Being Overqualified For Employment

Being Overqualified For Employment- The Daily Overpass #605

Hey, It’s Eric. Today’s blog is about how to manage yourself amidst the pressure of pleasing your clients. How I keep myself cool while dealing with expectations and demands.

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Jessi O says:

I am going through this now. I have fallen into hard times and the role I was placed in by a Temp agency was pretty much data entry in disguise as Accounting. Long story short the Company decided not to hire me. I thought to myself, a monkey could do this job. Here I am with a finance degree and 6 years of experience. Come to find out the company was not willing to Pay the Tem Agency Buyout fee probably over 20k for a role that a Monkey could do. So now I have back on the search. I run my website and can’t get it to make enough money to live on. @ Overpass Apps, if you are looking for Additional web manager or even a content admin role I would love to apply.

MarkusAtPlaying says:

Great topic. I heard it often, but I never really think about it and you have right! I often quit a company because I was bored and that is also a good reason for a company to not hire you. The company has cost to integrate you in the processes and the project, it will lost money if you quit after a few months.

metcaelfe says:

Firstly, love your content.
Secondly this was sort of my situation not too long ago (minus dependants) 7 months off after redundancy.. For me it was more having significant experience in many different skillsets, but i got the same response from many employers, that they didn’t think the role would satisfy me and would result in me getting bored and wanting more so probably wanting to move on.. It is a stifling conundrum and admittedly I settled for something that isn’t really seeing me utilise what I have to offer nor maintain the skills I have.. It is a rutt of sorts.. However it is a means to an end and ultimately the right role will present itself someday 🙂

Daniel Vilela says:

Yeah i have an mba now and it is muuch harder to find a job

ku syuk says:

Happen to me recently, I got Masters Degree in Electronics and 4 years of experience of doing freelance in Mobile App, almost 8 years experience (started this during my 1st year degree) of doing freelance in arts + digital arts (I used to draw illustration, poster and comics). What to do, I don’t born in silver spoon I have to work hard to support for my studies back then. Those freelances were my initiative.

Been rejected a lot by companies, some said I’m overqualified some said they don’t understand my career path (referring to my freelance and degree are difference) and labelled me as ‘a man with no planning’. It hurts a lot to be honest. Some willing to accept but they can’t offer a fair payment. Its create a lot of conflicts tho. Now, I just do what I can to survive, plus I got parents (one of them suffers from suicidal) to look after so working for others might not be an option anymore.

*Oh ya, talking about suicidal. I got rejected twice due to they don’t bother to take employee with mental health issues. I once suffers from depression due to financial and family problems so I just be honest when the interviewers ask why there’s a gap between my graduation and studies. Well it is what it is.

megaman2016 says:

You should have hired him and allowed him to use his talents to increase the bottom line, paying him a bonus if he did of course.

Rıfat Erdem Sahin says:

Current contracts agency entered into liquidation (:. A video on antifragility would be great

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