How I got my first job after code bootcamp.

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Ed says:

You are literally what I am going through right now. Im in my last semester of my IT bachelors and I’m just applying and interviewing. No calls back and I’m wondering whether I’m even good at what I do or is this even the path for me. I’m trying to become a great front end web developer and practicing my code throughout FreeCodecamp and Codecademy, Any tips on what else i should be doing? Thanks!

mn01 says:

Do you mind sharing the bootcamp you went to?

Joseph Foltz says:

I’m calling BS. I drink like 10 coke zeros a day. I dont think they have calories lol.

Toriano Evans says:

Thanks!! Loved hearing the perspective!

Johnny Papas says:

nice pg278q 🙂

pawww says:

hai, what do you think, after you graduate from code bootcamp, does that have an impact on you ?

Blog Ternet says:

Love the honesty!

LaVelle Floyd says:

Great story man, kind of had me feeling emotional but I completely understand

skeche says:

This was a great story, but it really came down to how you solved that tech challenge. Tell us how you learnt how to solve that tech challenge? You said it wasn’t anything you learnt from the bootcamp so how did you solve it? Anyone can get a shot at an interview, but not anyone can just solve a tech challenge overnight by miraculous luck.

Rahul Nag says:

This is the most honest my-first-job description I’ve heard! Thanks, man. You rock! I get how you feel! Ain’t software the shit?!

Ms. A says:

Thank you Josh! I needed this now! I was feeling frustrated, angry and tricked that I spent…wait..WASTED THOUSANDS on an online bootcamp program that advertised like I would become this voltron, transformer programmer armed with many language stacks, if I graduated from their program!

Instead, I couldn’t do a basic Hacker Rank algorithm and I had to learn what each programming stack had built-in all over again because they cut a lot of corners. Although, I’m in debt and experienced rejection after many close calls, I feel hopeful.

Your video reminded me there are different ways to get in the field. I thought because I had some kind of previous experience that I could land a job after this program. Not!

Thanks again for the motivation! This is a dope beat by the way! Lol

Best of Concerts says:

great video man really made me think

Nick Agriesti says:

People really should not listen to ANYBODY who tells you that it is still possible to build a stable career with only a bootcamp certificate. Companies DO NOT want you because all you know how to do is input speciric commands into the DOM and IDE. You don’t onow anything about crafting or interpreting algorithms, or about database infrastructure, or about the higher math and abstract theory that such jobs actually require, and emoloyers have figured that out.

HIGH says:

wasn’t dramatic he says….. proceeds to get teary eyed about job interviews and says something about slow mos…lol

Dima Kramarenko says:

Thank you so much for this insight. I don’t usually comment on YouTube but I had to thank you for making this video. There are so many of us that feel exactly what you felt going through that and watching this just inspired a ton of people to keep at it and don’t quit. Thank you again and keep doing what you do!

Aras B says:

Awesome video. The last part is very relevant to success in anything.

Jose Marques says:

Thank you josh always for your honesty, i like this video a lot as I am about to go to a boot camp in the next few months

HIGH says:

is there a big difference on Online Udemy bootcamp vs the bootcamp you went to? also any education you’ve done in the past related to programming?

osiel Castillo says:

Hey joshua I really like your very realistic scenario on what happen to you. I really would like to start coding and software developing as a hobby . Any guidance on how i could start?

Franco Groenewald says:

Thank you for this video

JH5280 says:

lol those poor HR ladies

oaksterdam says:

YOOOOO that’s literally how I feel now that Im going in a big company (it’s like the Amazon of South America) I did a technical test (algorithms) and from what I’ve heard most applicants got 1 and a half hours to complete it, and I got 16!! though I think I have the skills, I feel like Im gonna be totally out of place with people much smarter than me

Bini Alemayehu says:

Hey bud, if it’s not too much of asking… please share with me how you design the test that check codes. I did my research and couldn’t find any resource that tells me how done.

Ant J says:

This is everything i was thinking and worried about thank you! Great to hear a real experience of someone going thru boot camp and coming out the other side as not one of the “best or gifted”

kensta2468 says:

He never says how much he made.

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