The Best Open Online Courses – Coursera, Udacity, edX Review

A Friendly Review of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). I compare and contrast Coursera vs Udacity vs edX. I take a look at the number of courses they offer, whether it is worth it to pay for the certificates, and the unique specializations / nano degrees / micro masters that each of them offers. To create this review I combined my own experiences as well as those of some of my friends / acquaintances.

Coursera –

Udacity –

edX –

Udemy –

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Sivaraman Sabari says:

Please suggest best online class for mastercam…best offline course in mumbai as well…

markobe08 says:

What about udemy?

Ben G Kaiser says:

thanks for the review!

Khaled A says:

the world is changing quickly and education is becoming as easy to get as an Uber, I love it.

Asim Ali says:

Thank you !! That is exactly what I was looking for. A real unbiased friendly review 🙂

The Mastermind University says:

Appreciate the video! Would love to connect with everyone!

deepak keshri says:

I am looking for my higher studies in Master in management so which cource should i go for.

The Ezaz Communication says:

Made a body about Collabera tact
Or congixia

Sina says:

good guy, very reasonable and logical. thanks!

Philip Phil says:

I like edx the best. I go to ubc and we use it for some cs classes.

patrick neubert says:

Great review! Would be great to see more & more educators offer their content to the world. That‘s why we founded Polarstern Education, a team helping educators build MOOCs on edX and other platforms.

Ahmed Morad says:

Thank you

Levan Makharadze says:

good job , at the moment i am learning ethical hacking and penetration testing at udemy, cource price is 200$ but here are discounts like once in every month and you can buy these cources for 10-15$ and get certificate, so idk why should you pay 100$ or 200$ to learn same things on other websites and get sertificate,

Reef Tank says:

Can I get high school credit? Or college credits?

Dian Robertson says:

what about udemy and lynda?

Andrew Sal says:

Thanks Paul, awesome video!

bala murugan says:

Is there is any exam in online courses…..

sweta viswakarma says:

dear the online classes who only teach in english not always be consider better

Mohanad Djaber says:

Can I get a job with a specialization certificate from coursera ?

Jerry Kurniawan says:

good review…useful especialy for those new to mooc. keep doing and update if necessary. Thanks.

Nolife2692 says:

Hey bro awesome review I think those site is great for me such as EDX website because as a student in high school I always want to learned more and seem like a real high in school to go. As for my mom and I we do not have lots of money. If I am not going for like being a doctor or teacher having a degree is not good where tuition is high. For other degree plan such as business where I am able to learned that self pace and with all the online tools available for free or really cheap option. Right now I am taking College alegbra and it not easy at EDX site. Thanks for the information again

Vikas Rajput says:

I am learning from udemy it doesn’t provide you any certification course but if you are a self learner who wants to upgrade your knowledge there are plenty of offerings from udemy.

FDJustin says:

Does anyone else remember It’s still around. It still smells like a 90’s website, broken links and all. Ahh nostalgia.

Luke A says:

Thanks for the video, I’m thinking about taking one.

kareem muse says:


Eduardo minga arias says:

I found this video very usefull, thanks a lot

SubrataPriyanshi says:

Great information

KittenKiz says:

udemy is a very good one to try out. i think its one of the best of its kind

Vijay Solanki says:

thank you.

MOHAMMED Yusouf says:

thank u dear
i want ask u if i can apply a job with this specialization certificates ?
like coursera i gratuated GIS geographic information system
and supply chain human resource management ?

Harsh Kataria says:

you did not mention about the financial aid option which is there in edx and coursera but not in udacity…but nice review

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