iPad Pro – For Students (In Depth)

This is how I use my iPad Pro as a full time university student. I use apps like Notability to really take advantage of my iPad as my main note taking device. With the palm and finger rejection, the ipad pro is a unstoppable device. When taking notes I set up my ipad with my MacBook to have multiple screens open to see as much content as possible!

I highly recommend this to anyone who is possibly looking into taking notes electronically. The iPad Pro is the best device hand down to do just that!

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Lexi Briskie says:

Your vid reminds me of another video I just watched!!!!

Mark Watson says:

I can draw straight lines without the aid of a ruler

Em Pin says:

Have you tried Quizlet for false cards

Daniel G. says:

I want to get the Ipad Pro so bad, just like you im a full time uni student. Using notebook after notebook its getting exhausting, especially when I just need something to do mathematics on its tiring throwing away paper after paper. I’ll keep my laptop for programming and overall completing my productivity.

Md Fida says:

Oh….u can take note with those papers in rain without getting them wet….great!!!

RBastien says:

Great presentation – If I need a bridge I know who to call 🙂

AnAtomintheUniverse says:

If you’re attending University for any length of time, it makes sense. If you calculate how much pens/paper you use each year and compare it to the iPad Pro, you’d be surprised.

ruchir joshi says:

is there any student discount on ipad pro??

Addison Weatherhead says:

You literally said literally 100 times

Brian Berkes says:

Time for an undated…

The Blackwidow says:

Do you have the 12.9 or the 10.5 inch? You might have said but I don’t remember.

Lance says:

Can I use the IPad Pro for writing college essays?

Alexander Walsh says:

what memory size is you iPad Pro?

ishadee2 says:

If you draw a line without releasing pressure for few seconds it will make that line straight for you automatically.

Seals4Life Pros says:

Im just planning to buy a iPad Pro,im even saving up money.

Curtis Myers says:


HDFuzions says:

Help needed. I have a macbook air. I am a physics student doing a lot of note taking with diagrams and so much computer coding. Would this be suitable for my needs? I know it would be amazing for note taking but can I still do tasks such as coding on python and MATLAB on it?

Gocopops A says:

Why write when u can type

Carly Regehr says:

Hey Mark! What is the storage space of your iPad? I am getting ready to purchase the new, 12.9 inch iPad, but I am stuck on what storage to get. I am planning on using E-Textbooks as well as for notes. Your advice would be welcome!

Michael Anderson says:

I appreciate this in-depth analysis from a relatable person – just what I was looking for. Thanks for this video.

Sean Coulson says:

Nice review….

The Blackwidow says:

Whether you’re promoting for Apple or just giving an honest opinion you totally sold me on buying one for college

Fabian Archibold says:

What do you think about the new iOS 11 come this fall of 2017 now?? Do you think it would be better than this now??

Macey Burton says:

Can you show me how to record lectures and take notes at the same time? If it is even possible.

Mohammad Tourjoman says:

5:00 just… screeshots….

Bronwyn Bacon says:

I live for the Brainscape app for flashcards

kash1080 says:

Would you say you heavily recommend a 12.9 over the 9.7? Or any thoughts on that at all?

Ivan Flebus says:

Very nice and informative video, thanks a lot for your view on using an ipad for college!

Dominique Newsome says:

I really do appreciate this review. I have already ordered my ipad pro 12.9 inch second generation and I was trying to convince my fiancé that it can be used in class. He was under the impression that it was only for professionals & artists.

Wright Duffell says:

Would a Apple Pencil be good for a student going into high school that has a 9.7 inch iPad Pro that’s taking a enggeniring class in the 9th grade with that app???????

Brandi Moku says:

Which memory size did you get?

Julien Dufour says:

I have a Surface Book, and I what’s good about it is that you don’t need a tablet to take notes and then synchronize them with your computer. Your computer is your tablet. OneNote still synchronizes your stuff so it’s pretty much available everywhere you need it, computer, phone, or tablet, and on all platforms, Windows 10, Windows Phone, Mac OS, iOS, Android or Chrome OS. So for the price of a MacBook + an iPad Pro, I would recommend any 2in1 PC delivered with a pen. You could save yourself more than a thousand bucks.

Shawn Guster says:

wait is it possible to do diagrams / graphs and this geometric stuff like circles, squares etc in a ‘perfect’ accurate way with an in app “automatically draw straight (round etc.)”-function. i know that this is possible with goodnotes and it would be essential for my personal usability!

Myron Venero says:

Wow!, really liked the blue background with White Font, (Blue Print look), really easy on the eyes.

Grace Dugan says:

ahhhh i want an iPad pro for college so badly but i have no money lol

mike antoine says:

Review this again when iOS 11 comes out

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