The 3 Best To-Do List Apps in 2019 (Plus One Oddball Choice)

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So you want to graduate from your old pen and paper to-do list and move your task management into the digital space. What’s the best task management app out there?

Today, I’ll share my top three – plus one “oddball” choice that’s pretty different from the rest, but may still be useful if you’re tackling complicated projects.

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Sick Boy says:

I think this should’ve been titled ”Best Personal To-Do Apps”. When collaborating with someone, these apps miss out on a lot. Can’t beat Asana, even it’s free version it more than capable for personal use.

Aldus Ric says:

I tried all of them for months and really really Tick Tick is the best. Even is the only one that offers tags and a bunch of features in the free plan. And I can move tags and arrange them in my own custom order. Tick Tick is the best out there.

Bharath Sivakumar says:

My top pick is actually just good old pen and paper

Alex Wilson says:

Wunderlist is still around…

Andrea B says:

You should look at the combo of Actions and Timepage by Moleskeine. Awesome.

ABM W says:


Mohamed Sobol says:

Todoist is my choice and it is the best task manager so far!

Alexander J says:

What do you think about wrike, jira, asana, slack and such?

IntoTheRing says:

Any opinion on

thinc_life says:

My life organized – MLO works for me. The only major downside is that I use crossover on my Macbook to sync across my Android and vice versa which really defeats the purpose. Shame.

iidineshh says:

Guys check out notin. Its great for simple to do list.

Mark Steddom says:

I prefer TickTick. It’s easier and cheaper than Todoist.

Hamouda IA says:

Action is the best App for iOS

Sijanuja Sukirthan says:

which laptop is best for students? do a video please

Tara Wagner says:

I’ve just started using ClickUp…I like that it works as a LIST but that I can switch to a calendar view and let me actually time block my list. BUT it’s really slow. They’re suppose to be launching a 2.0 to resolve that. If they do, this platform is def gonna be my fav. (The app is much faster btw.)

BluePoo52 says:

Gonna disagree with you. I don’t think Todoist is the best. I have used Todoist for about 4 to 5 months now and I definitely think that my 1+ year experience with wunderlist was better. I’m gonna try switching now

Vatsal Hirpara says:

Just use Tick Tick

Andrea Richardson says:

I had been using Todoist but recently switched to GoodTask 3 and LOVE IT. The integration with reminders makes it so powerful, and the customization of GoodTask makes it superior to Todoist IMO. Biggest drawback is obviously that GoodTask is Apple only, but if you don’t need something cross platform, GoodTask is amazing.

Kimo says:

On my phone i use TickTick for todo lists

Jon Ramos says:

Tick tick is the best

Bert Visscher says:

I use Taskwarrior, which is the only app I know of that supports dependant tasks. If you’d like to read about it, then go to

Mark Rich says:

Focus on the smaller tasks and the big ones deal with themselves. Having to open a big task to see and handle sub tasks is backwards. The big task is the global goal and shouldn’t be the entry point. I appreciate you like it the way you do but one shouldn’t forum this to be “correct”. Others have a different view.

Scias says:

Digital todo lists have never been my thing. I’ve tried a couple. but I personally feel like they just overcomplicate things.
A good old bullet journal for my todo’s of the day will do 🙂 Though I do use a digital calendar for milestones and deadlines.

Victoria Grinfeld says:

Try out NirvanaHQ, I think it is really good


Am using Notion

nick rutsky says:

MinimaList is a great one that I use

Steven Colvin says:

TickTick is awesome! Especially if you are on Android, it’s widgets are great. I do the opposite of most and actually sync my calendar events, or originate them, in TickTick, and work directly from it.

E.Dinesh kumar says:

Can you do a studio setup video

Melciah Leker says:

I’m a senior at high school I can’t get my homework done because I just don’t care some reason

Mike Ackerman says:

Wait, did you say there is no Windows app for Todoist? I’m looking right at it…

Betty-Alexandria Pride says:

I like color note. Simple, color coded, you can name and categorize colors for categories, has a calendar, to do list option, and it’s free. It syncs over all my devices and I’ve never lost a note.

It isn’t as intuitive as some of these apps, but it’s free and easy to navigate.

Marta Balistreri says:

I’m the only one in love with the desktop screensaver?

Alfons Schuhbeck says:

I always add tasks to my list and then forget about them forever

Isaac T says:

Clean My House and Run My Life, android only.


Tick Tick released Beta 5.0 today with habit tracker inside. So amazing!

Yago Fernandes says:

I use clickup for both managing a team and for personal use. For the team, i think the best features are the multiple view options and time tracking, and for personal use, i find the use of spaces and projects to manage tasks by whatever way you find best just awesome

King Montereal says:

I love Tick Tick it has that really simple widget.

ILikeToArt says:

Sooooo Wunderlist is and will always be the best but Microsoft has continued on it’s trend of making the dumbest decisions ever. -.- Still using Wunderlist, it was supposed to be nixed a long time ago but idk, still works so I’m still on it. When they first made the announcement I tried to switch too, tried a bunch of different apps, but Wunderlist is just so much better it’s sad.

William Njau says:

Any people here?

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