Freelance Job Sites: Are They Worth It For You?

If you’re starting out freelancing and struggling to find consistent work, then freelance job sites are going to look very appealing.

But, are these freelance job sites worth it for you? Even if you’re struggling to make money freelancing?

From the outside looking in, these job sites are going to look pretty darn good. I mean, look at all of the potential clients you could be working with!

REALITY CHECK! These freelance sites are only going to hinder your growth as a freelance graphic designer.

In this video I share my experience in using freelance job sites, why you should avoid them, and what you can do instead with your time to promote your freelance graphic design business.


How To Stand Out Online as a Freelance Graphic Designer:




riki rex says:

let ‘s put it in this easyer way..if it is on YouTube…is it the old way..advertised WEB SITE..and real skills.

Nitin Vadhiya says:

So what is he trying to say? we shouldn’t start as freelancer or we should?

bryn eka says:

If you are client-less fresh butterfly, is doing self-project on Behance help?

Thaief Ahmed says:

those words are 100%right. I wasted lots of times.

Bi-Polar Moody Swing says:

Thank you. I was in such dellima if I should sign up for Fivver or work on my own independent website and start fully invest into myself and working on that independently. Im a programmer / Computer nerd person. This video helped me too. Tho I wished if your talk did not focus on being “graphical designer” and you simply generalized the idea on working online

Byazit Bostami says:

I would like to give you 1k like… we should make something better which freelancer like us can help other freelancer… Who is up for it?

Bill says:

What a wonderful review of telling it like it is when it comes to sites like these. You are spot on – rather than investing in one of these sites, invest in self-development and learning. You will be so much more marketable

Tony CL says:

I was about to join some of these freelance sites, but I did some research and I’m glad I didn’t. Like you said, the idea of bidding jobs for peanuts was not very motivating, and all I read were horror stories about customers ripping freelancers off since these sites automatically assume all clients are saints. On the other hand, it’s becoming more difficult to find clients outside these sites. There’s always the classic “well, my neighbor’s kid says he could do it for so much cheaper”. Even if the design is garbage it seems people are going for the cheapest option, not necessarily the best one. Everyone should forget about Craigslist, only scammers or scamees go there.

CodeBit says:

These sites look good, if you live in a third world country where the amount of money you earn is actually worth working for.

Zaka Pentax says:

You just make me delete my “freelance sites” folder ^^ , thanks man your right .

cooleen fernando says:

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The Why Not Show ug says:

wow, thank you so much brent, that was an awesome video, am from Uganda where even just regestering for such jobs take time, no zip code no what, but thank you, you have spared my time

Andy says:

I wouldn’t say these freelance sites are useless. If you’re a newbie and you’re not sure if freelancing is the right path for you then I’d definitely recommend UpWork or even Fiverr. You won’t probably make a decent living on those sites, but at least you can try it out with minimal cost. Most of these sites are completely free so if it doesn’t work out you’ve only lost some time.
I’ve seen plenty of people who start with their own site and 1-2 months into it they discover they can’t really hack it. However, they’ve already invested a boat load of money in their site, marketing, and even design.

I spent almost a year on those sites before starting my own agency. I made enough to kickstart my own business and I had a chance to optimize my workflow on smaller projects.

Mika Tanisaki says:

This is very informative, honest and motivating for struggling designers. Thank you for sharing Brent.

Abraham JJ says:

Great video! You’re music is the same as the Stickermule videos! 🙂

SUP3RB says:

I was considering signing up for one of these sites.
I thought it would be a good opportunity to profit off of my Photoshop skills, but apparently not 🙁
Thank you for the good video and saving me time 🙂

Mohammed Ikteelat says:

You got really straight to the point and as a senior software developer I’m really agree with you and yours explanations are pretty awesome, way to go and good luck Brent 🙂

Dzenan Skulj says:

What about Parttimerz where freelancers get to keep all of their earnings – unlike UpWork, Freelancer etc. and clients get only the best in class freelancers?

Karel Caslavsky says:

Very good and informative video. I couldn’t agree more with what you say. I am currently with online sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancers. I’ve only been with them now for a few weeks and the results with Fiverr seem favourable. Got 4 jobs so far and netted me $116 in 3 weeks. A bit quiet now though. Leaning in the direction of creating my own website to promote my skills. So yeah, what you say makes sense and it kind of fits my happenings in life at the moment. Good video, liked and subbed. Keep them coming.

Tiffany Cousins says:

Oh wow what a coincidence!! Yesterday I found on my computer a freelance business plan I downloaded a free weeks ago but never looked at. This morning I decided to read it and thought wow this was simple and straightforward. I Iike listening to videos while at work. I found this video and then I see your name!!! You wrote the freelance business plan i was reading!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!

Olivier de Sillègue says:

I’m just starting out as a freelancer, and I’ve been spending way too much time trying to get contracts on these crummy websites. You opened my eyes, Brent. I’m going to change how I go about things, and first on the agenda, is to watch all your videos and learn as much as I can! Liked, subscribed!

Squirrel Attackspidy says:

Oh heck no!


I’ve been on for the past few years (transferred from vWorker). Being a top ranked provider as well:

I do agree that job bidding sites are painful but they are not useless at all. I’ve got many leads from there and it is not true that clients are only customer on their sites. Sensible companies/clients work for long term and direct as well.

For people living outside US, such sites are helping them a lot. Although, many crap bidders are in war. Most of the time, inexperienced people give up there.

When you are telling why A method is wrong, then also tell why B method is best and HOW it works.

Beside it all, your video is nice and I agree with it regarding building freelance career as brand for direct clients instead of only sticking to bidding sites.

Saurabh Kulkarni says:

Thank you for the video Brentt! Absolutely agree! These sites are promoting a rat race to the bottom and majority of the freelancers on there cannot be taken seriously.

Joshua Owuor says:

Thanks man

Amit Kolay says:

Great Video!

Jad SR says:

love the vid and totally agree.. these apps or websites wtvr they just actually take our work away and for cheap to make designers look bad and useless..

André Brites says:

Thank you very much for this! =D
After readind a lot of bad reviews regarding different freelance websites, I came upon your video. I guess a few people can still make it through those websites, but those odds are really agains’t you.
I will apply the advice on your other video “How To Stand Out Online as a Freelance Graphic Designer” and try to get my business going without resorting to those websites.

idriss bouras says:

may you give me your facebook username . I have some question i need to ask you 🙂 My facebook username is : Da Lass

bootcamprag says:

Thanks for the info and advice..

uwais qarani says:

Upwork is shitttt. I applied around 90 proposals.
At first idk what i’m doing. So i just spam out stuff.
And then i get 2 jobs in a row,i finished it with 5 star reviews. And then bam,i got suspended 2 days later. they said im not good enough for their site and i applied too much. Even though they have job application limit. FUUUUKKK.

Benjamin Brauer says:

Thanks man! Now I can dodge that bullet :p I was about to sign up with freelancer when I felt the need to consult youtube first

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