How Robinhood Really Makes Money

After yesterdays video on the Robinhood app 3% savings account and checking account many people were asking how Robinhood makes money. I know how Robinhood app makes money so I thought i would share with you guys how they do it. I thought I would also share how Robinhood is laying a different game than everyone else. I saw graham Stephan did a video today on a warning about robinhoods 3% checking account. I thought this would be a play off it.

What are your thoughts about the Robinhood app for stock trading and the Robinhood checking account?
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pedro Hernandez jr says:

Costumer service is not top notch. With a free service comes at a price

Zach Borts says:

gross, I hate the free now pay later model.

Hurly D'souza says:

Do i need to be living inside the US to have a Robinhood account?

demon feline says:

There’s a number of times when this app for some reason I got shorted. The numbers didn’t add up.

Warren Jackson says:

I’m new 2 the stock market game… I don’t have a lot of money invested in Robinhood. Do you suggest that I should continue to use them or cut my ties?
Thank you for your time and effort.

8-Trak Memes says:

I see youre looking to bring back one of the 2000-2005 hairstyle lol

James Allen says:

2 words: Leverage and Velocity and charging high interest to borrowers

straybits says:

Many corporations spend a lot of money for customer acquisitions. Many cable and mobile companies spend roughly up to $500 per user. Google, for instance, has free service to all users that should be valued at $500 to $1000 a year per user.
All that said, daily compounding rate of 3% for up to $75k is somewhat outrageous. That translates to thousands of dollars a year, and I do not think that’s sustainable. I’m sure it’s only a strategy at this growth stage. Lending business in down turn economy always makes shit load of money, so I think I’d buy their stock if it publicly offer it.

George McGovern says:

RH changes their checking/savings accounts to a “cash management” account with little details on their website. looks like SIPC gave them a talking or a spanking..

Matt F says:

I think online banks such as Ally who currently pay 2% will get pretty close to 3% by the end of next year. Betterment’s smart saver is also paying 2.09% through a selection of bonds, which is a bit different but yes – by the end of next year, 3% will be more common.

Uwayne Campbell says:

Check out Robinhood Checking & Savings! Earn 3% on your money & pay no fees. Make sure to use my link so we both get priority access.

Minds Eye says:

He gets into the real answer at 4:45. I wish people would just get to the point quicker rather than get a boner hearing themselves talk. I really like this channel but above is some constructive feedback from a fan. Oh and then he gets into the real reason again at 8:51

Shannon Vlogs says:

That is very interesting… I didn’t know they made half of their money from market making

Chris Tams says:

Thank you for elaborating on Robinhood’s business model…I like how you paralleled that to Facebook’s.

jon doe AMV says:

ehh that how facebook makes money…

doe skino says:

we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

Logical Artist says:

Returns from some high yield stocks exceed the interest rate on margin money. Of course keep enough cash to avoid margin calls.

Slam Free Poetry says:


MoneyWolf says:

Interesting video as always!

John Wilson says:

Aurora Jeremy in the weed Department…

Dan Shelton says:

Ditto on margin..

Sup er says:

What’s wrong doesn’t the name even ring a bell? Robin Hood? Giving back to the poor not taking from them like banks. Could be wrong, though wouldn’t it be a smart strategy if you got everyone to move from their personal bank to robin hood you’d be rich! Also the best brokerage in the world. It’s a long run, you need dedication for those.

Safee Idrees says:

Next you all will ask how an airlines is making money when that airline offers no fee for checked luggage…. all other financial institutions are charging you and you all are paying the fees without questioning them. You all are sheep….

Marcas Hemmila says:

Great insight! Thanks for the info!

domino L says:

Callisto Coldstaking, 3% – 6% using a open source smart contract is a better buy ^

asrao316 says:

Idiots dont trust banks who carry trillions of dollars incase of emergency, but they trust a scam broker who has not made a dime in profit. Target audience for this stupidity is definately the new generation. No thank you RH.

Anthony Soto says:

The beginning of the next recession.

Ron says:

Great video!

Milton Cardenas says:

Can you invest in robinhood?

xP says:

Please stop with the strange TUMBNAILS!

Big Youngsta says:

What’s with this Jason Bond – ryan reynolds looking dude talking with a lisp – wants someone to hand over money without research. Sounds like Tai Lopez. Jeremy, you should do a video about other financial advisers and how they take your money.

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