13 Things Movie Theater Employees Won’t Tell You

Reader’s Digest’s movie theater secrets could save you money and calories.


cookiesncream789 says:

How were these secrets? I knew most of these things already!

crs9128 says:

LMAO. I think ABC is opening up a possibility for them to be sued. That thing about sweeping popcorn under the seat is so not true. I used to work at one for two years.

aeonjoey says:

yeah but the apps CHARGE A FEE, it’s not worth it, just wait in line or find a NON-FANDANGO kiosk.

Major Mayhem says:

GMO corn… no thanks!

Big RayRay says:

Or just walk in and go to your movie. No one ever says a thing

MC Patriot says:

For the ones complaining about garbage on thr floor. That is job security. Sorry you cannot milk the clock like municipal employees. I call those people Milkies.

Zane Ninjago says:

I dont care, im still gonna go to movies.

Animated gif says:

I don’t care as long as we make money. Let the managers do the work. We executives should focus on engaging new communities.

Sabrina R says:

I work at the movies and this isn’t all true. First off if you buy the tickets online, you end up pay more because you’d have to pay a fee. Secondly everyone knows about matinee. Thirdly, we do clean under seat but sometimes we miss things.
Also we never reheat food other than buns. We throw away food we don’t use because it’s unsanitary. Furthermore prices aren’t cheaper based on how long it’s been in theaters. You can’t ask for a discount because we don’t have any-at least at my location and theater-
Stop complaining about things that the film crew cannot change. It’s irritating when guest complain how long lines are. Well if you come early, there should be no problem.
Finally I let every guest know that previews may last anywhere from 15-20 minutes long. It depends on the ad and the amount we show. If you’ve never worked at a theater than you can say anything because employees know the most on what’s true or false

Ian H says:

I don’t understand why people get so out of shape over ticket prices, since its much less than you’d pay for other forms of entertainment, such as concerts.

TofAnimation says:

None of these are theater employee secrets. Most of them are things you figure out as a theater goer. The “sweep the popcorn under the seats” thing is just untrue. Now if you want some REAL theater stories….

Jaspreet Bhatti says:

Would you wait 2-3 weeks to watch episode 8 the last jedi? I didn’t think so

Jack Williams says:

In the UK prices don’t go cheaper just because the same film has been on for a few weeks. The only reason I wait is because you can enjoy the film more if the room isn’t packed full of people.

Billy Bob says:

umm… is this about movie theatres in the 70’s?… this is nothing like the theatre I used to work at

DFrost25 says:

The only thing accurate about this is the fact theaters make their profit off concession sales. Asking someone at the customer service desk for a coupon will get you laughed at.

Gordon Davis IV says:

This is all bullshit. I was an Assistant Mgr. at two movie theatres in Albany GA, and we had monthly inspections from the local Health Dept. . Once again ABC News false reporting.

nathan ward says:

This is just… I don’t understand how people can actually believe this. I work at a small town movie theatre in Illinois, the Antioch movie theatre, one of the 100 wonders of Illinois but thats besides the point. Sites like Fandango are one of our biggest problems, they don’t have our permission to post times or sell tickets for our movies, therefore all the times they post are wrong, and when a customer comes in and says they bought their tickets on Fandango we have to still charge them because they bought tickets for a movie time we don’t have. Also sweeping popcorn under the seats? We have a lead blower and blow everything down to the bottom and then sweep it their, and if we don’t have time for that we just sweep everything, it would actually be harder to push everything under the seats as that would take more time and more care. Please do not listen to the things these people say

Samuel Family and Friends says:

so thanks for clearing this up

survivor147 says:

I guarantee Wehrenberg theaters do not check the sound.

ruhtra619 says:

so this is the kind of dumb shit broadcast on television

VamosArgentina says:

The theater I work at cut out previews and trailers to pack in more showtimes and allow more cleaning time for theaters. So if it says it starts it 7 it will start at 7. High concession prices are necessary to keep business running, we don’t keep even half the ticket price (and mind you, we have $6.50 tickets until 6pm at our theater and then it’s $9.75 until close.) We don’t sweep anything under the seats, we pick up every single piece. Even if you buy tickets ahead of time online, there’s a service fee and you will still probably have to wait in a line anyways if it’s a sold out or opening night show. Understandably, not all theaters are the same, especially when you compare a small one like mine to a giant like AMC, but almost all this stuff is still false.

TheXtro101 says:

The only minor complaint when I go see the latest movie at the theatres is within 30-50 mins of the movie showing(and it’s sometimes twice before the movie ends),a theatre employee/staff holding a light wand walks down the aisle.The reason why I(and many other ppl)go see the latest film in theatre so I feel like I’m in that movie with the characters;”flying a space ship,fighting supervillians,going into long ago wars,etc”.But when a theatre employee walks pass with that orange-red light wand,I’m back to reality(and yes,I ready know why they walk down aisle during a film showing).

Share the Road says:

Most movie theaters require you not to bring in purses or bags of any kind because it can delay long lines and other people waiting. Well most theaters here is the thing hardly check bags, Most theaters will not clean up after a certain movie. Most theaters wont send ushers in check the theaters. Most theaters don’t care about the safety of those around.. One thing you need to do is speak up and say something. If you notice something no matter if its a security messure, or a problem, or the correct movie is not playing alert management.     Also here something not everyone knows. The theater you go to these days  about every movies you go to will start late, more previews, but the movies are edited based on the time of the showings which means you may not be able to see the full movie that you paid for because its edited like you were to see it on tv.  Oh by the way don’t expect to walk out into the lobby after a movie and expect a crowd of people waiting to get into the next showing that your seeing. It has happen that most theaters will seat right away and have three showings back to back.

CarCat says:

None of these were secrets. Everyone knew these, and half were lies.

DaddyBacon says:

Cough cough online

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