A Millennial Job Interview

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guyyouseewhenyoudie says:

Generalizing a whole generation is a clear sign of insecurity and fear

That Sad cat says:

Geezes christ! Oh my god my generation is awful!

Rob K says:

Obviously Amy is a college graduate. Wondering if she knows how to use a tape measure (a tool to measure length of something)..! No wonder this county is in trouble. Did she think Hillary was going to save her from stupidity..? ie: Stupid, does not have the capacity to learn. Makes me think that America would be better off if they picked up a book (then read it)

Tots says:

This shows exactly whats wrong with millenials.

Jack Hack says:

This girl is really funny. I like to just listen to her, she’s a good actress. “That’s for old people, like my parents.” giggles. “That’s funny.”

Ticotech Houston says:

Conservative media is aflame of late with talk of a “secret society” within the FBI which has as its goal the undermining of Donald Trump’s presidency. The existence of this secret organization is evidence, they argue, of a Deep State conspiracy against Trump. This is a story as big as Watergate, they say.

So, how did we get here? And how much of this “secret society” talk is factual and how much of it is the stuff of conspiracy theorists?

BrazilianTurtle says:

I’m surprised that she still uses vine.

Sean McNally says:

this absolutely sucks

James Greer says:

As a millenials I honestly don’t know a single person that is even remotely like this and I’m sick and tired of baby boomers that are beyond out of touch and can’t relate to the challenges of being young today saying that we are lazy

DJ7thnz says:


hornet 666 says:

Still better than what I’d be like. I would just answer a yes or no, staring at the ground possibly shaking. Also how the fuck do they not know Microsoft Office. Millennials or at least I have been taught since grade 5th. But for real who gets up at 8. My school starts at 7:30am and have to get up at 7 to get there.

enigma mist says:

Wow so realistic, scrolling through mobile during an interview.

Jeff Hunker says:

She has 4K friends!

Raymond Chetta says:

BuzzFeed is hiring.

Marie Reeder says:

Sad, but too funny!

Faith Marshall says:

This is hilarious and realistic!

Oscar Sebastian Andrés Cartes montes says:

Australian ladys ….. are a bit like that…ha ha ha but much much more pretty

John Foley says:

The sad thing is not that she is going to HR. The sad thing is HR will take her side AUTOMATICALLY. And this guy will be fired.

Margaret Gantz says:

hilarious and too close to reality

Robert A. Hansen says:

I actually know some Millennial kids and they act like that. I remember I was delivering for Postmates and I went grocery shopping for one and they lived two blocks from the store. And one time I went and picked up some Millennial kids bar food and they lived right in back of the store. They paid me $20 in Surge pricing so I could carry their food through the alley and it was a $9 bag of french fries and cheese sticks and onion rings. $20 to have me walk 75 feet and I’m 50 years old almost and I delivered a 23 year old kids food and it was $9 and they would rather pay me $20 to have them deliver it to them rather than getting up off their fat butt and going 75 feet and socializing with people and it could have saved $20 go figure what a bunch of spoiled brats!

Reiden Lightman says:

Joking or not, this continues to blaspheme millenials with a horribly misleading archetypes about them.

hwailee1 says:

I have interviewed university students who are like this.

Ken Norman says:

Absolutely mint!

icantwaittobethere says:

I’m fantasizing right now about kneeing her in the lower jaw.

TheCrashingToaster says:

AAAaaaaand this is why they live in their parents’ basements.

Thomas O'Rourke says:

This is a stereotype of an extremely miniscule percentage of the population created to be entertaining

Dogs Sing says:

You forgot the part where the interviewer tells her it’s a job with a rotating schedule, $5/hr, call-in hours, no job security, no benefits, and the work of 3 people is expected of her.

Paxton Medow says:

Are you fireing me

Jdizzle Daplaya says:

Typical millennials. At least they are doing something with their lives and being productive like eating a Tide Pod. That outta get the brain cells working again.

Ty F says:

I wish i was born in the 50s

thedash says:

What is a millennial?

War Emblem says:

01:41 Acting swiped straight from Marisa Tomei’s long and tightly woven explanation about car transmissions while on the witness stand in Alabama, in My Cousin Vinny. Probably not in court at 8 a.m.

aslanthebest says:

This is generation Z (post-millenials), born mid-nineties and later. Certainly not Millenials


And this ladies and gentlemen,is why the world Wil end!!!


This is nothing like me, I really dislike people who are like this.

Matthew Burns says:

Kick this bitch out the door

wolf2966 says:

As a millennial ID KILL FOR 8:00AM!!!

Benjamin Taff says:

Why on earth would anyone ever be on their phone during an interview…? Nobody is that dumb. And nobody uses siri to find out everything. We use GOOGLE!

NTXIH says:

How did we go from the greatest generation to this in just 50 years

juiceboat says:

The world…….is……….

Matthew Evans says:

All the comments from butthurt millennial are proving this video to be dead on accurate

Rick S says:

I think all interviews should be videoed for protection..

RD S says:

Hahahaha….I can’t stop laughing. SPOT ON !!

Sarah Shiver says:

He practically told her she had the job and to show up at 8:00am… Why mess it up especially when you were on the phone the whole time? That would have been a great interview for a millennial

JoanOfArgghh says:

This is NOT an exaggeration for effect. It’s actually almost too nice. They can be nasty because they believe they are morally superior.

bRad Nichols says:

This is too True for comfort . . .

cinosxx says:

“Are you firing me?”
*dude thinks to himself ‘oh god..’* “OK, yes!”

ron0126 says:

Surprised she didn’t bring a parent with her to help her answer the interview questions. Yep, I interviewed a Millennial who did that. The mother was furious that I wouldn’t let her sit in on the interview. No. I didn’t make a job offer.

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