Stellarium – App REVIEW – Games in Education (Astronomy)

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Hello and welcome to What Da Math!

In this video, we will talk about an awesome free space app available online specifically for astronomy enthusiasts. The app is downloadable from here:

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Vegan Pala says:

any app for android?

Andrei Ivanescu Oficial says:

ohh i love it

L N says:

You’re from South Korea? I’ve never been able to figure out where you accent is from, but I never would have guessed South Korea. Anyway, Stellarium is a very good program. I don’t know how I’d find anything other than the Moon with my telescope without its help.

Greg Bailey says:

nice, I use this while using my telescope. unfortunately it’s a little too bright to see deep sky objects where I live, but the stars look great.

also, have you ever thought about reviewing celestia? I know it’s old and done with but it would be nice for you to show it off and seeing the differences between it and space engine

martyn horacius says:

Celestia next time please:)

domnic619 says:

cntrl+g to land on a planet

Owain Ward says:

Were you born in South Korea?

Hobbes says:

It’s three dollars on the app store. Not free at all.

Aidan Moran says:


Pablo K. says:

This is exactly like that app called starwalk

Camden Fitzgerald says:

Anton. Could you make a video of how to download space engine. I’m having trouble with it.

Broswith Gunss says:

Anton I have another free app for you called star chart (free in th US I don’t know about other countries) and I’m a thirteen year old that watches your videos. And I must say thank you for making videos like these. Because of you I have realized my dream. Becoming a cosmologists. And it’s only just now that I was able to subscribe to you cause I just barely made my YouTube account. Anyway I’ve been watching you for a while and you are one of the signs that there is some glimmer of hope in this bound for hell world. Thank You.

Xae says:

Do you ever think a space engine type simulator will come to Mobile plat forms? I personally think that’d be really cool!

Ηι βγε says:


SSB Gogeta says:


Maurizio Pavel says:

You haven’t covered everything. The telescope thing is an extension, something you usually don’t get with the base program. If you hover your mouse to the left of your screen, there are a lot more options including search, settings, and others. From the settings menu you can install extensions. You don’t need to press the rectangle on the top right every time you want to track an object, there’s a button on the bottom menu that allows you to do that without that extension. The PC version is free, but mobile one is for money. So that’s all I know.

Tovarisch Shashlikov says:

11/10 – IGN

“Finally can look at Uranus in a better way. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

Sorry for throwing this bad joke…

Preston garvey says:

mr. anton?

Sam Faeh says:

Sky Guide app in the app store is the best astronomical application ever, do you use it Anton?

Sector Billz says:

Hey, can you explain why is every planet in the solar system is in orbit around the sun in the same direction?

allnewluke says:

There is an app called skyguide it tells you where everything is but it is not free

Dávid Bolygozus says:

I used to use it it’s still on my old computer

Kekkle says:

Anton, there’s a game on Greenlight that seems really interesting, Star Explorers.

Raghav Govindarajan says:

you will get it for free in this link:

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