How I Take Notes with my iPad Pro as an Engineering Student

How do you guys take notes at school? If you want to buy anything mentioned you can easily click the links below and if you are new here HIIII!! Hope you liked this video!!

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Perceptionist Parpero says:

How do you get your pdf files imported? I am new…

Seif Ghazi says:

Definitely a useful video!

Nicolás E. Obando Salgado says:

How much time does the batttery last?

Velanche Stewart says:

Hey thanks for this! I ordered an iPad Pro 12.9 last night, and I have other use cases such as music production and reading. I wasn’t sure about note taking via a stylus, but you made it look compelling enough for me to give it a try. Great demo; keep up the great work!

jgugsu says:

-This is an expensive alternative to pen and paper, if I had money to spare maybe I would give it a shot but I don’t even have enough in my account to pay for the first quarter of tuition yet SO.

Jo Daviel says:

Hey nat. Tell me how is the ipad battery life knowing that you use the pencil very often.

Robert Marlin says:

Smart and cute, where do I order one of you? What is the deal with the finger nail polish? Running short?

Nonaunicorn says:

amazing video really helpful, and yeah me too since i got my apple pen + notability i changed from using regular notebook and wasting papers on printouts to having everything on my iPad ,one thing you probably forgot to mention is that you can sync your notability with you iPhone and mac book.

rewa says:

u r cute

Starseed-bb says:

I’m gonna study electrical engineering next year and i draw a lot so i really want to get the ipad pro!! I’ve used my drawing tablet and my big-ass laptop to write notes kinda like yours for the past three years but this looks so much more simple and neat i can’t wait to get my hands on one! Also your videos are super neat! so bright and pretty and informative and nice to listen to!

Euan Maclean says:

video starts at 1:44

christian jacob leongson says:

Thumbs up for a grow engineer!

Twilight Gaming says:

This counts for high school right?

Kayla Patek says:

Can you use this app on a MacBook Air?

Margot Stubbs says:

Thanks Natalie

Ashlee R says:

If you have to turn in the homework do you just tell your teacher that you’ll email them the stuff from your ipad? I’m in the registered nursing program at my college and I use my iPad Air 2 for notes.. but i’ve never thought about how i’d turn in homework 🙂 Nice video by the way <3 new sub

MattShnoop says:

Bro I just bought the 10.5″ and I have to it is AWESOME for courses. I did my entire online course with it. The only downside is when I jump back to my windows PC and start hitting the wrong shortcut keys

Rob Evans says:

Nice to see application in engineering

J. Jankins says:

Are you sure your way of inserting image is the only way? Not that handy…… ( between iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy note 3, I am stuck…)

eliany gonzalez says:

Its so amazing finding a Youtuber that’s an engineer! I’m a bioengineering student and I never knew about this app! I downloaded it as soon as I finished watching this video

SmallBoy's Studios says:

But we all rest our palms on the paper and write so it u do the same in the iPad will it work?

Natalie Li says:

Am I the only one asking where you got your choker??

Beniz Bennet says:


G H says:

Do you have the 2015 or 2017 version? Is there much of a difference for engineering?

THAT Toronto Photographer says:

You’re so awesome, seriously love this! =) Much love girl!!

Adrien Stadler says:

I have an apple
I have a pen
Apple pen

MG Engineer says:

Wow, I am so impressed. Thanks for the advice.

Gamith Adithya says:

*Video begins at **2:18*

2012lel2012 says:

What about when your textbooks that aren’t in iBooks?

Joe Edwards says:

First time listener. I was listening at work and heard, “Statics” and thought…Engineer. 🙂

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