I’m a SAHM mom of two sets of twins but I work VERY part-time as a Shipt shopper! Today I’m sharing the questions I get asked most often about the job. The most asked question is how much I get paid.. Watch to find out!

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Tonya Patterson says:


Raxana Castillo says:

I just signed up for Shipt. Hopefully everything goes well. Kinda of scared.

Keith Stewart says:

Can you choose to only do deliveries that are already gathered and bagged by the grocery store staff and refuse orders that require you to gather the groceries and go through check out yourself?

born to be Alive says:

Shipt sucks!

guest says:

Shipt gives you a credit card to pay for the groceries.

Melissa Rapley says:

How long did the hiring process take?

Cecilia Johnson says:

That’s sounds pretty simple, I think I’m gonna give it a try this week.


I have been with Shipt since it began in 2015 here in Alabama. The pay is okay but I do it part time as extra income. The tips are great and you meet some nice people.

Lauren Matt says:

Use code mNctl to get $50 of subscription cost!!

Randi Bagley says:

Grand Rapids Michigan woot!

SirDoodles says:

I just made $3,000 in 2 days as a male stripper lol

Bellz B says:

Guys with Ibotta you guys could save a lot of money on groceries. It’s an easy to use, cash back rewards app. I use it every time I shop, and thought you would like it too! Use my referral code, xfjjitt, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Sign up at

Gilbert Gutierrez says:

Hi, does Shipt offer an hourly guarantee to their shoppers?

Heartland Light says:

Shipr customer. Big fan. Have a regular delivery person and think very highly of her. Thanks for your video. You answered most of my questions.

Ari Wanders says:

Super helpful thanks! I just signed up so I can’t wait to try this out!

Samuel Morningstar says:

I tried shipt but ended it because they would only go to one store, i might try it if they start adding more

Kim Blauwkamp says:

Thank you for your help and I am going to start working in Holland for Shipt. Just part-time too.

missmomof1 family says:

Is there an option to give you a tip on the app? Or do you have to pay for it in person?

It'sme It'sme says:

I guess the ppl here are just cheap or jerks I did 7orders and only 2 give me tips oh and one of the order was over 300.00 she lives in a apartment complex I had to haul her stuff to her front door (4-5trips)and she didn’t tip me!

galas28 says:

can you bring your kids shopping with you?

Christina Ward says:

I just got my approval for shipt cant wait to get my package and start next time my husband is in town.

Kalyn Havens says:

I just got the job and won’t be starting until next week. I am from the Kalamazoo Area. Would you say the job is safe for a 22 year old women? I just didn’t know if there was any security that was checked since we are going into peoples houses?

Mickey Barbieri says:

My son applied and they did all the interviews and was just waiting on a response and sure enough they did not accept him. He tried to find out why, but no response. They said he could reapply in 60 days. Why was he not accepted do you think

Brooke Burnett says:

i did the interview and filled out all the forms and the email said they will review it and get back to me soon.. how soon should they get back to me

Fast eddie says:

Great video, thanks for the info!!

Jasmine Bruce says:

HOW DO YOU FILE YOUR TAXES?! Do you get deductions? IM CLUELESS…help

Jessica Horn says:

How long does it take after you apply and do the whole online process of interviewing and background checks for them to reply and get you started?

Tammy Anders says:

I am a shipt shopper too. I work about 25 hours a week and always bring home 450 to 600 a week. Not including cash tips.

R Bro says:

I love shipt for my Meijer orders! It’s hard for me to justify large tips when I’m paying so much more for the products themselves. Thank you for this awesome video.

BaSs HaXoR says:

aaye Michigan. Thanks for the vid, really informative.

Cody Coleman says:

Do you have to use your own money

RCB says:

What about safety … are you walking into strangers homes or dropping off at the door? What keeps you safe from The criminally minded???

tamika Golson says:

Anyone check out OnQall? Its suppose to be a new task services app you can earn extra money on Naeseth says:

Unfortunately shipt is prejudice they don’t hire middle aged people like myself

Natt Lathrobe says:

Do you still get paid if the order is canceled while you’re shopping?

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