Terragenesis – iPad App REVIEW – Games in Education (Astronomy/Science)

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Hello and welcome to What Da Math!

In this video, we will talk about a cool iPad app called Terragenesis that allows you to terraform various planets using a lot of interesting scientific and Sci-Fi concepts.

The game is available here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/terragenesis-explore-space/id1039841501?mt=8

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TyOrca 5 says:

Nice, I found this game a couple of months ago, really enjoyed it.

Farhan Razak says:

Dope game. Can you review some TV/Movie shows app? Possibly Goodshows?

mateo rondon says:

And a tip, upgrade the mines and buildings to make them more effective

mateo rondon says:

My first game I place my first colony in a crater so water flooded it. Noob mistake, tanked my econome

Tornado Boy says:

Pls more iPad games

mateo rondon says:

Let me tell you, Venus is a pain, sooo much pressure to get rid off, it takes several days even with top pressure reduction tech

Vaperisor says:

It takes you 50 minutes to get coffee?

Brandon Reynolds says:

HI think I am the first

Giannopoulos Christos says:

terraforming Mars and Venus: easy
stopping climet change here on Earth: hard

Vaperisor says:

Do a video on the Europa discovery

Kenny Carter says:

any way to get it on the computer? in the future?

RichBlueBlox says:

ANTON i posted a comment to play this and i think you actually listened

Random stuff with Michael says:

Oh my god I literally just downloaded this as soon as I got the notification

Gunner Gamer says:

how do you change planet?

Porzingod The Great says:

I have this game 😀

DesaMii says:

<.< not for android?

Aries Army says:

I love his game I’m almost done terraforming mars

DatBoi says:

Does anyone knows of a game that really let’s you terraform a planet like Universe Sandbox lets you do?

Tommy Pscola says:

If I saw a friend of mine travelling through the universe and didn’t compute things correctly, flew straight into a black hole, my first thoughts would be “spaghetti”

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