How To Make $10 in 20 Minutes – Website Testing & Tips! – In this video, I amsharing several ways you can make $10 testing websites in as little as 20 minutes. Website testing is one of the most popular ways to make money working from home.

Website Testing Companies:
1. UserTesting –
2. TryMyUI –
3. Userfeel –

Work at Home Monday!!! – 7/13/2015

1. is seeking Translators to anywhere from home –

2. Orlean Homes has full-time and part-time positions available for online chat & phone reps –

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Aime Matunda Pero says:

Thank you for sharing it with us

Hitesh Garach says:

You look very pretty in the Video.  When I click on the Userfeel link, it tells me that they are currently NOT taking applications for testers but advised me to put my
e-mail address so I can be notified when they start taking applications.

New World says:

I have a paypal acct and am frm India. so can i work on thz projects ???

Paul Cornelius says:

I like sound of the website testing job!!!

raheemah22 says:

Great review

Deirdre E. says:

Hello, the question that I have is what is testing all about and what does it consist of? Thank you.

Orchid Komando says:

If you want to learn how to quickly make over 4,000 dollars each month online then go here: JoxMoney. com

Chris Sparks says:

How much money do you make working from home every month online (minus what you make through adsense and affiliate marketing and selling stuff)? You don’t have to answer if that’s too personal of a question, I was just curious.

NYAK says:

is this still working for you?

DHBW Fans says:

How To Make $10 in 20 Minutes – Website Testing & Tips!

odyshape says:

Which one is the first site?

steven simiyu says:

thank you for the video

V Medina says:

Have you payed any taxes regarding your user testing income? I have done a several tests already and Im not sure how to or if I need to


any testing site without webcam and microphone

Adam The Weekend Warrior says:

Is the Orlean Home Jobs online available to people who live in the midwestern part of the country? Or are their positions available in other states?

Aeon Ali says:

i came to this video because you are so f%$king BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Banned Tann says:

How can i pass the trymyui test i couldnt pass it and they gave me review comments if i want to try next time . Thats the comments : REVIEWER COMMENTS:Before you start the test you must set up your screen so the narrow control window is visible on the left and the site is visible on the right at all times. Dont cover the control window with the test site.Missing written portion – You must complete the written portion, or we will not consider this Test.Missing SUS survey responses – You must complete the sus survey, or we will not consider this Test.
Please help much appreciated

mhd fahed Alhanoun says:

thank you very much , from syria 🙂

MrBarts74 says:

hi thanks for the post i actually register today, i still not record my test because i want to practice first and get some tips, also because English is not my first language..
so i would like to ask you is it difficult to pass the test? and once you pass do you get some job everyday at least one..?

sabeer narula says:

I have been using UserTesting for around 3 weeks now. I have now made my 100th dollar and it’s amazing. Also, each test takes around 10 minutes, not 20. UserTesting is much better than any other website testing – I’ve tried them all. Go with usertesting!

Wendi Hixon says:

Thank you

aandretrain says:

After listening to this video, I need to know is the company called try my new line? Can anyone help me with that


Thank you Lashay 🙂

Precious Bonner says:

Hi Shae I wanted to know where or how I can find wah jobs that use satellite internet connections, thx in advance

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