4 Hot Work from Home Jobs Open Now – 100+ Agents Needed

Dream Home Based Work

1. Vroom is actively recruiting 100+ Customer Service agents . Starting pay is around $10 per hour.

Apply via Nexrep http://nexrep.com/agent-opportunities

2.Acuity Scheduling needs Appointment Schedulers. All calls are outbound. https://acuity-scheduling.workable.com/jobs/417309/candidates/new

3. Home Advisor is seeking Brand Ambassadors. You would apply via a company called VIP Desk Connect. https://vipdeskconnect.com

Shifts run Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EST), Monday through Friday, and 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (EST) on Saturday and Sunday

4. Invision is currently seeking a Customer Success Manager.

————————————————————————————————————No Experience? No Background Check!

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Cristine Bautista says:

I truly appreciate you doing these videos. Great job!

Jumbo Parline says:

thanks you for your post me and my wife are benefiting for your vids we are so great full

LadyASolveg says:

watched a few of your videos. Thanks for sharing

Tee Mega Music says:

I have a question, I am looking for a computer based tech support job where I work from home preferably apple or hp, where do I start looking online?

Inez Holmes says:

On this video and the previous one, you didn’t even list more Work From Home Jobs the are hiring.

Bobyfototube says:

They ask for your name as referral. Can u please let me yours ?

Danielle H says:

thank u

Lauran Webb says:

You talk way too fast…..Can’t even catch the name of the companies??????

Simone Irie says:

Thank you so much for your hard work! I just got a work from
home nurse coder position. Your videos have been very helpful. Nurses
who are interested in this field please follow my journey 🙂

Joseph Ferdinand Silva says:

hello how to start that online jobs. thanks

regina regina says:

Hi Shay! I’m a newbie a single parent from the Philippines and trying to work online home-based. Do you know any companies/healthcare accounts offering jobs internationally 😉

Lisaida says:

Hi Shay have you heard of these two companies and are they legit? 1-Blue Ribbon Representation LLC and 2-Arise work from home. Thank you!

Alexis Myre says:

hey I’m looking fo a job

Michelle Kitosi says:

Thank you sis, you are absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

Bewitchingly Domestic says:

I just found your channel. I’m trying to determine if I can find a job working from home. I’m currently in Accounts Receivable and I would love to know if you come across any comparable jobs working from home?

Syn D says:

Hey Shay! I love your videos and your blog. Thanks for all the hard work! I just got a job hired to train for a new job working at home for pizza hut. I am kind of scared because I saw a few reviews about the pay systems but please pray it works out. Thanks!

David Wong says:

Thank you for the video see fastest way to earn 15K in 5 days!

j Pike says:

I really appreciate your your informations. Do you know any work at home for nurses?

Alex Cabrera says:


Jolene Mtalo says:

I realized I have never commented on any of your videos!!!
thanks so much for what you do!!!This is awesome,very informative and you are so much simpler to understand and very eloquent!!!…thank you keep doing the great work you do!!!

Nyaga Karani says:

hey Shay…your number one fan from Africa…Please put a video on companies that hire from africa and how to apply

nat cu says:

please submit a vedio every week

Karmi17 says:

do you have any company hiring a remote agent out side usa i have 3 years in tech support and 4 in customer care representative

Faith Causing says:

Miss Shay, i am from the Philippines. i terribly need a job. Can i apply? im worried im from philppines. i hope u hired people from philippines? do you? pls reply

Licdo. Pedro Lemus says:

Shay, is a pleasure to talk with you. I’m in Colombia right now but in 2 weeks I will be in Venezuela. Wich conditions do I need to work from home? For example, my english level is higher, I have the computer also the other things but my biggest concert is internet speed. Do I need an internet speed higher than 10 mb to get those works? Also do I need a bank account to get paid? I hope you can help me with all those questions, thank you so much.

Kay Dee Ase says:

kindly send me an authentic link

kingsvessel2015 says:

i just checked the acuity one!!! lol.. i read the description!!! awesome… i would like to work for someone who has thatbtype of personality and sense of humor!!!

Susan Kelly says:

How does one make sure to get paid?

Amy Good says:

I am looking for something in the evenings part time. Thank you for making it easy for me to look at your videos to decide!

Dale GodsChild says:

Any of the above global? I do not know if you have done this before, but could you do a video on any active global jobs?

Fun With The Family c says:

Hello, I love your videos. Do you create blogs for people if so can you tell me the prices. Thank you

R Adams says:

Thank you for your videos! We appreciate you! Are there any data entry positions available?

Joyce God's Jewel says:

Hello, Im a new subbie..Can u give me a list of onlines surveys companies that’s hiring from my phone ? I don’t have a Computer.

Keronica J. Lewis says:

Hi shay I’m trying to contact you on messenger.

Ronger bush says:

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