Amazon Flex Honest Review After One Year

Amazon Flex Honest Review After One Year

In this video I give my candid thoughts about the last year of working for as an Amazon Flex Driver


Ray S says:

$18-$25 doesn’t seem like enough. Especially after factoring fuel cost and vehicle depreciation. You’re barely making over minimum wage no?

Chris Light says:

Better be in a city hiring. Flex has been on hiring freeze in ATL for over a year

gmlasam says:

Bwhahhahhzhhzhaaa…. what a fucking joke. First off, I’ve had nothing but nightmares with Amazon’s logistics delivering service. Every time amazon uses these clowns to deliver their prime one day delivery service it results in miss deliveries. They hire Monkeys that are crackheads and illiterates that don’t know how to read a fucking simple GPS to locate your address. I’ve complaint to Amazon so many times of such poor Amazon logistics delivery service and they ended up removing their Amazon logistic service as their carrier when they ship to my address. Amazon logistics will never take UPS and Fedex out of business due to their poor delivery service using Amazon Logistics. Fucking joke.

sami meazi says:

How I can download amazon flex? I can’t see on app?

C G says:

Any advice on how to get past the yellow geographic area screen that comes up when they think you haven’t arrived at the exact address but you actually are standing on the front porch?? I am sick of calling customer service and wasting time and being put in an awkward situation when the customer is waiting to take their package but you can’t close out the stop. Is there a way to get past that screen without having to talk to an Amazon agent? It takes too damn long.

sean robinson says:

What do you do if yourdeliveries take longer than what they are paying you for

Fernie C says:

why isnt he delivering those packages??

DaWahine79 says:

How does it affect your taxes? Do you get a 1099?

Nellie Vazquez says:

I live in Orlando, how would I start driving for amazon???

MisterBinx says:

My plan is to do postmates before and after my blocks. So I’m always making money from 8am to 10 pm. I think I can make 200 a day after paying for gas.

Yo Kiee says:

Talk to slow

Custos Venetus says:

I am making good shekels.

Thomas Fox says:

What a dumb ass. Beating the hell out of your ride for Jeff Bezos. Dumb people.

Brian Tapia says:

Can you multiple blocks within a day?

majic471 says:

you will always find things you like and things you don’t like wherever you work.

Drive hard Earn Hard says:

I just sign up and I sub to channel. What area do you drive?

Bob Ravenscraft says:

From someone who shops online a bit amazon has went up ebay is the cheapest 90% over any site it’s your money

Michael Zeisler says:

I’m sorry but I couldn’t make it through your whole video you were putting me to sleep

prichard Hawkins says:

You sound like you’re under a mild sedation

PJ Quirino says:

Video series is available right now, so I advise you to go this page: and sign-up for their series.

Spoiler alert: it’ll knock your socks off!

razis1972 says:

I would imagine that if you are using your personal vehicle for business, and get into an accident (even if it’s not your fault), you would be personally responsible for all damages. Be carful. Forbid if someone got hurt or worse.

El patron says:

Don’t do it this mother’s f don’t give gas money and amazon fresh is stupid they give u 15 bags for less then 80 dollars and they send u all across town. They are squeezing the blood out of you…they treating people like slave DON’T DO IT IS NOT worth it they used to pay millions of dollars worth of deliveries 2usps and now they trying to squeeze your blood out bring your own vehicle put you own gas for bulshit money wake up America companies like this one preventing American Dream no benefits so ever

The Tick says:

To make 22k you deliver 41 packages every day for 365 days. If you wanna make around 50-60k. You’re looking at around 100+ packages a day every day for 365 days. Lol Gas isn’t covered, maintenance for the car isn’t covered. You can be canceled if you cant fit packages in your car. So far it’s not quite worth it. At least in a population and income heavy areas Like California or Florida.
Most customerss mostly won’t tip.

Tech 45 says:

Who gonna pay your car ,when you crash it! Not your Insurance co.:(

John Mendoza says:

I was thinking about doing this but i would rather work for a company or contractor to much wear and tear on your car or truck also 18.00 to 25.00 is not much also i think the drones and self driving trucks are going to take over.Good info though.

ardy texn says:

do not buy any item under 5 dollars and expect return satisfaction
if you make legitimate complaints by reviews they will be removed and you will be banned

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