How To Find Legitimate Website Testing Jobs – Non Phone

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1. Userlytics
2. UserTestng
3.Startup Lift
4. Try My UI
5. Userfeel
6. Whatusersdo
7. Enroll
8. Testing Time
9. Uxline
10. Uest

No Experience? No Background Check!

Need A Job with Employee Benefits?

Having a Problem Finding A Job in Your Area?

Need A Job with NO STARTUP FEES? Here’s Where To Find It!

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Kim Kay says:

thank you. This video was very helpful

Hreniuc Iulian says:

The title is misleading. This is not testing, as in QA testing, it’s more in the lines of reviewing.

Suga Bear Radio says:

I would like to help people find work.

Farindar Pradhan says:

Hi there. Thanks for the information. It is really a nice video.

Aleisha Kelly says:

I went to the Userlytics website and a spyware warning popped up on my screen.

Ann Johnson says:

Is it possible be registered with different sites?

LourdesBeauty says:

Have you worked for any of these companies? I unfortunately need to quit my job due to a family emergency however I still need to work. Everything I’ve googled sounds sketchy……I’m going to watch more of your videos but I was just wondering…..

Stephanie Mercer says:

Hi there! I was wondering if you could maybe give me a list or some suggestions on online work that can be started immediately. I’ve been struggling to get a response for any of the online jobs that I’ve applied for and all of the ones I can find that you can start immediately for more than just pocket change are shut down or no longer taking sign ups. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and going on unpaid maternity leave soon so I’m trying to find ways to pay my bills.

CoCoDivaElite says:


Jessica Gerald says:

Thank you!

TheHighestGeneration says:

so far ive made 10 bucks lol but its a start

Beto Santos says:

thanks a lot for your tips dear…maybe I’ll try one of them soon…

Sammy Castro says:

may I register in several pages ?

Sayantan Bose says:

is those mentioned website works for indian????plzz let me know

A Perry says:

any companies pay via check? not fan PayPal 🙁

Ansi Ansi says:

Mam plz make a video just only for your Indian fans will waiting for a reply

Rit P says:

Is it applicable worldwide?

Supreme Passion says:

I have registered and done a test in every single one of them, like a week ago. Most of them seem to not care about you. I got a response from one of them, which was that I am not qualified enough?! The others were mainly saying, we will answer you in a 3-14days period of time.. its been a month since then

shalonda patterson says:

Hi! I recently just got hired at a place called BD company. Apparently it is in France. I couldn’t find that it on BBB. I did talk to someone, but I’m still skeptical about it. I haven’t loss money or put in any personal information​ except for my address. I just don’t know if it is really legit.

jocelyn barber says:

Hi and thanks for posting. What does Windows 7 or higher Virgin pc mean exactly? PC has to be new or taken back to default settings?

Ereshia Powe says:

hello i just wanted to say after redoing my reume the hits are comming in thanks you for the helpful tips

G JAMES says:

Hello, will you please find all companies that include work at home in California

Isidora V says:

Great video,thank you for help.

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