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Looking to learn something new? Udemy can provide you with online education. But, what is udemy, and is udemy worth the cost?

If you’re ready to get serious self-education with online learning, press play.

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“My Udacity React Nanodegree Journey Week 8”


Austin Lenzen says:

Hey Ricky my questions are do you get certification for courses? Are they a viable option to put on a resume? Do any of them actually lead to employment or is udemy more just learning something for your own use? I have not used it but I’ve had friends who have. I’d really like to learn more about cyber security and VPNs

Oasis S. says:

I think UDEMY + (Lynda.com OR Pluralsight) is a really good combination. Problem with UDEMY is it doesn’t let you experiment around. Lynda and Pluralsight have a gigantic library that is basically Netflix. Problem with Netflix is it has a little for everyone and not everything that a person needs. 

The biggest benefit of UDEMY compared to lynda or pluralsight is the rating system. I’ve spent an hour or 2 working through some lynda courses and don’t get it. But with UDEMY, you basically only choose the top rated PHP courses or the top rated Java courses. This allows you to skip all the bad PHP lectures. With Lynda or Pluralsight, you have no idea if its good or bad until you’ve already wasted hours. Then you realize, this guy is confusing. But because of so many options, the subscription model is awesome for new comers.

UnknownChronicle says:

thanks for the review bud

Noel Carteno says:

When was the last time you checked a course out?

Jacob Mortensen says:

What is the best site for music production. Beginner courses preferred. I use fl studio 12 and I just can’t wrap my head around it. Some videos on YouTube are helpful but most are a miss for me.

smash bro says:

is their a way I can download the course onto my pc after I purchase it?

Climate Deception Network says:

I having really good results with a very inexpensive introductory Java course, Java for Beginners by Murius Claassen (South African and his accident is fine for native American Engish speakers.) He takes his time and that’s what I needed; in fact, this was my last effort after trying Lynda.com and Tree something. There’s a downloadable program I found that’s also good, and it’s by Duckademy. Either of these will be enough to get going and both are reinforcing. Stick with it because there’s material out there for the motivated.
Eddie Evans Climate Deception Net.

Naeemah Mccants says:

Sounds like “u dummy”

Alexander Signature says:

Usually when I need any Udemy Course I first go to Google and search for: peakget udemy

Jose Cardenas says:

Did you get any certification for the courses that you take?

Harsha Prabha says:

Can i learn acet in online

Blazertron says:

I’m using this course by Colt Steele, for learning web development, it’s awesome so far! http://www.udemy.com/the-web-developer-bootcamp I only got it for £10($15) as well!

Dario Franciskovic says:

Seems to me Udemy is the best choice in comparison with other course web sites. At least financially. With Udemy, after you buy particular course, you can keep it forever. Other services like Treehouse or Pluralsight have a pre-paid option, which if not paid, leaves you with nothing. From a consumer standpoint, I’m not a fan of it, at all. Btw, nice and informative video.

Kraze Kain says:

I’ve been looking to do a few classes but is it like a regular online class? They publish the material and you do it. Or is it truly move at your own pace. I work 40+ hours and really have limited time when I can do things

Emil Cohen says:

Ricky hi, you have not answered a single question one might ask… The content here os a little lacking. For instance how long is a said course? Do you learn it in an hour or 50 hrs? Are there many comments on the course, like on tripadvisor for instance? Does quality of presentation vary? What courses have you taken? which ones impressed you? etc..

Pixel_77 says:

Is the unity corse good it is £10 at the moment

Ivancho says:

take a look to crehana 😉

Rohan Raghatate says:

Do we get certificate for the course ?

JT T says:

How much is udemy?

Pranav Shivashankaran says:

Are you sure that I will not be cheated?(with cash)

Fitness Review says:

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH UDEMY. Just today they tried to deceive me that I am getting a discount. But I kept telling them that there is no discount and to stop abusing me. Here is a video of my experience with UDEMY

. https://youtu.be/8oS_51Fypx4

Kevin Whitsitt says:

The cool thing about Udemy is that you can use it to get Web traffic. This is what I mean..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrrQIK0RdXE

malcorub says:

Thank you for your unbiased feedback.

TylerCrazyWolf says:

I’m going to take a udemy course on programming languages, imma start with C++ and C#, wish me luck

Carla Hattingh says:

When you purchase a course from Udemy, will the software you need for the particular course you are buying upload/download along with the course??? Or do you need to go and purchase or find the software needed for that specific course yourself??


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codeChris says:

Good review, ya agree. They almost always have a promo code or sale going on. If you every see anything for like 100 -200 bucks just wait a week or two and there will be a 95% sale or something. They changed their pricing system for a bit where they couldn’t get that high, but interestingly sales went down. So they changed it back, an interesting experiment.

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