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spirtuel soul says:

only for people who lives in USA ?

upendra thanki says:

meleciaji glad to meet you ple. give me chance to joint with you group work at home ple. help me online job forever

Laura Maciel says:

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brenny feliz says:

Thank you for this video. Is the mock jury a one-time opportunity?

Shanna Barker says:

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Princess Lo Reyes says:



Monica Kirkland says:

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Dorine Smith says:

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Bridgett Fuller says:

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Amanda Rodriguez says:

**Now Hiring**

Work from home.

Choose your own hours. P/T or F/T

Must have stable home internet and laptop or computer.

Must have an at home router.

Must live in the United States.

After initial start up you can work from your phone.

No selling and no start up fee.

We pay you up to $30 monthly!

$50 per referral paid through PayPal/Cash App.

Comment a “✅” if you’re ready to start your career!

Hossein Fadai says:

Ok 🙂

Anthony H says:


Dexter Phillips says:

Hey there I’m trying to recruit some hardworking go getters in the USA to build up a team of money makers this is an opportunity to be financially secure and work on your own schedule

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abubakar joda says:

Wow I just aplied to jury I received an email that I will be contacted as soon as possible thank u malicia #iloveyou darling

Jagriti Medical says:

Please make some work from home or online jobs video for out of USA persons. Like I am from INDIA. Am I eligible for this Amazon, work from home or not. Please reply.

funandlala says:

1:50 I love the jury solutions ♡

Lourdes Mohammadine says:

I just found out about it
are positions still available
I am bilingual ENGLISH & SPANISH.
how do we get paid

The Meek Family says:

Ugh just looking for a normal work from home job lol I don’t know any of those languages

Princess Zander says:

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xtreme6492 says:

I want a job, I speak spanish that’s my native language, is there any job for me????

AB TV says:

Mobile jobs

The Blyss Catalyst says:

Girl, you repeat yourself over and over and over, saying the same thing like 4 times in a minute. Just a helpful tip. Otherwise, thanks so much for your advice!

Joann Lindsay says:

thank you it gurll

Princess Lo Reyes says:



Math Princess says:

I speak 4 languages where do i start

Kathyrn Montalvo says:


Kelsey Summers says:

Work from home ! Earn easy money !

Tiffany Stuart says:

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Harmony Hills says:

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Cassie Bozeman says:

I’m bilingual – I will be an interpreter soon. I hope I can make this work for me.

burn fire says:

Can you be 18 to w9rk for Amazon

lets get money together says:

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snipermantis1990 says:

Damn u fine af. Lmao. Good lookin tho.

wayde watson says:

You are a very beautiful Black women your partner must be extremely satisfied with you. I would be. You are not only beautiful on the outside I can tell you are also beautiful within. Take care, blessings.

Wayne Seymour says:

I speak Jamacian; Wa da blod clot ya tel mi say ,fe reel gal! way it day

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