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This video is a break down on how to DoorDash if you have never done it before. In this vlog I take you along with me for a day to DoorDash. This is a very helpful video on how I make $700 PER WEEK delivering for DoorDash, I also give you a few tips on how to make more money and get a higher rating. If you have ANY questions about DoorDash I am VERY active in my comments and will be glad to answer them 🙂

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My BIG move to Dallas, Texas!!

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Camera: Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

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Name: Indya
Age: 18
Location: Dallas, TX


Daniel Lee says:

when you sign up for a shift, is there any advantages?

ie: if I signed up for a specific shift would I get priority when it comes to deliveries over a person who is not specifically assigned to that shift time?

IndyyGold says:


Tori Leira says:

You explained everything very well! Good job and best of luck to you!

KEVINATOR Kevin says:

And another fail on your part always take your bag into the restaurants to put your food in it as soon as you get it.

Josh Ward says:

You sexy asf

Tyler Banh says:

How dicks you suck for 700

Luis Lopez says:

I don’t drive but she is cute !

Fannie Jett says:

I think that is pretty cool do they have that in all cities or different cities?

KEVINATOR Kevin says:

$5.17 ! That’s a rip off !

Uber Man Tampa says:

A mile from the store? Yeah okay

Roxroy Williams says:

thats so informative. thanks for uploading the video. yippeee. i love this 🙂

Chris Navarrete says:

Great video, thank you for sharing your experience !

anti-depressant antibiotic dildos says:

I wanna oingo boingo your valvet underground.

Mel A says:

Do you have too wear the T-shirt when ur on your shift?

A Pirrone says:

Don’t forget 20% of your earnings you have to pay back for taxes… Use another bank account to separate your earnings. She really made close to 80 not 100 and minus at least $10 for gas. So roughly $70.

shahid malik says:

lovly style , i love

Wonder Blade says:

do you have to be atleast 18 to work or no

TZuqI Keul says:

hi, can i work in door dash with just my days off?
i m full time for 4 days and during mon-wedn i got nothing to do. Let me know thanks if you can respond to this 🙂

Bas Stokka says:

You made $350 after expenses. Insurance, taxes, washes, car payments, downtime, dead miles. And I’m still not counting parking and tickets you may incur. I majored in accounting and tried this for a summer, so yeah I really know. Less than min wage. Drivers get pretty fooled with the weekly total.

Dany Herrera says:

On the negative side the orders take forever and the food takes forever is so aggravating

black august says:

She’s super duper fine

Uber Man Tampa says:

Apartment residents that fail to provide all the info never tip

Douglas R says:

Youre cute

Pedro Collazo says:

Well I found free $1235a money making system that is really working for me>>> Try once.

TZuqI Keul says:

you made 4k on this video? cooL!

Terri Kicklighter says:

I have been doing DoorDash for over a year now and I started full time with Uber eats which pays less, but I also make great money. I work now full time and only drive for 2-3 hours after work and make $200-250 per week and if I work Saturday I make about $350. So yes the money is there. Keep up the good work my fellow dasher

Darrell Ward says:

Well I found free $1634a money making system that is really working for me>>> Try once.

Danetta Mitchell says:

I am attempting to sign up for the Doordash. How long does the starter kit take to come typcally, and what method of delivery does it come by?

JaNa115 says:

How many hours do you work a week?

Abed Khan says:

Very nice presentation about doordash!!!

Uber Man Tampa says:

My only thing with any of these delivery services, excluding uber eats, they will send you 20 miles to pick up a $7 order which may be okay 1 time, but with grub hub, they’ll send you 20 miles to pick up a cheap order, then you do it, they’ll send you back to the other side of town, at the end of the night you maybe earned $80 with 300 miles on your car.

cameron marshall says:

Cute, smart, & Hustling!

Married by any chance?

TH3REDSP1R1T says:

Lol BJ’s. Get it? BJ’s AHH! jk…ill shut up now

Dr Zoe says:

I beat her I made 800 last week

Maggie R says:

Does it tell you the location of the delivery before you accept your order??

Angie P says:

Are you ever scared of being abducted/raped?

Derrick Khut says:

Damn she hottt..

India Andrews says:

Can you make your own hours ?

Guy1278 says:

Would you say pay differs from state to state?

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