Follow up on job applications – How to find a job [Part 10]

How to find a job: Following up [Part 10]

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Kim: Hey guys, I’m Kim.

Amy: And I’m Amy, and we work at Snagajob. Today we’re going to help you find a job.

Kim: We’re going to take a question from one of our YouTube viewers, today.

@1993c4Corvette asks, “If I apply online, or paper form. How do I follow up on an application?”

Amy: Following up is a critical step that often gets overlooked. But in a competitive job market, you’re probably competing with several other job seekers for the same job and recruiters tell us that following up is a great way to stand out and get noticed.

Kim: We’re going to cover the three most common ways to follow up.

Following up by email

So if you’re going to follow up by email, there are a couple of things to consider. Now email is probably the least scary way to follow up on a job application because you don’t actually have to talk to the hiring manager. But that comes with a couple of drawbacks, like not actually getting to talk to the hiring manager. Remember to review your follow up email before you send it out. The slightest error can cause you to be overlooked. Treat it just like you would a resume or cover letter and even have a friend look over it to edit it just to be extra certain you haven’t made any mistakes. If you don’t have anybody handy who can look over your stuff to make sure you didn’t misspell or have a typo you haven’t noticed, read aloud to yourself to see if you can catch any errors when you read it out loud. This email can and should be short. Don’t go on very long and definitely don’t repeat the same stuff that you put into your application or cover letter. Just tell them that you are checking to see if they received your application and maybe reiterate your top three awesome things about you that would make you a great fit for the position.

Following up over the phone

If you’re going to follow up over the phone, make sure you practice what you say beforehand. You really don’t want don’t want to be caught hanging up as soon as they answer.

Maybe sure you only follow up during non-peak business hours. For restaurants this means between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., and for retail this means after 4 p.m. on weekdays. When someone does answer ask for the manager or the name of the manager if you have it. When you have the right person on the phone, introduce yourself and say, “Hi, I’m calling to inquire about the status of my application. It was for the (job title) at (business name).” Even though you’re on the phone, don’t forget to smile. Hiring managers can tell if you’re happy or grumpy. Make sure before you hang up to say something like, “I look forward to hearing from you soon,” so the ball is in their court.

We recently talked to one of our hired Snagajob members, Billy, who said he got hired at Sonic by calling and following up on his application a week later. When he was able to talk to the hiring manager, he offered Billy an interview right there over the phone. And then he got hired on the spot during his interview.

Following up in person

Following up in person is a great way to get notice but if you don’t do it the right way, you can stand out for all the wrong reasons. One of the most important things we can tell you is to dress professionally as you would for an interview when you follow up in person. We actually talked to one of our members, Patrick, on our blog who told us that he used to work for a hotel and when people would come in to drop off an application or to follow up, he had to actually write on their application what they were wearing and how they presented themselves. In addition to looking your best, you also want to make sure to bring copies of your resume. You never know when you’ll be asked to interview. It could be right on the spot and you don’t want to be left unprepared. If just walking in and saying you’re there to follow up feels a little awkward to you, come up with a different excuse, like saying you’re there to drop off you’re references and follow up that way.

Tips for following up from the employer

We talked to a nation-wide retail employer and asked for their tips about following up, and here’s what they had to say:

1. Coming into the store in person makes a better impression.
2. Wait no longer than a week after applying to follow up.
3. Follow up only once. The employer should get back to you one way or the other.
4. It’s ok to follow up again after an interview, if you haven’t heard back. But again, only do this once.

Now, they told up there is a wrong way to follow up: Don’t be a stalker.

Following up can be scary. Trust us, we know. But it’s a great way to set you apart from the competition.

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Richard j. keenan says:

Thank you so much for all the great tips on job hunting.

Divergence says:

How often should you follow up?

Jerry Alfaro says:

Hey girls i was just wondering, do i need to have a resume for my fist job? Its at Little Ceaser’s. Please reply.

Akanio Tevanos says:

I wish getting a job was as east as it was in the sims! XD But nothing can be that easy right? Following up is pretty important, I hear it from all the job counselors I’ve spoken to before.

mandy vengeance says:

What do i do if i have no experience or resume/coverletter, the application looks so blank, that cant look good to an employer?

cam cam says:

I did about five applications with snag a job and they some how never went in

Lena Wilson says:

Hey snagajob! I just found your channel, subscribed, and now I have a question. I applied last night for a job that only one other person on that site, at the time, had applied for. I am not sure how long I should wait to follow up or which of the three I should choose to use when I do. The job is high paying, five minutes from my house, offers job training, and is in my field! Since I am about to graduate with a bachelors I really want some advice! I only have two months to get a job before my savings from my last job runs out so time is of the essence!
Job S.O.S.

Gilbert Keys says:

Is there anyway to know if I have been rejected without trying to follow up? I think a job may have rejetced me, but I’m not sure. The application status says “submitted” but I went back to that job’s page on the website, clicked “apply now” again to…experiment, and it said the application will not be given to the employer. However, I got an email saying the application was received. Should I follow up anyway or just forget about it?

Davy Chin says:

Hi, I had a question what a proper way to write a resume letter?

Lenda Jackson says:

Thank you for the birthday wishes.

CJR Onetwentyseven says:


World of tourist entertainment says:

What an interesting video! I have a question about this subject. I have applied for my dream job. I do have the skills a whole lot of experience and I only apply for jobs I really want. Now I know that, but I want to the recruiter to know that as well.

No here is the thing. I applied like 3 weeks ago…. a week after sending in my application I followed up and received an answer that the Hr managers will be in though in due course. 2 weeks have passed now… Should l ask for an update? Or would that be too much?

TheMidnadarkness says:

when following up , is studdering an error ? because I had a speech delay and I studder from time to time .

Tabitha Lynn Carr says:

I applied at a few places last Thursday and I was going to follow up today (Thursday: a week later) but now after watching all these videos, I feel like I need to prepare more. Should I wait one more day to follow up if I get more prepared that way?

ChastBlind says:

just submitted an application for employment for a job in walking distance from me gonna check up on it in 2 days.

Ione Sally says:

Im 16 and never had a job. I applied to Chipotle and waited three weeks until I followed up. The hiring manager said they received my application and that they’d call me back the following week. It’s been five weeks since that day and I didn’t receive a call. Should I call again?

Brad says:

What if I applied in the store and already met the hiring manager, and shook his hand?
 It’s for a grease monkey position at a tire store.

Katie McKay says:

I applied to PINK and I was curious if when I go to my interview if I should wear their brand merchandise or dress in more professional clothing.

Katie McKay says:

I applied to PINK and I was curious if when I go to my interview if I should wear their brand merchandise or dress in more professional clothing.

Jorge Solis says:

they told me they have to call me first

Daisy Cripps says:

What about for a pet store? I went in and did and application Wednesday. It asked what position and stuff like that and I wasn’t sure what positions they had at this specific one so I just put animal care. Should I still wait until this Wednesday to follow up? This would be my first job and I recently graduated in May so I don’t have experience working but I’m willing to learn. I know where everything in the store is located, I’m good with helping people find things, I’m good at suggesting things that I’ve personally bought there for various types of pets, and I’m good with animals. I’m eager for the job and I want to work there but I’m not sure how to go about it. Please help!

maritza sirena says:

I applied at a food market and I talked to the manager and said he would call me the next day but it’s been one week , should I call them?

Darren Crispin says:

just curious how can you follow up on your job application if you cant get the name of the hiring manager, a phone number to call or try and get past the front secretary. I have noticed alot of time when i apply on line you dont get a name of anyone in personnel or a phone # and you have to apply on line and they use a 2nd party vendor for their screening process when you apply on line. And if you stop in and person you cant get any answers either or get past the secretary at the front desk

Ariel X says:

Watching this has given me a boost of confidence! Thanks Snagajob!

Danny Saldana says:

I walked in and the manager told me that right now she’s looking at applications and I have to wait for a call, that’s what they all say though so you think I should walk in again? I feel like that would make me seem more serious about the job but annoying at the same time, any tips?

Darren Crispin says:

and how pray tell do you get the name of someone in personnel after you apply ON LINE when they wont give you a name or phone #, and they dont want you to appear in person to inquire? Chances are in 99% of the cases you will never get past the receptionist at the front desk

luxolo cungcu says:

Hallow all am new in the world of work, I have applied for several jobs and has not received any responses. I am not equipped with follow up question, can anyone suggest a few examples for me please?

Tonja McCullar says:

Hi Snagajob… Just wanted to say thank you for that wonderful birthday wish. It made me feel special. I have never had a job search organization do that before. In fact you are the only ones who has done that….Awesome!

Dbydesign says:

Thank you sooooooo much for remembering my birthday. This was the first acknowledgement of the day. You are wonderful!!!!

Keith Mitchell says:

Yes ! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to yah’all too (when it comes around, that is)

Gilbert Keys says:

I followed up with a phone call but the hiring manager did not answer, so I left a message. Should I just wait and see what happens or try to follow up again?

Jessica says:

This really helped. I followed up on phone and I felt extremely confident. I’m so happy for the tips. I’m positive I’ll get hired.

Hadji Sanders says:

Thank u snagajob team for the birthday post love you guys now can u please get me a job asap that would b the greatest birthday ever thank u again looking forward to hearing from u all real soon

Blue Skye says:

I’m going to use your over the phone tip when I apply at a local clothing store >u< wish me luck! Thanks guys.

Fight for your Stars says:

This was very helpful thank you

Mowilliams28 says:

When I delete my snagajob account does it delete my submitted applications too

reggie m says:

I followed up at a clothing store job last wednessay and i am wondering should i try to follow up today

Sl33pSkillS says:

you girls are beautiful i love that looks like lipstick on the one girl i also need a job to soo yea

reggie m says:

How long should i wait to follow up on an application

reggie m says:

I applied to a clothing store last week and they told they will be hiring soon and i was wondering should i follow up on my application this week

Pamela Kemp says:

hi hope u guy get this i full out a from but they never said that on the papper their was going to be a exam i feel they cheated me

HerBeauty`sInsideOut says:

I applied and had an interview last friday and have not heard anything. I so want this job. The owner knows me. And likes me. It is a garden center, should i follow up on monday?

Vince G says:

I applied for a job at gamestop about a week ago and I wanted to follow up in person. But I don’t know what to say when I meet the manager?!

Ava Coleman says:


Giovanny Lopez says:

+Snagajob So if its been longer than a week can I no longer follow up? I tried to wait it out by applying to lots of stores onlime and I’m scared that I mihjt have killed my chances. Should I reaaply or look elsewhere ?

Blue Skye says:

The don’t be a stalker needed a warning in front of it I fell off my bed scared lol

magide joseph says:

I followed up on the phone and the retail hiring manager said she’ll be calling people for interviews the next day. She never call me, when I was on the phone with her she said she remembered me when I turned my application in, In person. What should I do

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