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Unicorngirl2 7 says:

Things McDonald’s doesn’t want u to know plz!!

Jenn Linneman says:

I work at Walmart and we don’t price match anymre

Emily Kraus says:

dude you are so pretty

Lee Blunt says:

Hello from England your very beautiful not all white guys have small dicks i would love a beautiful smart sexy women like you in the future Paris fancy a chat on hangout invite me take care if you like respect bye lee xx

joan baczek says:

kind of frustrating that people come to walmart for the prices but want boutique customer service and hand holding. you get what you pay for if you want someone working in electronics to be an expert on how to use a device then expect to pay more, its not walmart workers fault we cant afford an ipad to know how it works, or you need more info than the package provides, or need tech support, do your own research if you wanna buy something.

Prince Vegeta says:

i dont work at walmart anymore i work at a different smaller retailer now but please don’t encourage people to steal the price signs. we have enough trouble keeping everything priced and believe it or not the managers do hold us accountable for those, as in we have to replace the missing ones all day long.

Rodney Bochek says:

Effective August 17, 2017 Walmart no longer does price match.

Rick Bain says:

most of your info is so wrong it is not true!~

Marquionna Hope says:

– “Backroom Boys” Lmaoo they are called, “Cap2” but Yess about half of this is true asfc !

Nickie Muns says:

I work at Walmart and price match is no longer an option.

Silver Mister says:

How can i reach a walmart cashier after a purchase . please it’s urgent

Emerald Green says:

A lot of workers are so rude And lazy

Ariana Zareb says:

Walmart no longer price matches UNLESS it’s Walmart.com. Check with local stores to see who has that in effect as it was suppose to go into effect in July for most.

Also, customers need to learn to read labels. Yes, if a sale price ticket it still up you can argue for that price. But if the ticket doesn’t even belong to the item it was placed on the shelf, you ain’t getting a $20 shoe rack for $3.

meme says:

That sound like when I worked at stadium in Atlanta ,they just throw u out there not knowing nothing

Courtney Kiesman says:

in a tim hortons where I live the spoon used to stir the drinks is used in all drinks for most of the day, it is only washed in ice water until the ice is fully melted, or if its busy the water may be room temperature

UndertaleSkeleBros says:

it depends on the security, funny i actually have experience in this as well, normally security have allot of rules they must abide by

Coldestsun says:

I left my computer on an now I’m here.
where df am I

DIY Girl says:

Not true about helping customers I worked there for years our store was #1 in customer service in our district there are Walmart Associates that do care about the customers they are the reason why we have jobs

Emerald Green says:

Ask someone u know if need something something in back.the gossip and make rude comments when I buy toys for my daughter they make rude comments, and

Make rude about calling my daughter names

Omg_IsThatMichelle says:

I don’t know if this applies to walmarts in Canada but if you lost your receipt and you want to refund something, if you have your license on you, they will actually give you a refund without asking what time or date you purchased it

Tiffany P says:

They did away with the price match policy and the mismarked policy.

Alan Martinez says:

Anyone else came for what I came for…..ya know what I mean

Carol Baker says:

LOVE your lipstick color. What is it please?

rousaura salazar says:

people put in the car to stuff but they don’t put it to the lady to pay they Open down in The bags

Neisha Williams says:

Walmart exposed https://youtu.be/yCv–hf2DxA

Hannah Gipson says:

Liessss. Does not apply to all. I work at Walmart and always go out of my way for people.

Queen Of Nature Villalba says:

Yea thats happened

Germanysgirl7 says:

I’m working at Walmart right now, and I’m a remodeler so everything is getting changed and moved. So my motto is (if I can’t find where it goes) “Customers can’t complain about the price if there is no price.” And will take the wrong tag out of the fast track.

UndertaleSkeleBros says:

the only one ill say isnt fair is the one that all walmart employies will just go on brake when a customer asks to talk to someone or if said employ says they will find soemone

in my experience, most people who say that do what they say and will tyr to find soemone who does know more(most likely a manager, csm, or asm)

this comes from someone who worked at walmart for abit, so it might just be me

Chrisy Paciorkowski says:

We havent price matched since october 23rd of 2016

Melancholy Gypsy says:

Ok so some of this is true other is false. Please don’t promote false things
I currently work for walmart and I have for the past 11 years.
The AP (Loss prevention) doesn’t get a percentage per theft. But they will prosecute. Any theft. We will judge what you are trying to steal.
The line thing is true to a point. We can try to open another register but there are times they might not have any cashiers or code 7s, most walmart now have self checkouts.
If the item is overcharged from what the price on the shelf and you take it to the Service Desk you don’t get the item for free. That has never been policy. We will refund the difference.
We are trained to a point in each department. We have computer programs that go over what to expect in the department.
If you don’t have a receipt we can look up the receipt but will not use that receipt for the refund. WE have a 90 day refund day on most things. There are exceptions.
And the price matching. Each store has their own policy on price matching. Most require a printed ad. Unless we can verify the price in real time. So screen grabs don’t work.

Brilan hamlett says:

Number 1 not true

James Moreno says:

You are sexy!!!!!

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