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busyrand says:

Great Video! Liked and Subscribed…

I found Lynda originally as I learned Photography/Videography skills. The visual, art/design stuff is great like you mentioned. However, I am currently doing a WordPress Course that got really high marks, and it’s horrible. The teacher is great, but they didn’t include any of the program files so I have to double back and make everything from scratch. It gives me amazing anxiety trying to pick up something new because I don’t have any prep for what I am going to face. Very accurate review.

beachbum111111 says:

You forgot to mention that their video player is fucking TERRIBLE.

Stalin GRD says:

does they have 1 on 1 lessons maybe through skype or somthing?

Unknown says:

I took the sql and I couldn’t even finish it because the video goes thru the installation of some essential things and he says ” and if u have gotten this far then your all set” unfortunately I didn’t get to that point because I had a bunch of errors and he didn’t go into anything about what to do if I got any errors.

prashant iyer says:

do charge extra if I opt for certification for one of their courses.?

Ellison Clinton says:

PS You can find all this courses on kickasstorrent
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C S says:

Buuutt will it help me get a job? It’s a LinkedIn site right? Do employers care that I’ve taken these courses?

Girish Kumar says:

it provides the SEO full stuff for students

Turnitin Plagiarism Checker says:

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Norm Dobbz says:

I just signed up on Friday 7-8-16. The job is paying for it for 2 weeks. Will let you know how it goes. If good, I might invest in it myself for personal know-how on certain subjects.

Oliver Grant says:

Great review of Lynda. Thanks for the breakdown.

Climate Deception Network says:

You’ve created a nice video for certain; my experience with Lynda has been that it’s usually too fast if not too advanced.

Jocelyn Casanova says:

do they not have a free trial to test it out before I decide to buy a subscription?

Abundant Attractions says:

Thanks! I wanted to choose a thorough service with experienced teachers and was lost among all the options.

usman ahmed says:

Is it worthy to learn front-end web dev on Which one you would recommend Lynda or Udacity?

Purple' says: subscription is available from most public libraries for free. You signup through your library.

sos anynmous says:

I am intersted to take some courses but I want to pay monthly about 29.99/month is it possible to pay monthly?

Herbert Chapman AFC says:

i dont like this at all and hope it doesnt catch on too much

Leo M.A. says:

I use both and Pluralsight and I find that is very good with the basics of a subject while PluralSight goes into more depth and has multiple videos on a particular subject like say SQL Server database programming. For instance, I started learning about databases and SQL on and after getting the basics I moved to Pluralsight to get more in depth study of TSQL and databases. So anybody starting out in a field in Tech can go to first to get the basics and then move to PluralSight or any other sites for more in depth knowledge. My 2 cents.

Chrysler dias says:

Do we get a certificate
Or a course certificate

thesimulatorconcierge says:

Thanks for your review. I’ve been an on-again, off-again user of that site for a little while.

I agree that production values are good across the board for many of the videos available. They also seem to do a good job of finding people that are agreeable to listen to, and that stick to a lesson plan.

Given my specific technology focus, I tried using to grow in certain programming languages and tools. I’ve been pleased here, but I also see room for improvement. (Since I haven’t used it to train for several months, it’s entirely possible that some – or all – of the following points have been addressed; feel free to take this with a grain of salt. Also: since these are points made on my very-targeted use of the site, other people will comparably find the experience better or worse.)

1. Technology-specific libraries (for learning new tech and current tech)
Many of the videos I watched hovered around a few specific technologies. I would often pause the video playback to implement the code they were displaying, or try to set up my environment to copy/emulate theirs. This was one of my problems: with some videos, I was able to come real close to the environment of the instructor, which led to less issues running their code. Some other courses didn’t go as well, either because they used a different IDE, different operating system, or other issues; I subsequently struggled with technical blocks that could have been avoided in a more-ideal learning environment.

2. Number of / diversity of tech courses available
Relative to my first point, when I used, there weren’t too many courses focused on my specific areas of concentration. So, even when I had the ability to learn code in an ideal fashion from a well-spoken instructor, I kept going to other open/free alternatives to drill down to what I really wanted to learn.

Those two points combined into my basic problem: wasn’t providing everything I needed. I didn’t care about whether or not I had a text editor, since I normally ran a development environment to try out instructor code anyway. It was more that they didn’t really have the courses I was looking for. Again – it’s entirely possible they seriously revamped their library at this point. However, they also have some stiff competition in the form of online code camps and hackathons, where people generally tend to congregate and iterate solutions quickly (with people sometimes learning large amounts in the process).

I feel like is good for a specific set of learners. The new tide of online code education (through places like, for example) seems to serve my needs a little better. Maybe I will go try again, when I see what new courses they have.

Carl Charest says:

Good stuff!

Katie Did says:

I just got a laptop today for the sole purpose of using’s website designing program. I know nothing at all about any of it but I will be back within the month to explain how it’s going!!

TopTenTops says:

Thanks for sharing

George Hall says:

Richard Chuo

Summer Calloway says:

I’ve had a Lynda membership forever. The problem with them is they are so boring. I just get frustrated, a lot of the courses are long winded and I feel like I’m wasting my time.

carinda olivier says:

Thanks for all your reviews – really enjoying them and they adding a lot of value to our off the shelf content exploration.

Jerry Ciccotti says:

I Signed up for about a month ago to learn Java I’ve learned some put i find it difficult to keep up with their examples .when working with IDE’s ect as it would not properly function for me exactly like the instructors, which made it frustrating and i found myself considering changing my learning path more than once, I also recently discovered,Udemy and skillshare…I’ve been experimenting with each

RayvenEnt says:

Hey man. Love your video. Im currently researching for websites in which i can learn FinalCut Pro (the video editing software) and even Premiere Pro as well.
I know has a bunch of tutorials but i figured i could ask if you know of any other websites and also which ones do you recommend.

Taint Meat says:

I would not hire to wipe my ass. They are currently causing problems for Carey Holzman that is shear bully tactics.

James Bailey says:

Wow, Ricky. I don’t think I seen this much interaction with the comments on any other YouTuber channel. Nice job and a good video. And I will “always be learning”…….just sayin’

lessemo says:

Is that a pokemon on your t-shirt??

CreatingAshleigh says:

Does have music lessons? Specifically piano lessons?

billy oldham says:


bablu gupta says: is best than any other sites

Chang Charlie says:

what is the programming teaching site that you mentioned? Thx a lot, great review. And do you suggest any good sites for learning CAD and web developing?

Bolivar Morales says:

lynda is free in the city of Houston with your Houston public library card so yeah I learned C++ in advance there for one of my college classes and I passed it with no problem

cat luva says:

I am currently going to school for graphic design and there have been a few cases that the teacher actually showed us a video from because the videos way of showing and explaining made things so easy. But some of the instructors in the videos talk way to fast for the amount of information they are trying to teach.

greengrassofhome says:

Loads of people drop out from real college, even after spending a ton of money to get in. Can you imagine how astronomically high the drop out rate is for a cheap ‘online college’? I wonder how many people who start courses on actually finish them.

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