7 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Working at the Big 4 (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PWC)

In Accounting, there are 4 Public Accounting Firms, referred to as the Big 4: Deloitte, KPMG, PWC, and Ernst & Young. After working at the Big 4, there’s a lot that I wish I knew prior to being an employee. In this video I talk about the pros and cons of working in the public accounting firms, and I give a lot of advice depending on your business path and goals

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Uchiha Itachi says:

Looks like youtube/google is recordering my voice. I never searched things about big4 and this is in my suggested sub box

Jacob Greenstone says:

I appreciate this advice. I got accepted to a internship at KPMG a couple of days ago and while I was super excited at first, it started to dawn on me what I’m getting into and what I would be sacrificing and if it’s worth it.

Thomas Harrison says:

Almost did this. Left my freshman year, picked up an apprenticeship. Now an electrician making around 65k a year. Some accountants might make more but at least I’m not working those corporate slave hours

Michael Zimmermann says:

The sallery these 4 companies pay is a bad joke. Especially if you calculate it down to Money per Hour. Its a waste of life

InterNations says:

Hey, thanks for the video.
You remind me to Greg Audino
in the film “Kept Boy”, have you seen it?
No, I am not crazy, there are 2 scenes in which he moves and talks like you (or vice versa!) 🙂

Energya says:

#1 0:43 “It can be monotonous”
#2 3:35 “It is very different from school”
#3 5:22 “It looks incredible on your resume”
#4 7:33 “It is not just 9 to 5”
#5 10:45 “The firms are pretty much the same, it’s the people that make the difference”
#6 13:02 “You do not need a CPA”
#7 16:15 “Overall, it’s an amazing stepping stone depending on what you want”

Marc Lee says:

This is only applicable to auditing but not other service lines. There is a difference in all four, depending on the department and teams. I mean you worked 1 year for Deloitte come on. Deals, Strategy and Transactions pay much more than Audit, the work is not repetitive.. CPA is important if you want to get promoted from SC to M… Come on.. Mostly the CPA will be sponsored by the big4 if you want to get promoted.

Wombat Happiness Girl says:

How long did you work for each of the four firms?

Law jiawern says:

Have been working under the audit line in one of the big 4 for about 2 years, while it was really rewarding and I’ve truly enjoy experience of dealing with clients, I’ve started to feel like the job has became slightly monogamous given that my department prefers recurring staff for the same audit client year after year (for obvious reason). Have voiced this out to the management to no avail , so have been thinking about switching firms or line too. Anyway, I’d very much like to go into advisory and consulting line as I feel like the work is more in line with my interest in getting more exposure with diff clients and cases as compared to working in the audit line in the same engagements year after year.

Lobov Artem says:

Would you advise getting into accounting nowadays?

Cristián Tapia says:

The hole in the wall is the sniper shot from one of the audit partners

R. Hasudungan says:

A lot of my friends worked in public accounting firm or tax consulting firm just for two or three years to have better resume in their CV before joining corporations. They had no intention of working on such firm for long terms.

Why would you work 15 hours per day + Saturday if you can work 8 hours per day with same payment?

Corporations offer one thing public accounting firms do not offer: WORK LIFE BALANCE.

0401412740 says:

I want to start a tax consulting firm.

syeda Syeda says:

I am currently working at Deloitte, busy seasons are worst, we work for almost 16 hrs per day….we sometimes get sick due to the work pressure…there are atleast 5 resignations per month from our team..

DJKhal21 says:

Do Not Do Consulting for these companies

Shahbaz Alam says:

If you want promotion in any big4 then you must possess cpa degree

fokid1 says:

I just started my internship at one of the big4… I have to say I was never this tired before although I didn’t even had to do anything…At this point obviously I can’t say if I want to stay there on the long-term but I’m a little terrified because there’s really know coaching so If I want to do something I have to ask everybody around if they have anything for me to do, I mean I wasn’t excepting them to babysit me but I thought they have like an other kind of method to teach the interns… and yes I don’t know how I will be able to do this and university because other interns tell me that they usually have to be in the office till midnight… but one thing I really like that the people are really nice.

JOE says:

In China’s PwC overtime to 11pm is very very normal. It is a great opportunity to work with big four, but I worked with PwC only two years the pressure has already made my body been crashed, and I decided to quit. Two years after I left PwC I still think it’s a very correct decision to leave the investment banking industry. Health is much more important than earn money. Making a lot of money isn’t the only way to make you happy, even though I haven’t received a lot of rewards during that two years.

Numaan Ifthikhar says:

I have an intevriew at one of the big four next week any advice would be apprieceted


Hello frnds
I’m from India
Hunting for job
Can anyone help me out???

John Carlo Peru says:

I worked as an intern in one of the big 4. I applied everything I learned from my audit class. I got the chance to deal with clients. I didn’t just stayed inside the office and do footing. And by that, I love my internship experience. I’m still on my way to becoming CPA, and I plan in going back to one of the big 4. I love the work of the auditor.

R Wu says:

As a university student, has a chance to get into big 4 is awesome. And you’re right that it’s good for your resume. However, as a international student in Australia I fee like they won’t consider to hire me since my first language is not English. And I am working hard to get a high score of IELTS because they needs us to pass the language test to prove ourselves’ language abilities.. Honestly, as a foreign student in an English speaking country, it’s unfair and hard to find a job. We pay on average twice or more the tuition fees which paid by domestic student. However, it adds to the struggles that we coming to work and study in here. Ironic.
Ahhh I am go too far. And wish everything goes well though

Stéphane Xavier Akoki says:

The title should be 7 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE doing ACCOUNTING at the Big 4. I am in the Cyber Risk division and my work is nothing like what is explained in this video. I get to code and tackle different problems everyday.

DaleG281 says:

I totally agree about the fund comments. We have 3 listed funds so my busy season is 5-6 months. I’m counting down the days until I finish the ACA. I’ve heard some people working on massive banks, depending on the team it’s 9-5 or it can be as bad as 8-2 the 2-3 weeks before signing (not exaggerating).

Johnson Yuen says:

when I worked across big 4 in Hong Kong the people their personalities are bad and faked, Tim Leung at PwC tax who is not professionally competent only took my strengths in successfully solving his clients long unsolved tax disputes and asked me to resign then without giving me any reason !

jake ma says:

I am going to have a job interview with EY and kind nervous but we will see how it goes, thx for this video I really appreciate it. Any tips for the interview with EY?

Gerard Dunne says:

Going to pwc for work experience…I would love to just add up numbers easy peasy

kr hk says:

I’d only ever go Big 4 for the prestige. Everyone I’ve ever spoken to agrees they’re all absolutely awful to work for.

My experience of BDO and RSM is that they’re much more reasonable and are still reputable.

Grant Thornton aren’t very good either.

I’m fortunate to have found a solid career in a small, specialist firm. I get paid the same I would at Big 4, yet work 37 hours per week… I still got my qualification and have gained fantastic experience/lots of responsiblity early in my career. My point is, don’t write off the smaller firms – there’s a wide world outside the Big 4.

Ryan Baron86 says:

Interesting video and helpful information. Thanks!

axel klang says:

I’ve been part-time interning on PwC in Sweden for two years as part of a school project (6 hours a week) and I was wondering if you knew thr best way to introduce it on my resumé. Because as you said, I believe it can be a very big and important part of my resumé. I’m just not sure about the best way to put it?

John Lee says:

Great points. I’m still working for one of the big four and would like to hear more about your story. What made you to make the transition outside of business and how did you start? I am also having the same issue that I am interested in another field but not sure how to approach it.

Creamindi Sam says:

Data entry.

merc340sr says:

Thank you for this video. I thought the same thing about most of the jobs I’ve held. Boredom is a lot of what work is unfortunately….

Salman koto says:

Can you give some advice for me to get a high chance to internship in there?? what should I prepare? Especially Interview session

Zhiliu Li says:

I am going to work as an intern in pwc soon this winter, thank you for your advice!

Apple Kim says:

I m not interested working there

Sourav Saha says:

I started off in Deloitte Consulting US India. I got no other option to work

julian murillo says:

This is what I love about guys that are no longer in the industry… they tell the truth. Thanks man.

Mark Sanders says:

Partners are making tons of money at the expense of others – that s the business model – period !


very true…

Nicole Ce says:

Hello 🙂 I can confirm what you said in this video. I worked at Deloitte in Romania. I liked the environment. Long story short: good experience but very low salaries (especially in Eastern Europe – I know they are here for low salaries but for example I worked in a british team and they were very good professionals but they also had very high standards and it would have been nice to have some decent salaries).

Sayali Bayaskar says:

My profile will be in advisory, so will it be the same?

Sonny Moon says:

Something that is missing in the video is that Big 4s do more than just accounting, which is part of the Assurance/Audit practice. There’s also Advisory, Transaction and Tax.

K. P. says:

You did a very good job with this video. It is better than a majority of accounting videos I’ve seen on public account because it is strictly straight talk. It’s straight talk but also well informed and should help people get a better feel of what they’re getting into.

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