BECOME AN APPLE GENIUS – How to get a Job and work for Apple!

BECOME AN APPLE GENIUS – How to get a Job and work for Apple!

A real life account of how to work for the Apple Store and become a Genius or Specialist.

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soso liban says:

This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about “how to become a computer genius” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Ronny Geniusify Epiphany – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my colleague got amazing success with it.

Dayna Holgate says:

I’ve just left school and I would like to work for Apple

khizar rasool says:

How much do you get paid

Laquan Hall says:


24 Mac Tips says:

New Apple Certificate Support Pro certificate, and new secrets inside OS X El Capitan

Very useful application ( for getting knowledge OS X EL Capitan and taking ACSP 10.11 exam. Most of the questions are from the real exam. and are very good explained step by step guide how and where to find secret Mac settings.

zdravko zdravkin says:

I will recommend you to have some Apple Certificate if you are applying for apple sale job.
Start with ACSP 10.10 you need to invest 200$ for this certificate. A good start is to download iLearn: Advance ACSP application on your iPhone/iPad this help me a lot to pass the exam with 90%.
Also, you can take Apple sale certificate on the internet that one is free, so you will have entry level for applying for apple job.

XdonteatmypizzaX says:

Does the Apple store DRUG TEST?!!! I’m not a drug addict or meth head or anything like that lol, but every now and then i like to casually meet my 420 Needs.

Shorted Circuits says:

How to become an apple “genius”: Don’t fix anything, just replace everything, even if it only needs 2 cents for a part.

Michael Cleveland says:

lol do you still have your job..

0FUX_ says:

15 USD a hour ? Not bad for a Apple Genius / Specialist.
The guys at Mcdonalds make the same. LOL

ashik majeed says:

i applied for the apple store specilist job to uae store from india, is this possible to get a job in uae store from india
in india there is no apple store

Lucas Lee says:

spoderman i feuond ur fwiend

aman ullah says:

Hello i want to buy the gsx ? Can you help me ?

Vishnu Pavan Reddy says:

May I have your attention please!
I will be completed my engineering in April-2017 in Electronics and communication domain …I love to work for apple …what will be the job requirements can u please find me a way to reach there…I AM INDIAN>>>

KegPatcha says:

I need to neinei.

jose salas says:

I graduated 2014 from school and I want to go college soon I want work with apple im bilinguel I can help people are speaking Spanish and technician fix screens,lighting port there lot to do 🙂

El Chapito says:


Nicholas Cheung says:

Doesn’t Apple have an confidentiality agreement with the staff? You are able to disclose about your job at the Apple Store ?

Julio Cesar Osilia says:

I would like to ear about the salary and if they raise your salary trough the years of service and quality of work and how far can you get inside the company.

Laquan Hall says:

Can u do a giveaway

Mark McClenaghan says:

please dude trim your finger nails….

Jacob Nantel says:

Lol I actually subscribed at the beginning idk why

Nicholas Cheung says:

How was the wage? I have found so many results online but I don’t know which one is correct, some sound way to high, at 40k a year. Really appreciate if you’d answer me :))

Dan says:

This is a great video. Thank you.

Bit Vasconcelos says:

terrible video, misleading title, learn some video editing skills maybe to make it more interesting…i mean I at least expected you to talk about Apple certification site, or Applecare’s certification system, as a way into Apple, to make ur resume look good. but no, you just smiled like the brainwashed good employee you are. Did you mention the training/ the prep, anything useful at all? nope.

Aapeli says:

hahaha who would wanna work at apple i can’t stop laughing ahahaaa

Sp Stampy says:

do you get all the apple products for free

Tech Guys says:

which course is best to get job at apple?

vadim yackevich says:

updated study dumps for #Mac Service Certification Exam Code- #9L0_012 visit@

Tropicana Gamer 2 says:

This will be useful

Mark Fraser HD says:

This video actually helped me a lot for the interview process!!! Thanks a lot!!

david cercel says:

how much Do you get paid sit the Apple genius bar

DesWell Gaming says:

Video shot on Samsung

SteNo says:

i already feel a better iPerson

Scotty Nguyen's 80s Mullet says:

Dude your house looks like shit

Chris Chen says:

Nice video!

Vivan Joks says:

This is just superb, I’ve been looking for “how did einstein become a genius” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Ronny Geniusify Epiphany – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got great results with it.

Tyler Whieler says:

but i don’t wanna lie…

Ipsilon S says:

Are u a teacher

Nolife2692 says:

Hey bro I think I got a apple tech support agent work at home job all I have to do is go for training in August and they will give our own apple computer to work on to get support for customer I am so happy cant wait to start as a full time student works great

ChildOfSatan says:

this is some illuminati shit.. so serious.

TruthAndMoreTruth says:

Funny how much effort Apple puts into the hiring process only to have horrible stores.
This process does reveal a systemic flaw.
All of the employees walk around with a chip on their shoulder, which may actually be enforced by this hiring process.
Even supoman refers his employment as a “privilege”.
“I’m special because I’m the chosen one” mentality.
Also, unless you’re over qualified and over educated, you’ll not be getting a call back.

Furyy Night says:

This was great, I’ve been looking for “how to become genius in studies” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Ronny Geniusify Epiphany – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got great results with it.

jflores85 says:

I’m 31, have a comptia a+ and am an apple advisor, do i have a shot at being a genius?

coolamazon123 says:

So if you apply they will definitely call you?

ChildOfSatan says:

is it a paid “BOOT CAMP”

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