanks to jack I have been using Zoom since I followed the link from his email link to this review. I had a chat with Zoom not so long ago and they are currently working on an update to the annotation toolbar that will include text (typing) feature soon. It keeps getting better.

Adriana C says:

I am offering a free class. I have just 2 student but my lessons last 90 minutes. That it means I have to pay $30 to teach that course through Zoom? Is any alternative?

Dan O'Connor says:

Great video! Can I show / record the participant video or screen share full screen with NO video / avitar / profile photo from me on the screen or recording? Thanks!

The Mastermind University says:

Always feels good to see different videos on this topic, would love to connect!

Stacy Linn says:

Hi… You clicked on the settings way to fast. I watched it several times and can’t see what you pressed on.

Anil Agrawal says:

Thanks for this! Which screen recording tools (software, video camera, & microphone) you used for making this video. Thanks again.

Akilah RadicalSelfie Richards says:

Thanks for this, Jack! I think it’s a great alternative to Hangouts and Skype. I’ve used is as a participant, and now I’ll be using it for follow-up chats with my readers. Good stuff!

Dr. Patricia A. F. Euwing says:

Hello Jack! I would like to know what webcam did you use for this video tutorial? it’s very clear!

Claudia Ng says:

Hi there! thank you for being so clear!I was trying to navigate the zoom platform to use in teaching classes and now I’m a lot more confident

Educator Sharmin says:

I teach 9th grade English. I think its really great idea.

Sergio Masala says:

Hello Jack. I have ZOOM instaled on my IPAD and the setting options are very reduced. I also have de pro version on my PC, but the thing is that I need to use my tablet for my workshop of handmade soap holding by my telecopic arm. Could you make a tutorial about the app version?. I cant find the way to recorder my classes. Greetings from Spain.Thank you very much.

Leonel Molbert says:

Thanks There:) I’m local English teacher and I’ve been looking for an app like to present this idea of not having to always meet in person. I’m extremely happy the free account holds so many features. I haven’t yet played with it. Today’s date is 06-12-16. The whiteboard is what really calls my attention. I often use worksheets from HANDOUTSONLINE. I imagine I won’t have a problem uploading them and using them along the whiteboard.
Newbie here:) thanks for the sopport 🙂 Leonel from Spain

ttnah5 says:

Can a teacher share a short youtube video on his/her screen, and then lead a discussion? Will everyone be able to see the youtube vid? Thank you for this wonderful tutorial : )

Katherine Shadwick says:

Thank you for a very informative video! Would you please say which camera you are using? I’m trying to find one that will show a clear view, like yours – it’s so important during lessons. Thank you.

Edy Kizaki says:

hi, thanks… I have a question, if I share my screen (I have only tried this once) showing the students a video with a song, they cannot hear the song if I have my earphones on. When I unplug my earphones they can hear the song, I assume through my built-in mic, but it is bad quality or too quiet. Is there a way to show a video and get good sound? Many thanks for your help.

Kathryn Stanley-Hart says:

Thanks very informative

Manda Selva says:

can I create a power point presentation and share it with my students through screen share? Also, when I schedule, do I schedule a group meeting or webinar if I want to teach classes. What is the difference. In my class I do want some interaction from student. Thanks

Hans Muer says:

Hello! I currently use Skype, but have to use a third party software to project separate camera angles for my students. I’m not sure this other software is doing the job because of audio/video lag. I didn’t see you mention anything about multiple screen usage. Does Zoom provide ? Thanks so much

Neptuno Lestrange says:

Thank you, with this information i will use zoom for first time… regards from Matamoros Mexico.

SeeYouBeFree says:

Great video! I found it very quick and helpful.

Robert Mccray says:

Great video, thanks for sharing

La Mansion del Ingles says:

Thanks for posting this, Jack. Looks like I’ll be testing Zoom with my students next week as a possible replacement for Blab. Cheers!

Nomsa Ledwaba says:

I have been looking for people I can practice teaching on Zoom. I am about to start teaching Mathematics online. Is there a video which you talk about how to request people who are familiar with Zoom app to practice with? May you kindly advise.

Phil Brenman says:

Been watching your video and been teaching English on-line with SKYPE for the about 3 months. I certainly see some possibilities with ZOOM and is obviously the next step for me.

Something that I would like to do is import the writing assignment of my student to the platform, copy and paste it to another Word Perfect file. With the two copies side by side, I can then start making then make the necessary corrections on the second copy while at the same time explaining why I am making them.

Do you have a video link that explains how I can do this? Thanks Phil

CDPLABS Eduservices says:


Gina Ritchie says:

This is helpful. Do you have any videos on using the whiteboard feature?

Roman Sky says:

Very useful Tool. I’m thinking right now, what to choose Zoom or Skype for business?

Sandy Alemian says:

Thank you so much for this video!! Much appreciated Jack!

Mrs. Kerry says:

I teach K-3 online and am considering Zoom. Can you tell me if the host has a way to mute participants while in presentation mode?

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