Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands – Learn A to Z alphabet letters – Education Game App for Kid

Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands – Learn A to Z alphabet letters – Education Game App for Kid
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Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands is a beautiful abc learning game for toddlers and babies created in the format of fantastic fairy tale. App is available in App Store and Google Play:

Welcome New Extraordinary ABC Learning Game!

Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar … do you remember the beautiful stories they created? The mystical worlds they allowed us in? “Zebrainy Fabulous A-Z worlds” is not just another plain ABC learning game, but a marvelous journey your child makes through the most excellently designed animated worlds while learning alphabet. The game is suitable for toddlers and kids up to 5 years old, recommended as a learning ABC tool for the kindergarten.

Check this beautiful video to find out the story behind the game: https://youtu.be/eo0UGcbhXc8


1. Show your child the prehistory video above, this is a beautiful story that will tell what Zebra is doing and why.
2. Game is guided by butterflies, please tell your child to follow the butterflies and click on them when traveling in the world. No worries is she forgets, the pointing hand will show where to click.
3. In every letter world you can scroll from left to right, to the bottom and to the top. This will show you the whole world. Show your child how to do this.
4. Click on all the objects that you see. There are a lot of hidden objects in the game, not only the ones that the butterflies point to.
5. At the beginning of each letter world you will see a small 3 seconds introduction to the new world from narrator. During this 3 seconds the game is inactive and you can not click or scroll.


Behind the game stands the science of the human brain and while being educational, the game is not only about learning the ABCs. We’ve deeply integrated the knowledge of how the brain of the child is structured and formed into the game mechanics, providing your child the ability to develop vast skills set. Zebrainy ABCz game helps the formation of intellect, social values, habits, learning skills as well as attention, motor skills and much more.

The first three years of a child’s life are crucially important because this is the most sensitive period for brain development. The experiences that the child has during this time will shape the architecture of her brain and build connections that allow her to develop important lifelong skills like problem solving, communication, self-control and relationship building.

New brain connections are forming at a rate of 700 every second, in response to the baby’s experiences out in the world. So early experiences matter tremendously.

Our brain connections affect the way we think, the way we learn, the way we manage our feelings and build relationships with others, all the way from childhood into adulthood.

This is why Zebrainy ABCz is so different from other games for kids.

Zebrainy is the first ever game for kids created with the quality of the finest games for grownups. It features beautifully designed artwork and orchestral music, world discovery and a great story behind the game. It features astonishing attention to detail and No violence.

You child will visit green forests, hot deserts, oceans, factories, spaceship and many more. She’ll get to know the objects, animals and characters that live inside.

Zebrainy smoothly accompanies your child when she’s taking her first personal decisions and makes choices, learns about friendship, devotion and helping others.

Such experiences in these early years will plant the seeds of love, beauty and harmony.

With all this science, learning and educational values in mind, Zebrainy ABC Learning Game is fun and we keep adding new experiences all the time.

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