Here are 3 simple tips on how to get hired at Foot Locker or Champs or Finishline or basically any retail sales position!
Working for Foot Locker + Champs has been a great experience and would recommend it for anybody!
Like I said, it is 50% guaranteed!!!

In the comment section below, let me know how if YOU have any tips for other people on how to get hired at a job!

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Isaiah Smith says:

how old do u have to be

Diamond life 89 Jefferson says:

I would love to work there

LTee313 says:

this is BS you have to pass the test online. If you don’t pass the test they won’t even see your app

Dino says:

So I went in ask for app. Was directed to the website and told a week after to follow up. I’m following up tomorrow. What should I say? Thanks for the tips.

Richie Cellura says:

im a manager at footlocker and you will loose your job posting this video. just saying

Gavin Sheehan says:

What gray kobe are those???? I the top of left??

Brisk_Supreme X says:

aye bro lemme have them shoes behind you

Flasshhyy says:

Thanks for this I have an interview in 2 days really appreciate the knowledge.

Lul Peanut says:

What if you are 16 looking for your first job


Footlocker and finish line and footaction all have rediculous test sections in the application, if you don’t pass it you can’t reapply for another 90 days. Waste of time.

Windex says:

how old do you have to be?

Kylee's Kicks says:

You’re videos are very clean with really good edits and high quality footage, really lovin’ your channel

Nicholas Murphy says:

I’ve been fucked applying to all three of those stores. They don’t look at applications for shit

Cooper Stone says:

Came here from sneakertalk good video. I subscribed

Matthew Tohana says:

Sick Vid

NKLIVE66 says:

I know the manager at champs so I’m all good lmao

RocketWayTV says:

I asked him “yall nigghs hiring” and he said nah not right now maybe come back another time my boy came in the next day and got the job. Bruh

Isaiah Acosta says:

This Nigga lying

Gary Garcia says:

Do they care if you have a resume or not?

2pvideo says:

what is the minimal age limit to work at footlocker

Angel Gammer says:

May take a month tf nigga I’m trying to work tomorrow

DeMar DeGoatzan says:

Do ya’ll get whistles on Black Friday?

Samantha D says:

BUT what does a girl wear to a Foot Locker interview?!

sameer saleem says:

Which store did U work at

enjoy5566 says:

What if I need a job cuz my family is poor and I have to support my bros and sis? I don’t wear kicks and I wear Walmart clothes. But I need a job real bad and will do my hardest to work all shifts and sell as well as Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman. I am a hard worker and I give my 150% blood and sweat. But I don’t buy shoes from mall and I don’t wear the best clothes. But I speak English (well shit, this is US of A) and I am somewhat decent looking with good height. Do I have a chance next to some fuck who wears Yeezy to an interview?

No Nope. says:

I had dope kicks on and on the question part I knocked it out of the park, had the manager and the employees engaged …but I honestly don’t think I’ll get it because I’m overweight

Andrew Liang says:

love this vid bro. lmao shout out to a fellow asain sneakerhead! Comment back plz


good info bro i will tell my bro some of these tips he wants a job at ftl or champs.

Brittany Cortez says:

Wasnt i already 50% guarenteed of getting the job lol

Becky Coolidge says:

i cant tell if your eyes r small or your glasses are big lol

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