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Today was my first day driving for DoorDash. That’s right, I became a Dasher! Being a driver for DoorDash is different than driving passengers around for Uber or Lyft. I used both of those ridesharing apps to make extra income but people just disrespected my car and time. That is the main reason I decided to change gears and try to become a courier or specialize in food delivery.

In this video I explain my first day impression working with DoorDash. I definitely had a rough start but overall, I have a very positive attitude on the future. I worked about 4 hours with 5 deliveries under my belt which made me $40.75. Of course I had a couple issues that slowed down my income and with such an early start in the morning, I was pretty much on the clock for nothing. Next time I will be sure to start a little later in the day in order to maximize my efficiency.

Thank you everyone for watching and I wish you the best of luck with DoorDash if you decide to try it out!

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Ed Oneill says:

I guess we are supposed to guess what a red card is and you never even said if you enjoyed working for DOORDASH which was supposed to be the whole point of the video I thought lolll

Zakariah Lafreniere says:

For one damn donut man come on

Paul Gubin says:

60 bux for 4 hours is good money?

showgirls around the world a dancer family says:

If your card is deactivated then its probably closed out forever

NBK Brian says:

How long does it take to get your stuff in the mail?

missy Soaps says:

You are very nice with the 3 drsgs and soda and attention to details. Very interesting vid !!

albasir Isnain says:

Queation can we do doordash using bicycle let me know

Mary Alvarez says:

10$ an hour?

No thank you.

Maria Damis says:

You need to stop over thinking. Relax. LOL!! I love it.Keep your Red Card in your cell phone wallet.

j G says:

I’m pretty sure the company that you’re choosing not to name is most likely Amazon here in Phoenix Arizona I delivered to them and they have a long counter where people put all the bags of food and sticky notes. I’m still kind of sketchy because somebody could steal somebody’s Order and you would be held responsible for it

Sarasdad91 Tim says:

Momma said there’d be days like this, there’d days like this my Momma said.

David Humphrey says:

I am moving to your area(Phoenix, Chandler) in December and started Uber Eats and Door Dash in San Diego. Have you done both locally? How busy are you now since I see this is a year and half old.

Impurrfectly Pawsome Heart says:

Thanks for the information! 🙂

iPhixels says:

Thank you Mike, for posting this. I am really curious about working with the sevice. I appreciate you taking the time.

Steven Lee says:

Dude buy a wallet boom problem solved

jljune says:

Tip: I use a lanyard for my cards. I do other platforms and I use a lanyard wallet from target and it hols all of my cards. Thanks for the vid. We have all had every issue you have and it’s definitely frustrating.

showgirls around the world a dancer family says:

Why not put a hole in red card and hang it on a bungee or retractable attached to you?

RedArrow73 says:

If you can’t complete it AS REQUESTED, it is best to cancel the order.

Mike Wynne says:

Become a DoorDash Driver Today! Visit
First Time Customer Promo –

Muhammed Kmal says:

Finally this one is working. You should try DoorDash, it’s an awesome food delivery service. Get $7.00 off your next order when you sign up with this link:

Damari Hopkins says:

Just signed up thanks for the insight but, I’m just a little curious about orientation. I was under the impression that I could start immediately.

Susan Loy says:

Trust me when I say we that place orders have our problems with door dash. I frequently order from Martin’s grocery but often get ripped off by you guys. The last time my driver didn’t give me my milk or juice that I payed for. This time I order I’m going to make certain that all bags are open before he leaves.

Kendall Baker says:

Well I found free $5423a money making system that is really working:(just go to) Great work…

Cesar 44 says:

How much you can make a month in 2018 with Doordash

kookie4nookie says:

They don’t have a call feature for you instead of using text? Just for a quicker response for those situations.

Never mind watched further down and you mentioned calling

GerardButlerArtPhotosImages .SDCDLLOYD says:

Thank you so very much for this video. It was extremely helpful.

Tyler Ross says:

But how is this going to be like for tax season?..did they explain how it will work? might have to pay it all back??

Celestine Williams says:

OK this was a year ago, how is the delivery doing now

Mark Morales says:

Play video at 1.5x speed. You’re welcome.

Celestine Williams says:


Jackie Simmons says:


Mac Kobalt says:

Food can’t sexual harras you or rate you a bad score just because you don’t have an aux cord

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