Conan Gives Staff Performance Reviews – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Conaco CEO Conan O’Brien grills his employees to find out if they deserve to keep working for him.

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ORagnar says:

It always comes down to Jordan Schlansky.

Baha Ibrahim says:

That guy looks more like madea than Oprah in that costume

Aidan ward says:

“Who’s Susie?”

shikhar bisht says:

conan :just say it that u look like a rotten mellon
and when the guy says that he does look like a rotten melon
conan :u’re FIRED

Sudiptaa says:

Love the fact that he takes his own chair everywhere .. Lol

Emilee McClain says:

On Conan’s flashback of the chair; which episode was that?

Boul Shyte says:

look how big andys office is compared to guillermo 🙁 6:17

anna aka:anne is a demon and angel says:

0:34 stop at that and look at his face

The Penguin TV says:

Damn Meghan lookin fine. How old is she?

J N says:

Gosh I love this potato guy!!!

Straw Snatchers says:

He looks like a Kingman Character.

Mark Evgenev says:

Who is the guy who screamed at them to get out

Joel Arulandoo says:

Hey when did Jordan get his Elitist Espresso Machine back??? Does Conan know?

Shao Hollywood says:

9:09 audience reaction is the same way I react to every Jordan Schlansky trivia

Rizako90 says:

It would’ve been hilarious if the threw Conan out of the window at 3:59 lmao

nate8930 says:

Conan is the worst best boss ever, Happy Bosses Day Oct 16 2017! Kiss some ass for that raise! 😀

fAppIicationof SeIf says:

I’m pretty sure that Conan is constantly flirting with the threat of litigation.

Adrian Mak says:

Daddys home

BEEVOO says:

That office is dirty af

Eyedeas Never Die says:

4:12 So this is what Phil Jones does when hes injured for United

iliketowatchutoob says:

Conan looks like the Morning Joe guy in this.

MrZer000 says:

His job is to google pics???

markuks says:

Jordan Schlansky possibly wrote and produced this skit

TheTiemotje says:

Atleast Conan didnt assume someone’s gender… right?…

Burrito Dawg says:

Wtf happened to mathew?!? He used to be fat

SlavjanA says:

7:46 !

Sergio Garza says:

“Why a sack of potatoes, because I’m IRISH” lmfao

Prem Anandh says:

conan yu shoud start looking for the next heir to the throne. i mean… i’f yu’re suddenly killed by some accident who would take on the show? what would all your staff do? i can’t imagine another conan. ADOPT an IRISH BABY, rise him up in the set and make him believe he’s the real conan like in the movie BOLT.

Kuber Charan123 says:

Danielle(monologue assistant) also appeared in remote in which conan interact with interns

Fausto VaronaF says:

Oh my God ! She’s the same girl from the interns video which I saw like 2 years ago and I just noticed it. I’m so dumb. Congrats Danielle

Blaupause says:

4:05 – look at the cars – Conan doesn’t pay well.

Yanis Moreau says:

entirely concept improvement wake evolve English violent none

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