Google for Education 101 (in 101 seconds)

What does it mean for a classroom or school to “go Google”? Learn all about Chromebooks, G Suite for Education and Tablets with Google Play for Education and how together these powerful tools can transform teaching and learning.


jose taporoc says:

Google Inc. always find ways to help educators achieve 21st century learning at its best.

Andrea Bettati says:

This project seems great. In Italy some schools are tryin to introduce technology into their echosystem …but that’s not easy at all if you do not have the right instruments. This project could be an exciting way to do that!

Ahmed AL ZAROUNI says:

I believe that this must be mandatory in #UAE and everywhere 


joshua-taylor stroeing says:

So…. is this like schoology???

Mr. MostWanted says:

Fuck the Google for Education >:(

Tom Behrens says:

KISS principle..

JakeBeef says:

I Love Google. Google,Google,Google. Chrombooks Are The very Best

Lois Willinger says:


Sutisna Mulyana says:

21st Century Learning is Google for Education. #gafe   #googleforeducation  

Shannon Johansen says:

Being a big company, doesn’t necessarily make you or your product popular, the schools in Trondheim started to use GAFE this Fall, all the teachers can’t stand it, it is difficult to use, not user friendly, complicated, it does not give a good overview, the set up isn’t good. I can’t stand it and I hear every teacher I have talked to about it, they don’t like it either, it is complicated to use. You can advertise all you want but if the users of a product don’t like it, then it doesn’t matter. Try the city of Trondheim and see if you can find one person who actually likes GAFE, I don’t think you’ll find that person. Another thing almost everyone hates is the phone app that goes with and and how it controls everything, 100 people heard that today and most of them will remove it from their phones.

Ismail Usman says:

Google is truly revolutionizing the world!

Monica Cabico says:

Great Video!

Julio Castillo says:

necesito un entorno de google apps para educacion, como conseguirlo ? habrá alguna demo completa en linea ¿ simuladores o algo similar ? me gustaría implementar estas tecnologias en algunos colegios para los cuales soy colaborador pero sin tener un ambiente de pruebas se me hace algo dificil. será posible obtener google classroom o google apps for education en calidad de prueba o ambiente de demostracion?

Karar Kaif Khan anan says:

fuck! this is s awesome! is this really possible or its just a project show?

Patrick Henry says:


Marcos André says:

Amazing video!

Özberk Akbaş says:

well I think Googlie is going to be next skynet

Mike Downes says:

This video is so well made, and appears so simple, you will have to watch it many times to get past the magic of it’s simplicity. What you are watching has taken years to accomplish. Young minds will understand in seconds, of course they will, there’s nothing to do – it all works just fine allowing learning to happen ..

Jorge Luis Ramirez says:

Genial la herramienta!!!!!!!!!

Tech says:

My school uses this site for our chromebooks.

Michael Tiesworth says:

Are apps in google play going to be made available on Chromebooks and not just tablets?

Rosicler Nunes dos Santos says:

Saudades de minha sala de aula,na pastoral onde sou alfabetizadora não tem internet

Jaana Nyström says:

Brilliantly simple and useful…  



#Schools     #Teachers  

Sid Stefanescu says:

Brilliant video showcasing #google  products for teachers and students.



Angel Tang says:

More choice on technology for teaching and learning

Liam Healy says:

seems awful

Clyde Boyer says:

Nice intro video. Anybody have a clue what music is playing in the background?

Sonya Rhodes says:

I cried

nogayful says:

biz türkiyede bok püsürle uğraşırken elalem neler yapıyo

Gianmax says:

pueden hacer estos mismos videos pero en español?

Ankita Sharma says:


Ralf Kraft says:

this is how we do it

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