How Much Do Uber Drivers Make? – A Real Look Into My Pay Stubs

In this video, I show you guys my weekly payouts so you can get a realistic idea of how much you can be making as an Uber driver.

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Rideshare Panel says:

good one!

inyoudeep1 says:

Gas, insurance, maintenance, plus. You made less than $200 for a full week at your peak!

Victor Liu says:

hows your butt now.

WeAreNotTheHate says:

The moment you said “I gotta pay for gas” was the moment I knew you had little to no intelligenc. The mileage cost WAY more than just gas in everything go from tires to insurance to depreciation OK n your car!

Fool you are getting taken by UBER. Get educated bud.

Vaping with James says:

I like the whole concept but I’m not going to use my car driving people around not knowing what I’m going to get paid until I’ve already done it. Nice video

OPT PR says:

Thanks for this vid. Would you mind answering a couple questions? Do those numbers include tips? What’s the average tip amount? Do most people tip? Does anyone ever tip cash?

Picture Blitz says:

great video for someone trying to decide whether it’s worth it!

Matt Cola says:

I make more then both full time and part time fuck you uber

miguel f says:

I make , I make , Imake !!! nice !! what about , tires, gas, alternator, car wash, brakes, battery, a/c compressor , bellts ,depreciation of cars, etc., etc., I am a professional bus driver class BPS and UBER is a garbage job., you can destroy a 15,000 dlls car in just 2 years bringing to a 2,000 dlls if you lucky , if someone is desperate don’t go UBER go to DMV apply for CDL and go for it., find a job and drive for a respectable company ( my opinion) the average speed drive is 45 MPH in 30 hours a week are 1350 miles in one year is around 50 weeks 67500 miles ., that car is already done good luck .

Scott Van Thof says:

You are fake i live in new york i make 208.00 last week and that is 40 plus hours . It is nearly impossible 35.00 in gas my ass . You lie like a rug.

Ultimate Gamer says:

Use RANAB4105UE for your referral code and get $500 Extra!!

Alex Andreas says:

Uber is good for a part time job!!! Not a Career at all!!! At my job I make 40k a year and do this in the weekends!!! So I am able to pay the bills and live by myself

Fire Farts says:

Rip ubar

Black Thought says:

Lyft and Uber is not worth it when you make less than half of the profit. Those companies should only keep 1/3 of profits.

Orlandes Vann says:

Become a DoorDash driver! Earn up to $25/hour and get a $100 bonus after 150 deliveries in 60 days for signing up here:

Contact me for an extra bonus and training if needed. I’ve been a biker for 2 years now with all 3 companies. I’ve also rented a car and owned a car doing deliveries. I have the real inside scoop. I also have a rental company that will get you in a car for as low as $150 a week. Text me if you have any questions. Note the delivery zone for these companies are not just in Chicago, they are NW Indiana all the way to Joliet all the way up to Elgin area. Bonus with all links for being referred by me. Also there are instant pay options for each company.

You need to be able to pass a background check. Cavia is pretty cool with a mild record. Good luck guys

Check out how much I make on a bike in Chicago on my video

John Michael Twist says:

Uber is STILL garbage. Garbage support, agents do not care to read and understand the predicaments of problems that you try to express in emails to them . Assholes in support. Drive with Lyft , Juno, Via as possible.

Super Saiyan Bro says:

What is boost n surge?

kennisha mcdowell says:

Im here to solve problems in rideshare industry. I have an opportunity where you get 100% of your tips and fare, direct payment to account and weekly and residual income and no it’s not network marketing. Just say” more info”.

Jon Broadcast says:

One of the best thing being a uber driver is that there is no boss and you work in your own time.

Daniel Finzel says:

I appreciate your video! I’ve been doing Uber for about 4 months or so and like you, make a decent extra buck doing so. Plus! I got to drive a wicked 2017 Acura NSX, customers car. Check that video out in my library, it was a great experience!

Queen Z says:

In my area Uber is $21/hr so I want to try doing this as my job because it will be easy for me and will help my family out a lot. This video helps a lot.

Derrick Martinez says:

What about all taxes that haven’t been taken out ?

Mel Makavali says:

Wear and tear car parts…you lose on the other hand

Nabael says:

I feel it is also really dependent on yohr location too. I live in Boise Idaho and a friend of mine seems to average out at about 16 dollars an hour.

Gabby Boyd says:

Include mileage next time that’s what’s matters tbh

Hillary Amanda says:

This is more than what I make working part time.

Jacob Gonzales says:

Do u have to have a really nice car I have a. 2009 Chevy colbolt is that okay?

Anthony Vallejo says:

I drove for 9 hours one day n only came up with $77 for that day!!! Uber is a scam!!! Not worth destroying ur vehicle for this piece of shit company that take 25% of ur fares.

armando rodriguez says:

10 bucks an hour plus wear and tear on your car

TJ Avagliano says:

Is that your gross or take home?


You are a Uber driver! We already know you drive a Prius!

Greg Bernal says:

you are not taking in to the taxes on the gross and the cost of working

ерунда сэндвич says:

U don’t make money at all from Uber. Average Uber driver can total say 1000 miles a week. That’s 50,000 miles a year. Say your car is a $15,000 Prius and it dies at 100,000 miles. That means every miles you drive costs you 15 cents. He made $200 for driving 131 miles from LA to San Diego but actually he only made $200 – 19.65 – $3.23 dollar per gallon x 131 miles / 40 miles per gallon = $170. Without the boost, which u cannot count on all the time, he actually only made $106. Most of the time u get short ride like 15 miles for $10 which can take 30 mins. So for that $10 – 15×0.15 = $7.75. so sure he can ride 2 trips from LA to San Diego and back everyday, I won’t mind quitting my full time job, but u don’t get that. U get the bullshit $7.75 every 30 mins or $124 an 8 hour day or $15.5 an hour
That’s $620 a week, $2480 a month minus federal/state/SSN/medicare = $2000 ish = $2000 minus $100 car insurance full coverage = $1900 a month. This is a total ripped off because u don’t get benefits like paid holidays for those 12 national holidays or sponsored employee healthcare or 401k or pension or free sick days or promotion at work or rate increase. If u minus all of those benefits, u will see u earn less than $7 an hour. Best to just get a real job soon as u can. Or just drive during game season, at 2am around bars on Friday and Saturday, or at 5am in the morning. Otherwise, go work as a manager for $15 at McDonald’s. U get all the benefits, free food, and far more money than Uber.

Steven Bentsen says:

thanks for sharing bro!

Jason Voorhees says:

like 1099 where you pay takes at end of year?

jack palczynski says:

Too much looking at the gross number that Uber/Lyft pays and not enough on costs and taxes. For easy math, let’s figure 40 hours and intake of $1000. Payroll tax is paid both sides by the driver because he’s a 1099 employee, so there’s $150 in just that. I’m going to figure most people doing this aren’t in Warren Buffet’s tax bracket, so I’ll use the 12% federal bracket, so you lose $120 in federal income tax. I’ll use my own state tax as an example at 5%, so there’s another $60 in state tax. Now gas isn’t the only cost. The big 3 in car expenses are gas, insurance and depreciation. You can mitigate the depreciation by driving as old a car as is acceptable to Uber/Lyft. Pick up an 09-12 Fusion from a Senior citizen with 20k miles on it, looking brand new for $4000 all day long. So expect your mileage will only drop the value 20% a year or $800. Not bad. You could say that you have to pay insurance anyways. I buy that. Just don’t have a claim because you’ll be cancelled if the insurance company finds out you’re using the car (ever) for commercial use, which is what ride sharing is. So to make things easy, I’ll make up a number for gas/insurance/depreciation and just say to double your gas expenses.

For another break down, go look at Mr. Money Mustache where Pete did this for a short time with his cheapo used Leaf and figured out when all was said and done that he pulled in a whopping $7 per hour. (go to MMM’s site and search uber). I can work at Taco Bell and get $12.00 an hour (just ate lunch there and that’s what the sign said) and they’ll pay their end of payroll taxes.

A Slave to king of Kings says:

gas plus car repair your hour about $15

Quiet Please says:

with that u should pay for an iphone

KicoEnterprise says:

I drive uber full time and make about $1,500 a week…. I work 9hrs a day all days

Alexandra Simone says:

Some people just drive for Uber just because they wanna meet new people, extra cash never hurts anyone. I drive for Uber because i just enjoy driving around, meeting people, it’s just extra side hustle for me. Will I make 6 figures from it? No but if it can get me an extra $100 bucks? Heck yeah. Plus I can work whenever I want which is nice

tyler torp says:

16 an hr for an easy job is great idk why people whine and I’ve also heard people go homeless from this. This can’t be true if the average is 16 an hour

Mel Makavali says:

Bullshit this uber ceo are laughing

jumanjiwarlord says:

I would NEVER use my own car for a job that requires that much driving. You might make a few bucks in a few months BUT…. you will KILL your car. Start deducting those maintenance costs and ITS A WRAP. You’re working to maintain a vehicle and ain’t making jack shit.

Sithris Arkuro says:

I wanna give this a try but Im in the New Orleans area, is there anyone els in the area that can tell me whats its like in NOLA

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