ALDI Interview – Cashier

We speak with a former ALDI cashier about working at ALDI and interviewing for a job with the supermarket chain. More information:

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Abz Cabz says:

you don’t get a job that’s the problem, but who want to be a cashier,I rather work for my self if I’m going to be pushing myself F this Bs

Nikki Samek says:

How did she get hired? I have nothing to worry about.

tracy s says:

wow lol

puck30 says:

The Aldi by my house is tough to get into, the same folks have been working there for years so I give her credit she didn’t give up.

denny hawkins says:

I work night shifts at aldi iv just dug out four of my pay slips and I am short by £811.62 fuming can’t do nothing until someone in a fucking shirt and tie does actually pull a finger out

Ac1dWater says:

I am 17 and a Store Assistant at Aldi

Adam Staunton says: me trying to apply for a job with Aldi

Steve Forman says:

First a lot of people need to stop moving their hands around. Habit I know. The video isn’t that bad at all. So basically they’re paying employees to do different job titles and not just cashier. I also know for a fact that retail is different and going to a job fair. I just want to see what it is all about.

eiznekcam says:

Aldi is unlisted in the phone book so she couldn’t have called….. Also, the app is not online at all. You have to print it out..

momfrom NJ says:

After watching this , If I don’t get a job there, there’s something wrong with this world

grecohungary daz says:

I would never work for aldi 15 mins start unpaid cheap labour big wow you get a pay rise next year no shuv that were the sun dont shine

cableaccesslover says:

This lady reminds me of my mother. She is so ratched but most of the time she’s right lol. 

Irizarry M says:

smh lmao @ StormCityUSA thoughts..
my over all thoughts of this interview ,well….She got better luck then me, i’m still waiting for a response to my apps  smh. I’ve done my research, applied many times.. only thing I fell short on was making it to the seminars to meet with the managers Directly. I even visited the stores to show my interest and spoke to the leads making sure my app didn’t get over looked. I mean I do qualify for the positions due to my background.. I just haven’t had much luck. well good for this lady. Jobs don’t come so easy for most not even if your good enough.  

Stealy says:

I just applied to ALDI, but I’m trying to avoid being a cashier. I’d prefer to stock, clean, organize, and help in the back.


Why did u pick a rachet ghetto ass for this video smh bitch needs to learn to talk without slurred words

AAB Bucks says:

lcant wait for tonight 😉

Wiltifah Boyd says:

exactly same thing I did I was very persistent and made the manager pay attention to me since I already worked there as a intern

Gushi Gill says:


Aili Dog says:

You know she be wanting a seat for that butt. When 745 hits she’s closing the doors. Aldi hires by quality… go to Walmart

Scott Woodburn says:

This is a horrible representation of Aldi! She clearly did/hasn’t worked there a long time.

A few points she made may be correct although most of the points are generic.

The responsibility tree in store is, Store Manager > Assistant Manager > Deputy Manager > Store Assistant > Stock Assistant.

She did not know her own job title, which was Store Assistant, the difference being between Store Assistant and Stock Assistant is that a Stock Assistant is never on a till, because of this is paid less.

Her job requires her to do whatever tasks the Manager of any level assigns her, which could consist of; putting stock out, checking dates/quality, tidying the store and being on a till.

Aldi is an online application – They use a simple process which many large companies use; You fill out a questionaire asking general tasks and which you would choose – This is then compared to the current employees that already work within Aldi, this way they can make the interviewing process more effective.

Aldi points for interviews;
Aldi want you to think for yourself, you are not a robot. They require tests on a regular basis and keep all employees up-to-date on all relevant procedures.
You must be efficient as they pay employees generally more in comparison to other retailers they also employ less staff.
You require a reason to work for them, if it’s money tell them, they are proud to pay employees more.


Robin King says:


Marcus Gillespie says:

Is this a 40+ hour job??

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